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My Problems With the Future Changes to Cake Wars

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by AlphaCringe, Oct 2, 2021.

  1. Hello! My ign is BigCringe, a player who thoroughly enjoys Cake Wars, and I am posting this forum to discuss the problems I have with the new Cake Wars update that is soon to come out. I am aware that my perception could change after playing the updated version, but for now, here are the problems I see that can potentially arise in Cake Wars’s future:

    The Cost of Resource Generator: (Res Gen 1 = 30 bricks / Res Gen 3 = 20 nether stars)

    Although you do not get any extra emeralds or nether stars with resource generator 1, it is because any player can obtain three bricks per tick that it is immoderate, the price of res gen 1 being 30 bricks. It cost 24 bricks to get full iron armor, a full iron set attainable to any player within a mere eight ticks; two ticks later and you obtained an iron sword. Because res gen 1 is so cheap and doesn’t require competition to get it, this enables every player on each team to get full iron early game. Now would this potentially be beneficial for Cake Wars? Of course. Gen 1 gives players who are not as experienced a way to make a comeback in PVP by giving them full iron armor early game. But what does this mean for the match in the long run? Because it will become easy for every team to be in full iron, PVP brawls will last longer, giving the team under attack time to respawn faster and to kill off the opposing team before they can get to their cake, it being much harder to win.

    My next concern about the new prices regarding Resource Generator involves res gen 3. The requirement to obtain the upgrade res gen 3 is excessive and not realistic. Although I do agree that res gen 3, in some aspects, is most certainly excessive, it giving each individual player four bricks per tick, it is the fact that it takes 20 stars in order to get any extra stars to generate per tick (for every tick you get 3 stars versus 1 star). Currently, a player gets one star ever eight seconds, meaning that if their whole team holds mid while their solo team mate protects their cake, it would take a little over a minute to get Sharpness 1. However, they would have to repeat this process over and over again in order to max out their enchants for sharpness, protection, heal pool, etc., and no match would the three other teams willingly let one team hold mid the entire game. Because it takes much longer to get enchants and with stars unable to be doubled early or mid-game, it becomes exceedingly difficult to be able to dominate a game. Completely dominating a Cake Wars lobby is not good because it does not give new players a chance, but with no team able to dominate another, there is no clear target and the match lacks motivation to get teams out. With no clear competition, the competitiveness of the match collapses and players have too many handicaps to fall back on. This will drag out the game, leading onto my next concern.

    The Problem With Late-Game:

    Although it can be fun, not everyone loves games that last for long periods of time. When you look at Mineplex’s most popular games: Block Hunt, Nano Games, Speed Builders, and Cake Wars, almost all of those games run at any time, even in the dead of night in the United States. All of these games are fast-paced games and are the most active on Mineplex. When you look at Hypixel, Bed Wars, Murder Mystery, and Skywars are ranked as some of the most often and popularly played games, all of those games additionally not taking up a large amount of time. Although both Cake Wars and Bed Wars can go into late-game, the games have measures in place to ensure that it does not last forever, therefore, the game not having been made to last that long. It is as if you are going into a restaurant: you enjoy your meal there, but no matter how much you want to stay and chat, they will kick you out after two hours of arriving there. If practically all the most-loved games in Mineplex are fast-paced games, shouldn’t Cake Wars continue with the trend on not elongating its play-time? With the adjusted Resource Generators’ prices, the reduced prices of obsidian, and an additional trap added to the Cake Wars shop, all these factors directly endorse late-games.

    Focusing in regards to obsidian costing less, this enables every team to rush obsidian. Most players get annoyed when they see that the opposing teams have obsidian because it means that the game will last longer as they try to get their cake. Tying into this, although Pollies have gotten beefier in correlation to its ability to break an obsidian piece guaranteed by the third Polly that hits a team’s cake protective layer, this simply influences players to layer up more with more obsidian, proving to be even bigger frustration in the long-run. This also influences new players to not be as aggressive as they would be if the cake was easier to get. If a new player sees the cake layered in endstone, would they most likely attempt to get it? Probably. If the cake was layered in obsidian, would the new player attempt to get the cake? Most likely not. Additional defenses discourage the offence of new players, resulting with them hiding up in their base, not wanting to die.

    With the continuation of cake defenses becoming more beefy, promising a game of continuous PVP fights with no team getting very far. This leads to a high chance of the match going into Cake Rot, everyone already stacked up with not enough inventory space for bricks, prolonging potential Cake Wars games that those few players are queued up for in lobbies. After new players who have not gotten acclimated to Cake Wars yet get to Cake Rot then die, they have spent roughly 30 minutes in a single game. If you just spent close to 30 minutes in a game, only to die in the end, would you feel very accomplished?

    The Nerfing of Builder in the New Update:

    Builder was always the kit to be when playing in public lobbies or private games, it having been convenient for players to have blocks and platforms in their inventory. However, due to the new update with wool costing an insanely less amount (4 bricks for 32 blocks) and with gen 1 being easily obtainable (3 bricks per tick), it has rendered builder kit almost useless. Now with gen 1, buying platforms and half a stack of blocks has never been easier in Cake Wars, making you question if builder is even worth it after early-game. Additionally, with everything much cheaper, the purchasing of wool and platforms will certainly rise, thus, the amount of wool everywhere will be… everywhere. Using blocks to block off enemies to a point works. Using blocks to counter-bridge and stop players from getting to certain places to a point is good. Using blocks to clog up the map and the overall movement of the players within the match is not ideal. Because the cost of wool is cheap, combined with res gen 1, its generation of bricks being just as strong as res gen 2 now, the amount of blocks per purchase should be lowered back down; I would support the decision of the price for wool going up due to res gen 1.

    The Inconsistent Prices of Upgrades from the Shop:

    Mineplex has fallen greatly, as we all know, within the last few years, active players knowing that if we do not get the gamers necessary to uphold the games on the server, it will die. It is crucial for all games within Mineplex to be coherent and memorable, memorable in gameplay terms. Cake Wars can be a large game to learn. With the new shop coming out and different strategies that new players are unfamiliar with, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or turned off by the amount of information that goes into the game. Because of this, it is important to make all of it as cohesive as possible. I do not believe that having the team upgrades cost such random and varying amounts is a good idea. Although the prices are based off of veteran players’ perspectives as to what the upgrades “should” cost, it is not something that a new player can easily retain. As experienced players, we know that sharpness and protection are more important to the game styles that we most likely use, however, the seemingly random prices do not help the new players remember what they need and when they can get those upgrades. In Hypixel’s Bed Wars 4v4v4v4s, most of their enchants proceed in increments (i.e. Reinforced Armor increasing the price by five diamonds each upgrade). In Mineplex’s current Cake Wars, most upgrades start with eight nether stars and end with 12, or, start at four and end at 10 nether stars, these shop prices making it easier for players to remember them. However, with the prices of the enchanted upgrades that have been released in the teaser, one requires bricks, others emeralds, and others nether stars. Not only that, but none of the enchants match each other, making it near impossible for new players to think back on their first, second, or third game and clearly remember what any of the enchant upgrades were. The prices have no rhythm or face-value sense to them, making the shop look extremely random and unprofessional. Maybe the prices are more realistic to some players in value versus cost terms, but in regards to new players, the prices don’t match up once and are an unprofessional mess to remember.

    If you have read everything in this thread and want to talk about it, I would love to hear your opinion on it. I am aware that I have not tried the new update yet and that it has been tested by many people, but by blatantly looking at the teaser for it, above are the events that I personally foresee in the near future for Cake Wars. Cake Wars needs to maintain that strong passion and ambition players can feel while versing each other, without curb-stomping new players. If there is an update that highlights both of those aspect, I would get behind it.

    Thank You,


    Link to the update's teaser:

    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  2. All i is be can say is be that its is be good update .
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  3. Hello. I don’t agree with polar because he is be bad.
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  4. is be heldo and is be poolar say it is be good. It looks kinda stinky, but we shall see.
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  5. This is for Java right?
    Bedrock cake wars just got an update, and I dint want that to be messed up cause I like it how it is
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  6. This is for Java!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 2, 2021
  7. Yeahthats what ithiugh
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  8. Hey!

    I have been reading through this and honestly will probably make a second comment once I think about this even more but I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your comments and concerns in such a a productive manner.

    Firstly, I believe that from testing (and in the clip) the price of ResGen1 is actually 50 bricks not 30, then Res Gen2 is 30 emeralds. Hopefully that clarifies some things and helps it feel less like it is too accessible.

    I also agree with you about the fact that the game should feel fast paced. I think we really should pay attention to how people reaction once the update is actually released. (On that — I appreciate you commenting on the value of the items and possible implications rather than just “dissing” the new shop and prices — they actually are really fun in gameplay once you get used to it!)

    I’ll comment more later but I think you’ll find a lot of the things you mentioned have been thought of and addressed, just aren’t visible to the public yet. I am going to reread this thread in a bit and might have more to say but I am currently trying to catch a train.

    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  9. Also wanted to fix a quick error: res gen 1 is 50 bricks instead of 30. I still stand by the fact that it is cheap, though, due to 1 brick generating every 3 seconds. That means that if four people stack, that's 3 seconds x 50 for the amount of bricks needed, equaling to 2.5 minutes. Divide that by 4 people and that's roughly 38 seconds until you get gen 1.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 2, 2021
  10. Hello! Yeah, sorry about that error. Your message just loaded in as I corrected myself about res gen 1. I also understand that my view points can change when the update comes out, but these are just some problems that I feel would occur once it does come out. Hope you catch your train.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  11. If you can buy there's with bricks and emeralds, then what's the point of the middle oiint
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  12. I don't know cake wars too well, I am mainly just worried about the Resgen being too easy to get but also I am curious how it will be
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  13. Keep cw as it is. Nothing wrong with it
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  14. Archer also got a really annoying nerf.
    TBH I don’t care about CW at all because Bed Wars exists.
    Posted Nov 1, 2021
  15. But cake wars is better
    You get a warning before you're screwed
    Also you get to consume egregious amiu to of calories
    Posted Nov 1, 2021

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