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My Perspective on the SSM Community

Discussion in 'Super Smash Mobs' started by Chambeeling, May 27, 2020.


Has your experience been similar or mirrored mine

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  1. (Disclaimer: the original post was taken down due to "not encouraging conversation," but after talking with others, I decided the post has some valuable criticism about the game, the full version is on my profile, I made this post to ask for others' perspective)
    SSM has been part of my life for years, almost 6 as a matter of fact. I currently stand at 1998 wins out of 4956 games. Pretty lackluster. I plan to retire tonight once I hit 2000 wins. Its been fun but also an addiction and a plague. What is the purpose to play, to win?, because it is fun?, to make friends?, those questions have plagued me and I wonder if they have plagued you as well. Here are three main problems I have with the state of SSM and how they are negatively affecting the game.

    However the verbal abuse soon came into play, my reason 1. I have heard people state the ssm community is a great group but the only difference I see is that there aren't guilds going to war with eachother each match, verbally it is the same. By 2020 I had reached my prime as skelehorse and creeper, Every time I dared to beat a zombie or skeleton, id get yelled at "cleaner," "creeper main," "coward," "worthless," why? because I dared to outplay them. The skeleton and zombie mains who used to dispose of all the kits who lacked any range and caused many players to drop the game are now rallying against the melee renaissance, I have heard threats of a creeper nerf constantly and I don't plan to adapt to it. When I dare to hide behind a tree to not lose 7 hearts before I reach one of these clowns they mock me. I have even had players who blatantly state they will target me for running creeper or horse while gleefully laughing about it.

    would boil reason 2 down to myself, I only get 6cps, my mouse is cheap but no matter how hard I try I cant break 6.2-6.4. I hear of 8cps and 12cps constantly and wonder how that could be legitimate, much like sports I simply was not born to do this. I also have an abysmal aim making me incapable of being one of the community. My cps is not good, I dont have a good arena IQ, and my shifts are slow. I was not meant for this competition, i could only imagine the nightmare of ranked ssm which basically the community unofficially made. I lack the skill so I gravitate towards kits that utilize the little skill I have and that should be 100% accepted as these kits help expand the community and enfranchise new players and verbal abuse and blatant targeting simply kills and stalls the game.

    Reason 3, the soft teaming plague. In over one fourth of matches parties cozy up to each other through either soft or blatant teaming. One will attack while the other will watch, and they will tag team so it does not look like a 2v1. This strat can be fair when one player has a life advantage it is always parties doing it, I know my experience differs from most the community but this I can assume everyone has been through. The only solution I can think of is not allowing parties which would raise a firestorm or add an SSM duels version where it is only 1v1's and no smash crystal. But that would require development and ssm is no longer the juggernaut it once was for the previous reason that the skeletons and zombies domination lead to an insane skill curve leaving only an niche and extremely competitive community which is blatantly hostile.

    I was considering linking screenshots but I will not cite any names as this is not a hitpiece but an expression of an experience. It is all in the past, but the past is in me, I still think of future kits like in 14 like ravager kit and evoker kit and polar bear kit that would add more dimensions to the game and shake up the meta. But the appeal of 1.8 reigns supreme and development is expensive so I doubt those kits will ever be realized. I can never undo the 6 years I spent here, but I hope my input can influence the next 6 years. I will remember this game as a microreflection of life, competition, victory, defeat, success and failure. Tonight I aim for my 2000th win and bid ssm farewell, may the community prosper and hopefully one day, rise again. Please respond with your takes or experiences and give the poll a visit.
    Posted May 27, 2020
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  2. A lot of these points I can resonate with. The game can be very unbalanced, and some kits do trump others. I'm going to give a few of my thoughts and opinions.

    On point number 1, I can totally agree that SSM in general brings more competitive, and thus, more toxic players who get angry when they lose to a kit they dislike. However, there is toxicity in games all over the network, ranging from Speed Builders or Draw My Thing, all the way up to a game like Bridges, or Skywars. It's okay to dislike a game because it has more/less of a toxic community, but in my opinion, the game should solely be judged by it's gameplay. There will always be ways to deal with toxic players, via /ignore, /report, forums reports, etc.

    I just entirely disagree with reason #2. Every time I run into you in SSM, you always destroy me. A game like SSM isn't hard locked on skill, but rather soft locked. You can be the best sheep player, but when you fight most other competitive players, you'll lose simply because the meta doesn't favor sheep. Skeletal horse and Creeper have some pretty heavy counters, so there's no reason to call yourself bad because you lose to them. In fact, I play on a trackpad, and also get around 6 CPS. I prefer SSM to games like Bridges or Skywars, because CPS comes into play less often with abilities in its place. There is an aspect that I can somewhat agree with, however. Whenever I get absolutely destroyed by a slime, enderman, spider, or skeleton horse, I always try the kit out, thinking "hmm, they did so well, so I should use this!", but in the end the kits just don't fit my play style and I fail horribly with them. A big roadblock to new players, is simply finding a kit to use. It can be challenging at first when you don't realize what you're good with, and what you're not.

    Lastly, teaming. Teaming is very prevalent in SSM, more so than in any other game in my opinion. But I think 1/4 games is an exaggeration. A lot of the times, players simply target you because you're the biggest threat, which emulates a possibility that they are teaming, when they are not. If everyone followed the rules and there were no parties or rule breakers, you'd still find people sitting back to clean, simply because it's smarter and grants a higher chance of winning. The state of the game unfortunately comes to a point where it's judged solely based on aspects that are uncontrollable. We can't control people following the rules, and so it's unfortunate that it attracts rule breakers more so than other games.

    Even though I never really talked to you much, I'll miss seeing you around in the SSM community. I've always enjoyed running into you and swiftly leaving, as weird as that is. It reminds me that there are always players who really go above and beyond practicing and learning the game, and you're one of those high skilled players. Thanks for sharing your thoughts =)
    Posted May 27, 2020
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  3. appreciate the concern and the response, you speak highly of me but I am not Chameebling, I am destroyerofstars and changed my username this month. I don't think I would swiftly beat you and I have barely posted on the forums. As for point 3, I agree with the idea of biggest threat which I touch on but often, these suspicious behaviors are always in parties as two non-partied players even if they target you don't have the same cohesion.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 27, 2020
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  4. I can understand why you'd want to quit. This is very relatable. I have taken long breaks from this game because some of this stuff had gotten to be too much. I even thought about quitting entirely because of this, but after some time passes, I'm ready to give the game a second chance.

    Reason 1 is the most aggravating for me and it happens all the time. It's sad that people have to act like petty children and insult/target if you happen to kill them. If someone's being toxic, then you can ignore them, leave after the game is over, and report them. I run into a lot of toxic people too, but I am able to keep my cool most of the time (not on my bad days. Which I regret.) But it doesn't matter what kit you use or how you play, I think all players deserve respect in-game. If a person don't like someone's kit or playstyle, then there is no reason for why they shouldn't be able to discuss it politely and maturely.

    Reason 2 isn't really your fault. Yeah, sometimes I have really bad days on SSM. I feel you. It's okay to not be great, or even good at something. If someone wants to mock you for that, then they're the dumb one here. If you're not good at something, then you don't have to turn away from doing it. But I can see why you would.

    Reason 3 is almost as annoying as reason 1. Most of the time, the teamers are really toxic too. It's so annoying when I'm trying to have a clean fight and some teamers have to ruin it. I don't call people out for teaming most of the time, but when someone is teaming, it's really obvious. But sometimes people don't mean to team up; they're just attacking me at the same time. It's hard to not get annoyed over it, but it happens. A lot. Most of the true teamers in a game are bad anyways so depending on what kits you use, it's not always a chore to beat them.

    I would like to add a 4th reason. Busted kits. There are some kits in this game that are definitely way more OP than others, which skews the fairness of the game, but discussing this issue too much in depth is beyond the scope of this thread, so I remain. However, it can be really annoying when you have to fight a person abusing one of these kits. But don't get mad at them; don't say something you might regret. Many people who use such kits are not very experienced at the game and are not understanding to the fact that they are insufferable to many other players. Don't be hostile towards these people. Be calm and polite. And then, once you close down the game for the night, come to the SSM forums and roast the CRAP out of these kits.

    I haven't seen you in-game before, and now I never will. So goodbye from the SSM community, I'm sorry that your time here wasn't as good as it should have been. But thank you for making this post. It was very well thought-out and I enjoyed reading it. Have a good day/night.
    Posted May 29, 2020,
    Last edited May 29, 2020
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  5. I am an infamous player of the SSM community, they have little to no respect for me because i play blaze and only blaze. The majority of the time i negate the toxicity by not paying attention to it, but sometimes i find it entertaining. I will either mock them, or pretend to be one of those kids who do not shut up and find any way to complain about everything.

    Mineplex cannot do anything about soft teaming, their staff are too incompetent when it comes to moderating matches so that they are fair. I had an older account that got muted multiple times and managed to get it muted for over 100 days, over character legitimization. During those muted periods i would run into kids i desperately wanted to troll, and i could not defend myself if anyone had problems about my kit and or my suspicious skill.

    I play with old equipment, the mouse and computer are 5 years old, and my headset is 2 years old, i accidentally broke 4 headsets not knowing they were very delicate.
    I would say my 5 year experience so far, has been decent at best, SSM is like a drug for me, and i want Mneplex to stop hosting it for eternity, or give it multiple updates in a row.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  6. I used to be a blaze main too, and I was really hated for it. I got hate for it all the time, but I switched my main all because of one guy. I beat some lvl 100 skeleton with blaze, and he got pissed so he turned into blaze and targetted me while constantly throwing insults at me in chat. I don't know why I stayed for 5 games. I was determined to beat him again, but that never happened. Then a few days later, I ran into him again and the same thing happened. So I changed my identity, then changed my kit. I'm a squid now, and I'm quite happy with it. But I was weak to change. I bowed down to that fool and turned myself into a piece of seafood. But the point is, I didn't use blaze to annoy other people, I only picked it because I thought it was cool. So I don't think that an individual person should be hated based off of what kit they choose.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  7. I completely feel your pain buddy.

    I've been using Creeper since 2015, yet people will complain about me using it. I'm not changing a kit I've used for 5 whole years because it got good, know what I mean?

    The soft teaming issue really needs to be addressed, I've seen that many times before. If you're good, you can sometimes pull through, but obviously this sort of play shouldn't have been happening to begin with. The best I'd suggest is ask a staff member to spectate your game, if they have the time to be doing that. A "soft warning" in the chat, from a member of staff, might be enough to discourage them, who knows. Unfortunately it's a very hard issue to root out.

    But yeah, your points seem to resonate with me completely. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  8. I understand your pain dude.

    I mainly play skeleton and people get so mad when I try to play passively. Like why are you complaining, that’s the way my kit is meant to be played. I’m not a noob just because I don’t push melee 100% of the time. Skeleton isn’t meant to do that.

    Also I’ve had so many creepers get mad at me, because my kit counters their kit. If it makes you so mad, then try a different kit lol.
    Posted May 29, 2020
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  9. SSM has always been about semi toxic competition and banter, even back in 2014 people would do whatever they could to beat you and then quit the game and never talk to you again.

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, sad to see you go but honestly it’s more about the fun movement than winning or losing to me thats why I come back no matter what.
    Posted May 29, 2020
  10. From my experience playing SSM, creepers get hate for being broken, low cd sulphur bomb that sends you across the map, lightning shield that blasts you back while doing some damage as well (without cd) and high regen. It’s a really good kit for beginners because it’s very easy to use and gain kills with. While blazes are known for running across the map all game wasting everyone’s time when a game could be 10mins they would make it 40 which is really ridiculous, people say this is a “strategy” but if your literally just running away and only attacking when the player gives up or smash, is it worth? Skeletons run as well but that’s expected, they are pretty balanced in my opinion but zombies do like 8 hearts a hit and chasing them just means your death all together which isn’t fun AT ALL to deal with. And skeleton horse is probably the worst of all, being able to literally rocket you across the map effortlessly, destroy your hp in a single bone rush, high defense, and a smash crystal that lasts like 30 seconds and 3 shots u of hit. I notice a lot of skeleton horse players are super ****y as well as if they actually require such amazing talents with the kit. So don’t be surprised if you get hate using these kits, it’s almost too common in SSM cause of the bad rep they have.
    Posted Jun 3, 2020
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  11. Creeper really isn’t that broken at all. I actually enjoy playing against creepers. I used to hate blazes too but not so much anymore. But if you stall for blaze smash you deserve the hate. Skeletal horse mains are the worse though. Not only is it a broken obnoxious kit with an equally broken smash, the best smash in the game, most mains taunt, stall, 2v1 and more. If you play skeletal horse expect to be targeted and expect hate from players it’s the most hated kit for a reason.
    Posted Jun 5, 2020
  12. Care to explain the harsh words? It is quite telling that the only overtly rude post lacking any evidence whatsoever from an account that joined today
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 10, 2020
  13. nvm I have looked at another of your posts stating your opinions on skeletal horse. #1 No ordinary bone rush deals 7 hearts, it would have to be a stationary one on a chicken to deal that kind of damage so that is an extremely misleading figure. 2, skeleton horse has a massive hitbox flaw and although bonekick is powerful, the slowness you endure punishes you for missing and often can lead to void deaths since you fire it off near the void. I would be fine with a bone rush cooldown to go up to 12-13 seconds but nothing more
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 10, 2020
  14. I've only played this game a few times for missions and such, and don't really like it. I find all the abilities confusing and don't really want to take the time to learn which one's are the best (despite the fact that I love Champions). I think there is quite a lot of toxicity around certain kits (I've seen a post all about "Kit Racism" and am only 75% sure it's a troll post) and that it probably needs balancing.
    Posted Jun 10, 2020
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  15. The pros of skelly horse overlaps the cons combat wise. It may have big hit box but like golem has the gear to back it up. The slowdown punish isn’t too severe since the cool down for the skills aren’t that high, and most run away after missing anyway to try again. Just don’t play the kit, do everyone a favor until they nerf it (in 2025)
    Posted Jun 10, 2020
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  16. I appreciate your response but I still believe skelehorse only truly seems broken when playing third party. it is just too large for its armor value to work and most melee classes will stomp it with pvp once the cooldown begin, wolf will shred and outrange it so hard it cannot bonekick, a game where I have to change kits becuase of verbal abuse is just not for me, the only reason i still play teams is the good people I have met on mineplex
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 10, 2020
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  17. you can melee while in bone rush, the range on bone kick makes it more difficult to miss than hit, ive been kicked from 5 blocks
    Posted Jun 10, 2020
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  18. It also doesn’t help that 90% of horse mains just stall for smash.
    Posted Jun 10, 2020
  19. Most people overestimate the importance of CPS. You can be better then 99.8% of players (especially on minigame servers) with 6 CPS and great aim. I play with 6 CPS and I play really well. If your aim isn't where it needs to be you can always practice a little No Debuff. 15 minutes a day really helps in my own experience.
    Posted Jun 10, 2020
  20. "I am infamous in the SSM community"

    "I've played for 5 years"

    you are level 25, and have under 300 games of SSM total... What were you doing for 5 years? lmao
    Posted Jun 18, 2020

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