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My "Perfect" Champions Update(List)

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Proficience, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Suggestions brought to you by Me and Nuutt:
    I was told to make this thread so I guess I will just leave this here. I haven't played Mineplex or even Minecraft for a while(roughly 8-9 months) now because quite frankly, the only reason why I played was to relive the '14-'15 days of champions(when I was younger).

    Champions, which(imo) started really going downhill in late '17 - early '18, but the nail on the coffin was really on 6/1/18(Developer Update). Champions(imo again) was already going downhill gameplay and playercount wise for months before that update was even pushed out.

    I even took 2.5 month break for that update just to be severely disappointed, and it ended up making me not want to come back at all. I honestly do not think that the current Quality Assurance and champions GI is adequate enough to fix a gamemode like this, hence this post. Even if it accomplishes nothing I hope some people enjoyed reading this.

    S/O to Brit/Conorman1336 for his words in this thread as well
    . Some of his comments have been expressed in this thread but the majority of this my thread is my own opinion so let's go. Enjoy I guess-

    General Changes:
    -Bring back the option to have stats fully display in chat after a game, or at least make it a /prefs option. (Some people would rather read than hover over the chat to find out their stats)

    -Idea: Friendly Fire. This means that all skills marked as friendly fire(in this thread) will have the option to not work on teammates, keep reading this thread to really see what I mean by this. This is simply due to team trolling and the fact that your teammate shouldn't be able to control where you move.

    -Let's make this more fun and offer points/rewards for doing things in-game.(I'll go into detail all along this thread)

    -Give players points and/or gems if they're defending their flag(in CTF) or defending their point(in dominate) by killing the people that are standing in the capture point/flag area.

    -Fix the borders in every map to stop players from going up there and dying.

    -Idea: Critical Assists(A Critical assist is when a player does the majority of the damage but doesn't get the last hit), this will give you a bit more gems and will show up as a message in chat(only the killer will see this). In dominate, you'd add 5 points or so to the player's team for this as well.

    -Disable Armor clank sounds(/prefs option). It's annoying and most people don't need it, I personally just prefer the vanilla hit sounds and I'm sure other players do too.

    -Revert water bottles back to before the Jun 2018 update, they were perfectly fine. There was absolutely no reason to change them.(the cooldown)

    -Put the CTF player limit back to 16, but allow players to start the game when there are at least 10 people in the lobby. (As long as there are even numbers for a team, the game should start). Ctf was good because you had the ability to fight against more players and get more kills. Limiting Dominate to 10 people made sense considering there are only 5 points per map but don't limit CTF like that.

    -Add KDR to mineplex stats leaderboards(has to have at least 1k wins)

    -Take the hit detection from survival games and implement it in champions. (The survival games' hit detection is literally the best thing you could ever play with on this server when it comes to combat. It's so good).

    -Disable certain aspects of Gwen(because all it does is limit certain skills like bloodlust and seismic slam from being used correctly.) IMHO it's not doing enough to ban any worthwhile cheats that are worth detecting, it's more of a hindrance(I could link various examples of this so let me know if I need to explain myself here).

    -Ice prison/blizzard should be disabled in the first minute of the games to prevent team trolling.

    -Fix people being able to stack above a certain amount.

    -Proximities/zappers should cap at the limit of 3 per inventory(not including power tools or soup). Also should classify as friendly-fire meaning that none of the effects will hurt your teammates.

    -Whoever gets the most kills/caps/points captured should get a little more gems and a message showing how much of a help they were to their own team(like first blood), at the end of every game. To even take this a step further, offer rewards to the losing team but just divide the rewards in half since they lost. I would post an end message in chat for everyone to see and do something like:
    MVP(whoever got the most experience, make them the MVP that shows up on the podium, if they did the most work, they deserve it)-
    Most kills -
    Team player(most assists)-
    Most captures(CTF) -
    Most points captured(dom)-
    Best healer(life bonds/arctic ice/healing arrow. This will only be in effect if the healer actually was there in the fight, and they're healing people that are at least 5 hearts down, keeping them alive in a fight ) -
    Most gems took (dom) -
    Best defender(whoever killed people who tried to cap the flag, whoever recaptured points that were taken by the enemy team to win the game) -

    -Regarding kills in this gamemode, whoever does the most damage should get the kill, unless the person who did the most damage is dead(and in that case give them a critical assist). This should finally end all 'kill steal' debates.

    -Changing kits should only force a player to get healed if they actually picked a kit in the menu.

    -Encage zombies in some sort of trap/barricade so that players cannot just hide inside of one to avoid being killed. (Like in cakewars with the villagers)

    -Stop the user from being able to (open the kit menu) while swinging at the zombies. All this does is make people accidentally change their kits.(If you can't fix this just add a cooldown to picking kits so that we don't end up rapidly changing kits while we're attacking someone in spawn, make it like 5 seconds).

    -Put a limit and cooldown on the number of proxies someone has. And make sure that for the CTF game mode, proxies/zappers are automatically disabled if you were to place them anywhere near spawn and on the flag. There needs to be a cooldown where you can only place like 3 bombs/zappers at a time, it can't be near the flag or in spawn, and they all need to go off before you can place anymore. That would solve this problem quite nicely. Also, they should have a 0.5s cooldown between detonation, so that you can't put 3 of them in 1 place and do lots of damage.

    -Skills such as viper and shocking strikes SHOULDN'T work after the assassin is dead, similar to what inferno is now.

    -For sudden death in CTF, teleport everyone to their spawn and have them equipped in their armor. Give them 30 seconds to pick out their final kits before getting ready for the final battle. Many of the newer players who die just before sudden death are confused as to why they don't have any armor(fix this bug too).

    -Prevent game stalling. If no one kills/caps in sudden death after X amount of time, the game will end in a tie.

    -Flesh hook, classify this as friendly fire, shouldn't work on myself if a teammate fleshes me to troll. Also give it a bigger hitbox, lets go back to the summer of '15's flesh hook hitbox which was perfect.

    -Dwarf toss, classify as friendly fire. And stop it from throwing players into blocks

    -Takedown, make the max level 3.(it's broken and makes brutes unkillable on higher levels). Also fix the bugs with it.

    -Seismic slam, classify this as friendly fire

    -Cripling blow - remove it or make it only work if a player tries to run away so that it only works on your back. But it should not work all the time because constant slowness is overpowered.

    Block toss - longer cooldown, is currently too spammable

    Bloodlust - If you do 21dmg or more, you should get the bloodlust effect(3+ hits) after the player dies.(to combat killstealing)

    Colo - Remove thr anti kb shifting mechanic, it's broken. Or modify it so that you'll take knockback from sword hits, but explosions/arrow shots won't launch you back.

    Stampede - Put speed 3 back.

    Hilt - Get rid of the slowness and consider reducing base dmg by 0.5. Maybe even cap it by level 3. Only booster swords can go to levels 4 or 5 .

    Hold position - Allow players to take a certain amount of knockback(Not completely reduce it to 0, if you don't do this then make it a timed skill for a few seconds)

    Defensive stance - Give it a cooldown after x amount of damage has been reduced

    Vengeance - Rework

    Swordsmanship - Shouldn't be able to regen charges while fighting

    Deflection - Same thing as swordsmanship

    Level field - revert changes made it was fine before. You need to realize that a 3v1 is unfair, especially considering the fact that it isn't vanilla, so there are skills that 3 people are using against one. It doesn't need a "toggle" or a nerf, leave it alone.

    Shield smash - classify as friendly fire

    Roped axe - Do something to make it viable.(Maybe allow it to deal kb and 1 second of slowness with a 10 second cooldown? I don't know)

    Healing shot - is stupidly overpowered, fix it with a cooldown/nerf.

    Disengage - Reduce hitbox

    Napalm - rework, does too much damage. Reduce the amount of flames it emits.

    Barrage - shouldn't work with barbed arrows

    Heavy Arrows - Make it timed, players shouldn't be allowed to leap around for an infinite amount of time.

    Explosive arrow - does too much velocity. Also, classify as friendly fire. Maybe cap it at level 2-3.

    Sharpshooter - needs a cooldown, shouldn't allow someone to bow spam 2 blocks away, maybe let it only deal more damage depending on how far the target is away.

    -Pindown/Barbed/Longshot should be reverted to pre-jun 2018 update(Longshot actually is horrible now, remove the 30% arrow thing because all it does is mess up players who are trying to get the achievement, it's not good nor is it fair, and this is coming from a guy who mains everything BUT ranger).

    Lightning orb - Bigger hitbox, longer cooldown, reduce dmg.

    Blizzard - Needs to drain way more mana, and give it a cooldown. Maybe should deal slowness or something instead of so much velocity with the snowballs. Also, classify as friendly fire

    Inferno - same thing

    Ice prison - Gives weakness if mage goes into ice prison to kill someone with it(to fight void + ice prison spammers)

    Ice prison - If above suggestion doesn't happen then please remove ice prison, It's useless and offers nothing but a hinderance, or rework it so that there's more than one way to exist beside a little hole at the top.

    Arctic ice - shouldn't be able to work on ice prison(packed ice), allows a trap that's hard to get out of if you aren't an assassin or brute. Also should drain mana to stop players from getting protection for an indefinite amount of time.

    Immolate - Bring back immoweakness and just make it 50% as effective as it was before.

    Fire blast - Fireblast is a good skill in theory, but it's incredibly annoying how mineplex's knockback engine deals with it. At present, everyone in a relatively large radius (if not the whole map) has their velocity canceled completely if they're not being hit by the skill in question. This is the same as Explosive Arrow, this is super dumb and needs to be changed badly. Please change it.

    Void - Allow users to take kb while using it, and nerf this skill, HARD. It's too strong. Make void only work for a few seconds and disable it from working in water. It also needs a few more tweaks as well.

    Rupture - changing the particles to sprint did not reduce the lag. Get rid of rupture spawning in so many particles.
    Seriously something needs to be done about rupture, it's so laggy and the update did nothing to help it. And cap it at level 3

    Assassin -
    Evade - Must I explain? Honestly just make it work only once and give it a cooldown. To elaborate on evading, at the moment the cooldown between evades is the same as the minecraft hit registration - 500ms. You can only ever swing your sword and deal damage every 500ms but you can also evade every 500ms.(assuming a successful evade). This is pretty bad because it completely guarantees that they'll be able to evade a second time if you hit it the first time no matter what. Pretty dumb if you think about it.

    Illusion - Fix the illusion bug, this still needs to be fixed after 3+ years.

    Silencing arrow - Remove it or reduce the duration by 60%

    Marked for death - reduce damage

    Backstab - Your base damage when not backstabbing people should be reduced by 1(power sword does 6 dmg, standard/booster does 5). There needs to be some sort of tradeoff for this skill.

    Smoke bomb - If you attack someone while in the smoke bomb, paired with illusion you should gain slowness or something. With a class this strong, It's either you run away or fight, doing both should punish you. Or at least disable one of those skills when you use the other, going invisible twice and attacking someone is overpowered.

    Smoke arrow - How about a new idea. Maybe it should delay the time it takes for a player to active his skill since he's blinded. Don't let it deal slowness or else it's just a rebranded silence arrows.

    Shocking strikes - Don't make this damage based, give the player fatigue and blindness and shock but don't deal so much damage, making it an element of surprise.

    Viper - Take off 2 hunger bars, maybe a bit a poison that only works if you continue hitting a person, disables as soon as the player isn't attacked.

    Anyways I'm done with this thread, feel free to contact me if you have any (serious) concerns. If even half of these ideas were implemented, I would really considering coming back even just for a couple games, and I really do think that champions would be fun again. I'm a pretty old champions player(2013-now). I'm open to any criticism/comments if there are any.

    If any of these suggestions seem a bit outdated, I did make them almost a year ago. A lot of it has been heavily edited to fit today's version of champions. But if there was something in this thread that was already fixed, please let me know. I may add more as I think of more, but for the most part it's done.
    Posted Apr 26, 2019,
    Last edited Jun 3, 2019
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  2. Someone sounds like a brute main -.-

    Fh hitbox is fine
    That version of bloodlust is completely broken
    Mage should be buffed, not nerfed, and ice abilities are for setups btw
    Void is actually underpowered due to the many weaknesses it has
    Rupture is already having trouble with speed, capping at 3 would make it useless.
    Mana draining abilities are already cost heavy, and nerfing a spell based kit like that would be like putting mana on knight and make regular melee hits use energy
    Assassin changes are semi-ok, but silencing, smoke bomb, mfd, and backstab changes are just too much
    For ranger, explosive is supposed to do that, and in a game where health drops quick, healing shot should stay the same
    Napalm is balanced by it's cool down
    Sharpshooter cool down defies the point of the skill
    No need for def stance nerf
    Swordsmanship and deflection should say the way they are, knight is supposed to dominate in melee
    Hold position wouldn't really "Hold position" with that nerf

    Aside from this, the changes were pretty cool.
    Gj bro!
    Posted Apr 29, 2019
  3. Nah, I'm good at 4 out of the 5 classes. Only ranger I consider myself to be sort of lacking in, but that entire class is one of the most unbalanced with only assassin in front of it. But I do prefer a heavy kit since I'm good at sword combat the most, but I don't consider my thread to be biased or favored.

    The most broken feature with brute is takedown and blocktoss.

    Flesh hook's hitbox is so small that half the time the flesh hooks go through the player, it needs something. Even static's hitbox is better than flesh hook.

    1.Not really, you would still be doing the majority of the damage. Dealing 21 damage and not getting the lust is the equivalent to someone getting the last hit.

    2.Yeah yeah, the GI said that, look at what they did. Look at what buffing static Lazer got you, made the game unplayable, made everyone leave and single handedly killed ctf. Mage isn't supposed to be a 'serious' fighting kit, and half of it's skills are horribly unbalanced(alot of people can agree with me on this).

    3. You can literally spam rupture like nobody's buisiness. It launches players too high and is a walking lag machine, it needs a limit.

    4(1). Void is not underpowered, it's one of the strongest skills in the game there's no actual "weakness" to it ,outside, of combining 2-3 different skills at once or a bloodlust on level 3 which is very rare. Any good void mage will never die unless they're getting jumped at by 2-3 different people

    4. Blizzard pisses everyone off for a reason. Most of the time, it is not good, nor fun, nor useful, nor great in any way, shape, or form. It's a great annoyance that the majority of users can commonly dislike. It's only used correctly to boost teammates and even then, most of the time that's just team trolling. There's no counter unless you're using assassin or ranger, if it was up to me I'd remove it(same with ice prison). I'd rather it deal damage than deal an infinite amount of knockback with virtually 0 cooldown. Mana is a joke in this game, you can spam blizzard with any sword and Mana regeneration for an infinite amount of time.

    5.Assassin is way too strong to have bow abilities that are that strong. Silencing, smoke bomb, and mfd are wayyy too strong for the assassin's sword, axe, and passive skills. They all need a fix(and I love assassin).

    6. Explosive does an excessive amount of knockback that shouldn't be possible. It has (multiple times) launched me across a map without even directly hitting me. It needs a reduction just based on that.

    7. Napalm completely shreds through everything that isn't a water bottle. It needs a damage reduction and it omits an excessive amount of flames, it's just too strong.

    8. Sharpshooter is completely crazy. The fact that you can just literally bow spam with heavy arrows from a mere inch away for an infinite amount of time to be addressed. The fact that you can just get 5 slots of arrows and never get punished or delayed or countered for using sharpshooter needs to be addressed. It needs a cooldown or something.

    9. Yeah there's perfect need for a def stance nerf. You should not be allowed to reduce an infinite amount of damage in an infinite amount of time. There's no way you could phrase "oh block your sword and take 75% less damage for an indefinite amount of time". No, people shouldn't be allowed to block their swords and not die for around 10 years, that's called a nuisance.

    "Oh but you can just hit them from behind". Haha yeah... Because it's hard to turn around in Minecraft right? It's not like someone can't just flick their mouse 90 degrees before you get behind them, oh no"

    10. Knight is supposed to be a melee based kit, yes. But the current versions of both deflection and swordsmanship is a joke. In an occuring fight, you'll keep dealing more damage with swordsmanship or keep taking less damage with deflection because the charges don't stop regenerating in a fight. You might as well don't have charges at all.

    That's not fair at all, knight wasn't meant to do that. You can't just keep giving more or taking less damage throughout a whole entire fight with no limit except for the basically (half a second) it takes to get another charge, that's just broken.

    Nice comments, thanks for the reply
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 29, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 29, 2019
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  4. Np, I guess both our responses are a bit bias tho
    Bc I'm a mage main, and it looks like you don't really like fighting mages (no offence xD)

    For static, yes it was annoyingly op before, but is horrible now. It seems like the devs don't know how to balance it yet (no offence again)

    The ice abilities were created for a reason, and I personally use them quite well. Meet up with me if u you wanna see some ppl drown by golden Moses xD

    Rupture is a bit too slow, so any mind game / trick should leave the rip user helpless, even if it is spammable

    Champs is a team game, hence making void up. If if was a 1v1 game then yep voids op. Btw void mages are too slow to chase ppl, so it all depends if you are a team player or kill hound to get killed by them.

    Assassin is my kryptonite, but I'm just a bit uneasy with the nerfs you suggested, can you elaborate a bit more for me?

    My experiences with explosive was that it indeed dealt dmg, but kb wasn't a problem for me hence my opinion on my previous post.

    Idk with napalm anymore, I assumed it's supposed to deal crazy dmg bc I'm a mage xP
    Can u share ur experience with napalm more?

    Also with sharpshooter, it's more of the complimenting skills that are the problem that make sharp op. Harrows are ok be of their small range, just defeat it from afar. If ur a melee class, ur teammates can handle it :P

    As for swords and deflect, I guess swords is ok with the nerf but deflection shouldn't be, as brute is said to have ~48 hp and knight 50, knight is supposed to counter brute but that 2hp gap ain't enough, that's why deflection is needed. It can already be pelted down with hit and run and ranged attacks (trust me ik, I'm a mage :3)

    I don't see much ppl complaining about def stance, so even if it is op, it needs its time to shine before a nerf (it was pretty bad b4)

    For bl, that's 3 hits and strength and speed on one of the tankiest classes in the game. 3 hits and get the kill would be ok, with a bl lv4/5 added for the disadvantage.

    Anyway that's my opinion, hope ya like it :P
    More players need to talk about this to get it any further

    Welp, See you in game dude, best wishes

    Posted Apr 30, 2019
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  5. Void is anything but underpowered.
    Funnily enough, that's how it used to work.
    You can stack most bow skills. Getting hit by napalm still hurts like a train.
    Frankly, I don't hear anyone complaining about static being terrible.
    Posted Apr 30, 2019
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  6. I don't like fighting the majority of people in this game to be quite honest. Takedown brutes, hold position knights, void + inferno + glacial blade mages, illusion + smoke bomb assassins, and heavy arrow + sharpshooter rangers. Everyone runs the same exact skills because of how horribly unbalanced this game is. I really do dislike the way most people use mage now.

    I don't think I'll ever play champions again unless it gets an decent update, it's been almost a year since I've played for a reason, this game is simply too unbalanced for me and other people as well lol.

    1. I really am talking about static's hitbox, not the damage(which was the reason why it was so good). You can never miss a static but you have a good chance of a flesh hook literally going through a player unless you're right in their face. I really do think that it needs a buff and in the summer of 2015, it was just perfect. Now even block-toss is a more viable skill skill than flesh hook unless you have it at a high level such as 4 or 5, and even then it's still somewhat underwhelming.

    2. Hmm I have no problem with the ice abilities used correctly. But Arctic ice working on an ice cage that only has 1 hole to get out which is on the top is a big no for me and everyone else. Don't you remember how people used to ice prison the flag in ctf and sit on top of it with Arctic ice? Don't you remember how people used to ice prison the opponent's spawn and sit on it with Arctic ice to stop players from moving, all game? It's crazy

    If anything, Arctic ice really really really shouldn't work on packed ice(ice prison). And with blizzard, it's really just the fact that you can spam the snowballs infinitely. The second you run out, you can just spam a few bursts with it even if you run out of mana. It's literally so annoying and it doesn't do anything useful.

    I'd rather have blizzard deal damage and slowness, as opposed to dealing so much velocity for so long. And the amount of velocity it does is too insane for the lack of counters for it. 2 out of the 5 kits literally cannot do anything to stop somebody from snowballing them if the mage is annoying off. It's very infuriating and it really doesn't get anything done in my opinion.

    I do understand that there are ways to use it properly but very few people do so, and that goes for the whole mage class in general. It's also the default kit so any beginner to mage automatically gets access to some of the most annoying skills in the entire game if spammed properly.

    3.Rupture is not slow enough, that's for sure. Most players are not too far away from you, so all you have to do is have a good mid-range distance away from someone and you can just infinitely spam them with this one skill.

    4. Champions is a team game but majority of fights are 1 on 1 combat. People literally use void just to win every single 1v1, paired with the fact that there's no cooldown, and all you have to do is run it with inferno + glacial blade, it really is the strongest kit in the game. And in this current version of champions, all you have to do is ice prison yourself with 1 other person, and press q. You cannot counter a 1v1 enclosed fight with void unless you're SIGNIFICANTLY better than your opponent, it is not easy and is a pain in the behind to deal with. Half of the issue is literally because void mages don't take any knockback, meaning you can't hit them back into a combo, AND they take very little damage due to the resistance, AND there's no cooldown/punishment for it, you can just tap Q for whenever you'd like.

    5. Maybe you weren't fighting someone with explosive on the max level. Explosive arrow launches you very far, i'd rather it deal a bit more damage than the amount of knockback it produces.

    6. Napalm can literally spray down a whole path of like 15-20 different flames, and it's painful as hell to deal with(literally). Resistance 3 does nothing, if you're under 5 hearts and even touch 1 flame of an napalm, if you stand in there for more than half a second you will literally burn to death. The damage it does is literally insane and needs a nerf. Maybe you're running immolate so you don't notice it, but trust and believe that it does an excessive amount of fire damage, and it sprays wayyyy too many flames(blaze powder) than what should be acceptable.

    7. In my opinion, there's no "skill" involved in repeatedly spamming your arrows when you're 1 block away from someone, and dealing more damage each shot. It's really meant for spamming more than it is for skilled users, and paired with something like heavy arrows makes it impossible to work with.

    8. I'm very very very familiar to using knight. I've handled so many fights with deflections(2v1's,3v1's, mass team fights, people rushing in because they thought I was low) simply because the deflection charges just don't stop regenerating. Knight can still counter brute with all of it charges on max level, it'll be fine. It only takes 2 charges to really dominate any brute, it's all based on skill management and gamesense from there.

    9. nah nah nah nah nah, it don't need it's time to shine, we tried that with mage already. The reason why you hear nobody complaining about it is because nobody uses it properly. The only time people use it is with the blockhit glitch that allows you to attack and block at the same time, it's crazy. And then people started to realize how annoying it was. If you're gonna keep it, at least lower the reduction by 25-40%. Let it reduce 35% or 50% of damage, it's too strong and i'm already predicting people abusing that in the future.

    10. At 3 hits the player will either die, or almost die at 1-2 hearts. All the 3 hits thing does is stop killsteals, which is what kills bloodlust. Killstealing when someone has bloodlust is literally a crime.

    Yeah thanks for your opinion, mineplex really shouldn't have switched from Enjin to Xenforo, that just single-handedly killed the forums and all the memories people had on the site from the years, really unfortunate. But that's the reason why nobody has really replied to this thread, I've gotten some positive feedback to everyone that i've shown this thread to, you're the only one who has actually disagreed with me on something, haha.

    Edit- Forgot to add but for Assassin. The speed 2(which gives you better hit detection. Minecraft's hit registration gets better and better the faster you move), coupled with skills like combo attack, illusion, evade, and smoke bomb, makes the bow skills way too good. I get it that assassin has leather armor, but giving it that much leeway is just too much. Coming from experience Markfordeath is just crazy if you know how to smoke bomb, strafe, and combo attack people properly, smoke/silencing arrow completely shuts down every counter to assassin's skills. All a good assassin needs to do is land 1 shot and you're essentially done. It can run away, it can go invisible, it can deal so much damage, it has everything, the last thing it needs is very strong bow skills, that's why those 3 needs a nerf.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 30, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 30, 2019
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  7. Ok I'm standing my ground on mage but yeah I agree with the assassin changes now lol
    Posted May 22, 2019
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  8. Brute - few skills are underperforming/useless, others are broken
    Knight - half of the skills are broken
    Ranger - most of the skills are broken/need slight fixing
    Mage - Most skills are annoying and serve no real purpose
    Assassin - Broken entirely
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 29, 2019
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  9. Worded like that, very true
    Posted May 30, 2019
  10. If mage wasn't one of those kits that could piss people off easily I wouldn't mind it. But I'm unfortunately 90% of the people who use it don't even play the kit properly, it's basically a disturbance. Only very few aren't annoying with it
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 2, 2019

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