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Discussion in 'Clans' started by CarrotAtoms, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Well hi there, glad to see that you decided to click on this thread floating around the forums.

    Obviously, clans isn't in its prime state. Hackers are ruining the server, bugs are everywhere, lag, the community kind of sucks, etc. In this thread, I am going to be suggesting a few ideas that I have had that might motivate people to play clans once again. But before any of that, I would like to introduce myself as many of you may know me as TheHyperBunny, CarrotAtoms, or whatever ign I have had throughout the years. I quit Minecraft a year and a half ago but have revisited from time to time. I played clans during beta up to season 3 or whatever last season was.
    * I really don't care about the structure and organization of this, I don't play this game but it seems like the game needs some kind of insight, so no hate. *

    Anyway, when I played with a former clans player known as Tayden1704, he and I would usually be a duo clan and we strived through one resource. Cobblestone generators. Cobblestone generators were basically the key for a small clan to strive against larger clans. I personally got tired of seeing nakeds running around with stone swords after cobblestone gens got removed, and I missed the old fights where you could die and not have to stress too much about gear as you could listen to some music or watch a video while mining for money. During this time, I feel as if Clans was a lot more enjoyable and moderately challenging as there really wasn't a poverty side to it as compared to now. Before you say something like "wEll, pEoPle wOuLd bE LeSs AcTIvE aNd iT WouLd bE suPeR BoRing..." Trust me, I know but I think with this lag it would be for the best lmao. Plus the ganking clans wouldn't be as annoying and it would allow players to ACTUALLY HAVE FUN RATHER THAN BEING HACKED ON AND LOSING ALL THEIR GEAR. SUre the economy would be affected, but it was so much more fun when cobblestone generators were a thing. Yes, there will be people who use afk-mining techniques, but I think considering this option would offer a more beneficial outcome as opposed to the negative outcomes.

    Another thing that I would like to suggest in this thread that will eventually be lost within the forums is having alternate ways of earning money and building materials rather than killing and selling random stuff. Some people like to be more passive and eventually fight rather than fight and hope not to get cleaned or hacked on and lose all your gold and hard-worked for armor. I would suggest implementing a system revolving around jobs, in which people could gradually earn money by leveling up their mining skills or lumberjacking skills, or may even farming. This would bring more diversity to clans activity, eh?

    One more idea that has been lingering around my mind is ending the corruption associated with specific clans. We all know that there are clans out there that are blatantly cheating or using unfair methods to progress within the game. I know that people need to record their proof, but some people can't do that because of lag issues or it's just not convenient. I would suggest having a way to report a clan so that mods are more focused on watching out for them. Punishments also need to be more severe and rigorous. I once recorded and reported Undefine (WalmartWifi's Clan) and nothing happened. All that happened was the alt account got banned and everyone else was left free. Our clan lost all of our hard worked for gear and they could just continue their malicious practices without being punished. It was also upsetting seeing some clans with well-known youtubers team up with these recalcitrate clans. I feel as if being more meticulous with hackers would prevent them from growing. One hacker being caught teaming with a clan in any way should cause the clan to be disbanded completely.

    Something else that I would like to address is how the community can benefit clans. Stop making the mods' jobs harder by hacking just because you're greedy for virtual items that have no impact on your life/future. Yeah yeah, if you knew my former clans long enough you would know that one of my members hacked and trust me, I was tired of it and eventually, he stopped. I was a seventh grader and was immature just like many other people, meaning that I was toxic. Now being a rising sophomore, I am more mature and am appalled by my own actions of the past. I also saw my family friend posting an apology for his actions on the forums and some immature people were saying, "oH, hE CopPied ThiS GuY. not those words specifically)." Like grow up, I even saw some people like that comment, LMFAO. It caused a chain of similar comments that were completely unnecessary and it made me feel ashamed as to how toxic this community can be, and don't even try to play it off as a joke, please. Stop chasing minecraft clout and be a decent figure in the community, please.

    As I will most likely not be returning to this game, I feel that there is a necessity for someone who has had experience with this game to put out a detailed thread as to how this game could change. Accept these or not, these are my insights and I personally feel that these ideas could help benefit the state of clans. Please do not cause outrage within the comments, let this be a peaceful thread in which people can discuss ideas freely. I really don't care if this thread gets locked, I just want to set a precedent in which people are more thorough with their suggestions and more mature. Please learn to be integrated with one another to help this game that has shaped many of our childhoods live on, don't be a toxic kid who gets mad. Sure this game is going downhill, but at least do something to change that.

    Once again, don't even criticize me on whatever I did wrong in my thread, I could care less. I'm tired and I just wanted to offer these ideas, not even going to bother revising this post.

    Have a great day. :)
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
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  2. Hey CarrotAtoms, you may not remember me too well, we were in the same clan in Season Three. [DuhAsians, Poom]. I'm glad to see you're still alive! Here is my input on your ideas.

    Cobblestone Generator
    I do miss this as well, but the problem with this is that it needs lava to function. Lava has been completely removed from clans for a reason I'm not too sure about, but I'm also glad it's been removed. Countless times where I've been mining with my runed pick and forgot to bring immolate mage. I don't want to see lava returning... unless...

    Possibly have some cobblestone generators at Fields? The lava can be hidden and out of the way so nobody falls in it with valuables. Of course, it will not be as safe as having one right there in your base or in your claim, but it will still exist if needed.
    Also, you can't just AFK mine cobble, the Mineplex AFK remove system requires you to both move your mouse and yourself at the same time, which I'm not sure you can do to AFK unless you have a hacked client of some sort.

    This next idea reminds me a little bit of Factions, but I do still like the concept. This can help out smaller clans in need of the extra gold.
    I see what you mean when you say this. It does feel useless sometimes, reporting hackers and having them just get on their alts, but now the CM team is doing more. They are also IP checking them sometimes and blacklisting them for Blacklist Evasion. I know it might not seem like much now, because it takes some time, and they have a lot more, but eventually it gets bad. I know someone who got a perm blacklist for AFKing on casual, that just shrugged it off like its nothing. Later on, about 1-2 weeks later, he noticed he got a perm ban on his main and some other alts he used because he was evading his blacklist. Of course, people think that VPNs will just take care of it for you, but then you have to deal with VPN ping and always remembering to turn it on/off. You eventually get so far into the ban evasion loop that you're forced to appeal or buy new accounts. These new accounts in this season would be in a bad situation because they'll have to use evade against illusion, which we all know is hard to do in Clans because of the server lag.

    I'd love to see a /clanreport feature to report clans sometime soon. I think it would help out CM a lot more when looking into huge clans that are doing bad things. I also see it being misused sometimes, so I feel like if this were to be added it should be Titan or Hero+.

    I don't think clans should be disbanded for teaming with hackers, but rather gaining gear off of hackers. This is already the case but I haven't seen many clans punished for it.
    Heres the thing.
    Lots of people in this community closet cheat, so it is a lot harder to tell if the person is actually cheating or not. People could ally / truce with this people because they think they're clean, but then if the players get banned after you get gear from them, would the allied clan be disbanded? Sometimes it's very difficult to tell, especially when Smoke Bomb lets you do anything while invisible and Illusion glitches happen on accident as well.
    In my opinion, disbanding clans for teaming with blatant hackers is better than closets, because of how difficult it is to tell.

    I know exactly who you are speaking of, and it does make me a bit confused when people say stuff like that. Would you rather have him continue cheating instead lol? I see the more people that apologize to the community the better, as long as they apologize and keep their promise of not cheating anymore. @Vraz and @ Fallen are great examples of people who realized they were doing bad things and changed.

    Most clans players are still young, and this is a kids game after all, so there will always be immaturity and toxicity. I hope to see more discussion here, and your ideas are not that bad for the most part. I was sad to see you leave when S4 rolled around, but I'm glad you've at least given some of your insight on the game some 2 years later. Hope to see you around.

    Posted Jun 19, 2019

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