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My opinion about the 1.9 combat situation

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Seamusmario, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. Hi, you may have seen me somewhere on the Java Edition server. I mostly want to talk about the Java Edition Server not updating.
    Minecraft 1.8 is currently 6 years, 1 months, 13 days old. And we are still stuck on that specific version? I honestly think you guys should test out the latest version (1.16.3) on a private server.
    Like, The Bedrock server has all of the new features, But why not Java Edition? I'm not here to cause a flame war, but you guys can literally disable the attack cooldown. It's that easy.
    The problem for 1.13+ version is that it has unstable features in it's code, I have used 1.16.3 and the ram usage seems abnormal. Triangular shapes in the ram usage. I've gotten myself in a flame war about the ram usage a while ago. It was stupid, but it's a actual bug that Mojang and Xbox Game Studios can fix.

    I don't want any drama about this specific topic, neither do I want any flame war about the 1.9 combat. Sure, you can still disable the combat system. Skyfall has 1.9 compatibility. It is not compatible with 1.8 but it's gone from the games list.

    This ram usage is a problem. It is listed as a bug in Java Edition. Many people reported it. It affects the Client and Server, but i'm sure you guys can deal with it.
    There is so much missing features that you guys have to inject in by simply updating.

    I have no idea how it would work out for you guys but I still think this would go well.
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
  2. U guys still have mixed arcade... although I guess we do have it a bit better. =/
    Posted Oct 30, 2020
  3. Hey there,

    This really isn't related to the topic of this thread.

    I will be going over as much as I can with what I know for this.

    The minecraft community is split upon this because most of the Pvp community (from 2015+) don't agree with the new concept of how the combat system comes across, with the delays in hits, the removals of fast hitting combos and the combination of hitting multiple entities within a range.

    I personally am not a fan of the "new" combat update because of this however this isn't a simple reason to just get rid of support for 1.8.

    Bedrock is a comeplely different platform to java and has different mechanics in the game itself, such as building, bows and more. It's hard to build an infastructure around a new system where the community is different as well.
    The bedrock community isn't also very pvp oriented due to the community it has that ranges from Windows 10, Consoles, Mobile & Switch and it hasn't had the meta change for the combat, yes it might be easier to disable that feature however why should players just move versions for lack of support when multiple clients they use as well (such as Lunar Client, Labymod & Others) primarily support 1.8.9 and not others. (I know Laby supports 1.12 I think but it's an example), these features wouldn't also be brought to the version you are talking about unfortunately which is where I see a negative impact coming towards mineplex for something which shouldn't be needed.

    I'm also going to be going over different cases with bedrock real quick;
    With bows on bedrock, the arrow distance is changed dramatically with how the platforms are.



    You will see from both different platforms that they work in different ways so for java to suddely become so much like bedrock would be hard, especially with the fact that Java also has had the infastructure since 2013 of a game released in May of 2009 compared to the bedrock windows 10 edition which was released in July of 2015.

    The sprinting and building mechanic as well are completely different on both platform however I won't be displaying videos for this.

    Unfortunately if that's a bug that mojang & microsoft can fix then it would be better to contact the Microsoft team about it and detail it fully so they can better investigate what's causing it and how they can fix it.

    Skyfall did have 1.9 mechanics however it only had 1.9+ support due to the item Elytra and wasn't that popular within the community, At the time of its release it was a new twist on Skywars however it died down pretty fast after the release unfortunately. I was a fan of it, yes however it wasn't that popular within the Mineplex Community because Mineplex has been based around the 1.8 community for a long time and just to uproot that would cause a lot of drama.

    I've tried my best to explain it from my eyes here, If you have an issue with anything I've said feel free to respond and point it out.

    Kind regards
    - Ari.
    Posted Oct 30, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 30, 2020
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