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My ideas for Survival Games kit overhaul

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Mr.Cardyceps, May 4, 2020.


Did you like any of my ideas?

  1. Yes, all your ideas are nice!

  2. I didn't see the kit which I want to be changed(Write which one below)

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  3. All your ideas are bad

  4. I liked your ideas for Necromancer

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  5. I liked your ideas for Beastmaster

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  6. I liked your ideas for Axeman

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  7. I liked your idea for Horseman

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  8. I liked your Alchemist kit idea

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  9. I liked your Brewer kit idea

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  1. Survival Games have many kits, some of them are very cool and some are useless. Here is my opinion about the kits:
    Useful kits:Bomber,Beastmaster, Archer,Knight, Assassin,Horseman and Brawler.
    Useless kits and the reasons why these kits are soo bad: Axeman, this kit deals only one heart, it is easy to miss and it takes some time to switch to another slot. Necromancer, Necromancer is the best way to get killed by your own minions since they don't listen to anyone.
    However, sometimes even useful kits might be useless, Beastmaster's wolves behave like if they are true pacifists, they also often block the chests and walk in front of the player and get hit by the sword. Assassin is useful only if you are a rat.Brawler has a huge cool down.Bomber requires tnt which isn't always fast to find.

    Attention! This thread doesn't mention all of the kits since I don't have some kits.
    So here are my ideas for the kit overhaul.
    Let's start from the Necromancer. Necromancer is a magician so a mana system can be applied.This system allows you to summond different undead warriors. You can get mana by killing your opponents, there is also a limit of warriors and the limit of the gear. I will explain everything below.
    1)Zombie. You can summon up to three zombies, they are slow and each of them requires one kill in order to be summoned. You can give them any type of gear, including the diamond armor and tools.
    2)Skeletons. Skeletons spawn with bows, you can't give them any type of tools. You also can't give them iron or diamond gear. You can have a max of two skeletons.First skeleton requires one kill and the second skeleton requires two kills in order to be summoned.
    3)Zombie Pigman. It can wear any type of gear except diamond gear and it can use only golden tools. You can summon only one zombie pigman since it is very fast.It requires two kills
    4)Wither skeleton. You can summon only one wither skeleton since it has it's draining effect. You can't give any tools to this mob and it spawns with the stone sword in hands. It can use chainmail and golden armor. It requires 3 kills
    5)Zombie kid. You can summon only one zombie kid.It is VERY fast.It can use any type of armor except diamond armor and it can't use weapons. This warrior requires 3 kills

    You and your opponents can get mobs' stuff if they were killed.
    One skeleton and two zombies.
    Zombie Pigman and one zombie/skeleton
    Wither skeleton can't be combined with any mobs
    Zombie kid can't be combined

    One last idea about Necromancer.
    Wither boss. You must kill five people. Wither boss will be active for only 7 seconds and it will be hostile to it's master.

    Wolves don't jump in front of armed master. They are more aggressive towards your opponents and they start to act only when you hit someone or when someone hits you. What if there are two or more people who attack you? One of each wolves will take on one fighter, this also depends on the distance.Each wolf will attack their nearest enemy. For example: one enemy is 7 blocks away from you, another enemy is 3 blocks away from you. Your first wolf is 2 blocks away from you and your second wolf is 3 blocks away from you.Both wolves face the opponent who is 7 blocks away from you.The wolf who is 2 blocks from you will attack the nearest enemy and the wolf who is 3 blocks away from you will attack the enemy who is 7 blocks away from you.

    I have said that the damage from the thrown axes is small, but it doesn't mean that it must be changed.
    I can see two scenarios . In first scenario the damage from axes is different, its not one heart, it is two hearts.However, I believe that the second scenario is more interesting. It would be cool if you could stack axes.You can stack up to three golden axes and up to 2 iron axes,each golden axe deals one heart of damage each and each iron axe deals one and a half hearts.You can have multiple stacks of different axes,but you must wait for 3 seconds after throwing each axe.

    I have only one idea. This kit requires two achievements in order to get it. I think that it would be better if you had to complete only Katniss Everywhere achievement in order to get it.

    This is my idea.Alchemist can summon a golem. Alchemist can summon golem only if he killed 2 players. Golem has only a quarter of his original health and he can't be summoned again if he was killed. This is an achievement kit. You can get it if you completed the air drop achievement.

    You can buy this kit for 5000 gems. This kit gives you one health potion, one strength potion and one nausea potion. You can't restore them and you have to use them wisely.
    Posted May 4, 2020
  2. Hey, I don't really like a lot of these ideas. I'm not the most experienced SG player but I have played it quite a bit and I'll put my opinion on each of your suggestions.

    Necromancer: I think with a lot of balancing and changes to your suggestions this idea could work. But, for me I don't like the idea mainly because that's making SG way too complicated than it should be. SG is a vanilla game with it's own twists that Mineplex gives (kits and maps). I don't think it should be overly complicated like the suggestion you are giving. I also don't see a proposal how they'll be able to summon the certain kind of mobs. I'll assume it's just an item in your hotbar where you right click to switch between mobs and left click to summon them if you get a certain about of kills. I don't think Necromancer needs a buff. Once you learn how to use it you can really utilize it. I'll admit the AI for the skeletons are the best, but I feel like if they were buffed then they would be too overpowered. -1

    Beastmaster: I don't think wolf gets more than 1 wolf at a time. I've never used the kit so I don't 100% know, but I've never seen players play beastmaster and have more than one wolf. I don't have much knowledge about this kit so I'm not really going to say anything about. -0

    Axeman: Axeman to me is fine. It's balanced. It doesn't need a buff especially the suggestion you're giving. 2 Hearts an axe is way too overpowered especially with the amount of axes you can get from chests. You could get 5 axes in one game and would be able to kill someone. I don't know if you're talking about axes ignoring armor when thrown or make the axes take less damage when using axe thrower when the person has more armor bars. Your second suggestion doesn't make sense to me so I'm not going to go into it. If you could clarify that would be nice. -1

    Horseman: Horseman isn't a kit anymore and was replaced with Warlock. I'd say no for your suggestion easily. Achievement kits should take all the achievements for the game and not a select few. That's the point of achievement kits. For you to complete ALL achievements. If this were to be only SG it wouldn't be consistent with other games. -1

    SG already has enough kits in my opinion. I don't like the idea with certain achievements giving off certain achievement kits. It should be all achievements, not a select few. This idea seems much like Necromancer suggestion you gave so I'd rather not see 2 kits extremely similar. I'd just keep Necromancer instead of this kit. -1

    Brewer: I don't like the idea of potions being on the server. It also sounds a little overpowered but that could be fixed by how long the potions actually last for. I mainly don't like this idea because of the idea of potions in Survival Games. I'd rather not. -1
    Posted May 4, 2020
  3. @vezay .1) Necromancer MUST be changed. I don't like this kit because of the skeletons that kill their masters. Imagine defeating a very strong opponent just to be killed by your own minion.
    2) Beastmaster can have 2 wolves that are not as clever as the wolves from vanilla survival.
    3) I said one and a half hearts and there is a small cool down between each throw so you won't be able to throw 1 billion axes per second.
    4) Horseman still exists on Bedrock server.
    5)Alchemist is different from Necromancer. You can't say that Beastmaster is the same thing as Necromancer. Golem is different from wolves and undead mobs. Iron golem deals more knock back than wolves and undead mobs, but his damage and knock back are compensated with his speed and hit box.
    6)Potions aren't too powerful. You could also say that air drop which gives you diamond and iron gear is too overpowered. Another thing is that there is a chance that you will miss with your nausea potion and strength potion won't really help against people who also use kits.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 4, 2020
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