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My Build Portfolio

Discussion in 'Build Showcase' started by ItzSkat3r, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Posted Aug 20, 2019
  2. Good job mate,
    These are some pretty good builds and I think that you’ve got some potential. Keep up the good work!
    Posted Aug 29, 2019
  3. These look cool, especially the ones with stained glass. I've found that people can make some awesome builds (or remodel pre-existing builds) with stained glass because of how diverse its uses are. Something that you showed well with the waterfall, tree, and the volcano's lava and ash cloud. The snow-globe looks cool also, but it seems cramped to me. Personally, I think it would look better if the house was more centered instead of right at the top.
    A few of these were smaller builds but still had some great details. Good job!
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
  4. Yo!
    Honestly, I love all of these and I like your wide variety of style. I'd have to say my favorite from the images you posted is the train, I've personally always wanted to build a train but I always run into issues so when I see a nice detailed train I give applause where it is needed. The only map I'd suggest slightly more detail would be the snowy gladiators map, it looks really bland compared to the rest of your builds with high-end detail but I understand that gladiator maps are hard to involve a lot of detail since it could ruin gameplay. Anyways, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more maps by you in future.
    Posted Sep 8, 2019
  5. Heyo,

    I really like everything you built, but I have to say I like your large village the best. (Fifth picture) The detail and texturing of the cliff and the houses really show your skill. I also like how you add some decor to the build. I also like your little hot air balloon.

    Best regards,

    Posted Sep 10, 2019
  6. Even though I can never do it myself I've always loved building, even building one of those smaller builds would take me way too long lmao.
    Nice job dude anyways.
    Posted Sep 10, 2019

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