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My Annoyances with Mineplex

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by sneebsnob, Jul 1, 2020.

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  1. There are many things done wrong on this server. Here are a few of the ones that never fail to anger me.

    First of all, it is abhorrent that reports can expire. I am unable to think of a single reason why they should expire. Whoever was reported didn't stop hacking, spamming, whatever they were reported for, after they were reported. This brings me to my next annoyance:

    Mineplex is severely understaffed, especially in Staff Request. Staff Members always bring up how they volunteered to join the community but all that mods do in Staff Request is say "On topic!" The mods that joined Staff Request should do what they volunteered for. There should be a rotating schedule in which mods should be online. Mods should be held accountable for the hours they are on. Staff Request is a joke. People constantly report hackers and the like and mods never respond. I have not been able to find a time where a lot of mods are consistently on.

    There should be a special community for requesting Quality Assurance members. If you ever report someone in Staff Request for light aura, an auto clicker, a kb modifier, and so on, mods will say that a Quality Assurance member is required to ban that type of hacking. But, the problem with a QA Request is that there aren't enough QA Members. Why are so many QA members on different staff teams? Why is the biggest staff team Event Squad? Is planning events that can only hold 80 players (most of them being staff members) that difficult? Why is when the most amount of mods on is during an Event. Aren't Events about the player base? Quality Assurance should be one of the biggest staff teams. Why is there only one singular QA member that isn't on Event Squad?

    I once made a separate post on how there should be a /nick. I have taken some time to put more thought into how it could be managed. Instead of giving Immortals more perks because it's totally an overpowered rank that makes you win games a lot easier, everyone that has reached level 80 should be able to have /nick. The reasoning is that a hacker could be using the /nick but I believe that this could prevent that unless it is a high-level hacker which is unlikely. Hypixel manages to handle the issues that some moderators have stated. Targetting ruins the gaming experience, especially when playing a Cake Wars Standard game and the three other teams are consistently pushing you.

    It is hilarious that there are only two developers working on the server. That's all I have to say about that.

    Staff Recruitment should also be a big staff team, for reasons stated prior.

    That's all I have to say at the moment. I'm excited to read the replies of Mods that shoot down all of my ideas and lock the thread with "Not Planned."
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
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  2. I am in the a similar boat as you, since Mineplex does get the best of me at times as well. I will respond to everything I have basic knowledge of.

    People could abuse reports, and it would be convenient for the system to delete them after some time has passed instead of going through everything to delete. Due to the frequent occurrences of cheaters on Mineplex, all reports staying put until dealt with will overwhelm staff members, largely because they may have logged off. I believe the correct route to go about this is to only make them visible while the player is online.

    Staff have the option to be in that community which I think should be mandatory. The community is used very often and more staff will have higher amounts of responses to reports. I do not think staff members should have set times to be online, but rather weekly/monthly quotas to fulfill. There is a chance they might have something else conflicting, so quotas allow for a more flexible schedule.

    Although I have zero clue of what it takes to get a developer, this is still quite ridiculous. One of the best servers in Minecraft only has two individuals handling such a pivotal aspect, are you kidding me?

    Recruitment has a pretty heavy workload due to the server receiving hundreds of weekly trainee applications. I also thought more staff would apply to be on the team/sub-team, because they know themselves what it takes to get accepted.

    Report a User | Report a Bug | Rules | My Profile | Applications
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  3. I agree with you on this.. but the hackers I fought in Skywars were crazy. I really wished for the Mineplex I enjoyed when I was younger. Games like Castle Siege, but I really understand the struggle of the server it's going through. The poor anticheat, and the population.
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  4. I hear you loud and clear but mineplex policy is mostly pragmatic and relatively stiff when it comes to this stuff. Your frustration is basically right there with a lot of other vet players and your suggestions (demands?? lul) are pretty good, but not so pragmatic.

    In particular I want to rip on you for criticizing QA for a few reasons since no one else has put this out there -

    - Just because QA members are in Event Squad doesn't mean they don't literally do all of the exact same things for QA.

    - If we had QA request, there would be an overwhelming number of false callouts and I'm pretty sure that QA members and the Admin team are already operating at maximum capacity when it comes to banning closeters and boosters. Notice that about a week ago, Liqhts got network banned. Liqhts was in the top five XP earned, serverwide, alltime. I'm not saying that what they're doing is enough, but I want to give our upper staff team credit for doing everything that they have for the network. A lot of these guys are long-time vets and have spent years with the server.

    - More QA means more non-disclosure agreements, to do with GWEN's inner-workings. That's me naming just one reason for their sparseness.

    I also checked out your OG post about /nick because I was unsure why you thought it was a good idea. Personally I dislike it just because big dog players are toxic enough when they get the power of the easy mode taunt, and giving them the ability to change their identity removes a lot of their accountability. I don't like the idea of being harassed by someone who I can't keep track of, because they keep switching nicks and following me through lobbies.

    But your concept is to AVOID harassment. In terms of cake wars in particular, targeting is how the game works. Of course you go after the team with the most clout. That's cake wars, and that's one of the many reasons why I don't play standards anymore, after investing hundreds of hours over the last three years. (wow just looked up your stats and you have 2 more wins than me but double the losses lets gooooooo got more kills AND more deaths AND 50% more cake bites because i'm a greater impact player and i'm out here dabbing on the wannabeeeeees lul)


    In the hopes that venting about that classic mineplex angst was somewhat cathartic <3

    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  5. From a community player's perspective, I can see why you'd be frustrated. However, if you could see it from my perspective, you would understand. We get hundreds of reports per hour, and that includes hacking reports, gameplay reports, and chat reports. Staff members aren't required to only process reports from one specific category; we do whatever we are able to do at the moment. We also get forum reports, which pile up on top of /reports. And only Mod+ can process /reports, so trainees are completely out of the mix. This means that not that many staff are able to process /reports, which is the reason that some reports may expire. However, I can tell you that I have had more than one instance where I have been processing reports and there were none left to process.

    I agree that Mineplex could use more staff, but that goes for any big server. The staff that we do have are very hardworking and dedicated and do their best to fulfill their commitments to the server. Regarding your comments about StaffRequest, you're right, participation is voluntary. I participate in StaffRequest when I have the chance, and when I don't, other staff members do. Your suggestion about having a rotating schedule would not work in any way, mainly because of different timezones. Most staff members are online between the hours of 2-11pm EST (in my opinion), and there are far less online after that hour. Similarly, there are far less requests in StaffRequest after 12 midnight EST. Being staff is voluntary too, we aren't required to log on every single day. As long as we fulfill our quotas, we're set. Your best bet is to record and make a forum report.

    I'm not completely opposed to this, but then again, I'm not QA. If this were to be implemented, joining should be entirely voluntary. You ask a lot of rhetorical questions here, and most of the answers are quite plain. QA members are allowed to be on any other subteams they want, I don't think that is a valid argument. If they're on QA, then they're qualified to be there.

    I definitely don't agree with this. Punishing players will be an absolute mess; it's not just about hackers, it's about chat offenses. With your idea, most players level 80+ will not be blatantly hacking. So, it's usually chat offenses or gameplay offenses like map/bug exploiting etc. I really don't see any need for this. In my opinion, staff get targetted far more than level 80+ players; the way you're suggesting your idea makes it sounds like /nick would be more of a perk than something that's absolutely necessary. If /nick isn't necessary for staff, it's not necessary for community members, no matter the level or rank. That's just my opinion.

    I agree that we could use more devs, but it's not like the devs slack off. They're working hard with the resources they have at the moment.

    Recruitment isn't the problem, it's the lack of quality applications coming in. This has been the issue for a while now. Quality over quantity.

    I hope that you can see these issues in a new light, from the perspective of a staff member.
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
  6. I understand that they are very busy. That's why I believe that having more QA members would be beneficial.
    What I don't understand is how NDA's could prevent more QA members.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 1, 2020
  7. Reports can expire if a player is offline for too long or a staff member didn't get to it. While there are cases where reports shouldn't expire, it could overload our database/report system. Some reports may not even be looked at if they're severely old and staff can't get to it because of all the newer reports. Some people also stop hacking or x account doesn't get back on for a long time.

    We do not plan to have this community ever become an official thing. It's all volunteer, yes. Staff could very well be doing other things with their subteams/srmod teams or just hanging out with friends. Not everyone is going to be free for x amount of hours either, you can't hold a volunteer staff accountable to hours like a normal job on a minecraft server, there's way too many factors here that go into that. If a staff is available, and they want to do staffrequest requests, they're absolutely free to and we don't forsee a future where we force them to do this in any way.
    As for us being understaffed... we can't just accept anyone and everyone. It's a tedious and long process to find a fitting staff member. You're free to talk to a Recruiter on the issue of being understaffed, you're even free to talk to the Admin of Recruitment, which is Islendingurinn.

    They have as many people as they have for the amount of work there is. You don't need 20 Recruiters if there isn't enough work for them. The number they have fits their workload of the team, and this goes for most teams here on Mineplex.

    QA are not on ES. The staff page here on the website is just glitched with tags. Not everyone on that page is a part of multiple teams. You can only be a part of 1 Sr.Mod team unless you're from a team that split into 2, which this only applies to Bunni now. Please look at this to see who is actually a part of what teams, not here on the website.
    As for a QA request community, this isn't planned either and it isn't a thing QA wants to do. Going to get reach hackers, auto clickers, whatever is a side job of QA, not a full on duty. They also don't want people to use that community for reporting bugs, which already happens even without that community. It would become disorganized. You're always free to report someone you believe is using reach, autoclickers, etc. through this form and it'll be added to a board for the QA team to look into. This form is the best possible way you can report someone for closeting.

    We would have to revamp our entire disguise/nick system for this. You wouldn't be able to input your own nick or whatever you want, it would have to be all stuff that's pre-existing and then it would have to have a database that logs everything and then also connect it into our punishment system to tell us the true name of x player. It's a lot of work and hassle that just isn't worth it at this time. This idea will also remain not planned unless we have the time, resources and even a solid idea with this that is worth the time and effort.

    As for us not having a lot of Devs, I won't go into that as it's not really a public thing.

    I highly encourage you to have a look at the 2 documents I gave you above. They'll give you more insight into who is on what team and what you can do to report a potential closeter. You can also have a look at this to see what x team does. As all of this isn't planned, and it seems to have been more of a rant thread, it will be locked. You can message me with further questions or concerns and I hope some of this misknowledge was cleared up.
    Posted Jul 1, 2020
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