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In Discussion Multiple Arcade games are barely applied, why? Because they're hidden.

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Swifx, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. I've noticed that since I've came back to minecraft after 1.5/2 years most games like castle siege, etc were removed from the "zombies/portals" that you select them from, including snake and evolution, I feel like these games should be more accessible in the compass, or using the portals, I also feel that HOG should be available more to others, as the mascot of Mineplex is.. well GWEN the guardian.

    Let me know of what you think!
    --- Post updated ---
    - Please consider thinking about this, I feel that others should also try these games, as they're mostly "hidden" in arcade or MPS.
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
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  2. A large number of games weren't just removed from the Zombie Portals, but just completely removed from Mineplex and only accessible in an MPS. This was to keep the player base more secluded to a few of the more popular games, including The Bridges, Cake Wars, Nano Games, Super Smash Mobs, Champions, Minestrkke, Survival Games, Skywars, Master Builders Draw My Thing, and Mixed Arcade.

    After the Butch update (new queueing system) in late 2018/early 2019, Mixed Arcade was changed to where you search for each game individually, which in theory, sounds great, but in actuality, it only let games like Super Paintball, Turf Wars, and Dragon Escape get games to start because those are the popular games. These are the only games that get started in Mixed Arcade unless there's a huge party playing games together. This disrupted the flow of Mixed Arcade, which used to be voting for one of three games, then the top voted was played, and the cycle would repeat.

    I truly think that Mixed Arcade should be returned to how it was before the Butch update, because that will bring back its popularity and allow players to play some of their favorite games that they haven't been able to play in the past six months. I don't necessarily feel as if they need their own Zombie Portal, but I do think Mixed Arcade should have its own portal that will queue you for a game that is searching for players.
    +1 to "fixing" Mixed Arcade

    Games that have been removed from regular play and are only available in an MPS have been vouched for in the past to return to regular play on the network, but it has been discussed that they won't be returning because they want to keep the player base together and disallow there being 16 players to a game, which takes away from other, more popular games, getting to start. I don't think these games will be returning, and I don't think they should either.
    -1 to bringing removed games back
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
  3. A lot of older games were removed due to a tactical business move. Those games weren't being played very often, and if not many people are playing a game, then what is the point of keeping it? A lot of people were upset that their favorite games were removed, and I totally understand that feeling. However, Mineplex had to go with the majority, and the majority of the playerbase didn't really play those games. I don't think that these games will make a comeback, personally.

    However, I do agree that Mixed Arcade could do with a revamp. Ever since the Butch update (the new queuing system), there are only really 2 or 3 Mixed Arcade games that people still play on a regular basis. Other games, such as Dragons and Runner, are barely played because of this. I think that, if possible, we bring back the old system for Mixed Arcade, where there were random game rotations. This would make less-played games much more popular since they would be played more often.
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
  4. I agree that something should be done with arcade games, only a few of them ever have any players any more. I also agree with xUmbreon that the solution might be to revert to the old system for arcade games.
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
  5. I used to love playing Mixed Arcade long time ago. When the new Butch system was released, I stopped playing Mixed Arcade. The revamp for Mixed Arcade sounds like a good idea to bring back the old queue system, I think. I agree with the old Mixed Arcade system back. +1

    Additionally, I'll have to disagree with your second idea. I don't think it's a great idea to bring some of the older games back to the server. I'd think that the older games may no longer work due to being obsolete. The portal may not fit in the lobby and the size is not big enough. I'll have to disagree with it. -1
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
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  6. I agree with your suggestion on arcade games having their own portals. Mixed Arcade has plenty of games that are unplayable currently due to a lack of players, and I believe this addition would help bring more attention. I used to be just fine the way Mixed Arcade was before the Butch update, but afterward, it only made the most popular arcade games playable. Thus, I believe reverting to the situation before the Butch update would be very beneficial for Mixed Arcade.
    Posted Jun 20, 2019
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  7. Yes, a revamp is a good idea!
    --- Post updated ---
    A revamp to the arcade system.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 28, 2019

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