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Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by SnowFox84, Jul 10, 2019.


    My idea is to give rewards to mps games

    and all this discount of the owner of mcs and he will have the option to enable or not,

    would work like this:

    be able to have a limit of minimal players, however 10 players

    and only the players who are among the top 3 winners will win the rewards

    in the server menu mps will have an option to edit the rewards and it would be gems in which the owner of the mps could increase or decrease that amount but the players only won a maximum of 100 gems (value can be discussed but I think a good amount)

    but the owner can put a value to discount

    For example, he placed 1000 gems to win, so these 1000 will discount the rewards of the players (100 in 100 example 1000-100 and so on so you do not always need to replenish the rewards) and that would be balanced according to the rank he got 1 place 100 gems 2 place 60 3 place 30

    with that would be a way to "spend" your accumulated gems (who will spend is the owners mps) and would make the mps more fun and more accessed
    Posted Jul 10, 2019
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  2. Herro!

    When I saw the title of this thread, I thought, "Oh no it's another thread that will be denied because it could be so easily exploited" but I was pleasantly surprised! I do like this idea, it would be a good system for letting players get rid of gems they don't need anymore, however I do have a few issues with it:
    1. You could just get 10 friends who still need gems and just get last every time giving them their needed gems. I think a way to combat this would be marking this option only be allowed on a non-whitelisted and public (meaning on the NPC) MPS. Still could be abused if the host just kicks every else who joins though, so I don't know if that would fix the system in that sense.
    2. Would there be a cap on amount of gems placed? If there isn't, it could be very easily exploited for the same issue stated above. Also, it could start tournaments for gems, which would be good from a player base side of view, could be bad for attracting cheaters to MPS games. Currently there aren't a lot of cheaters who hack in people's MPS's, but this could rise if this feature is put in place.

    I do like this idea, but I think it needs some fine tuning before being implemented. Due to these issues, I give it a +0 for now.
    Posted Jul 10, 2019
  3. The problem I have with your statements is the same thing can be achieved with the "Villager" Morph. You lose gems to give to someone else. In this sense, your points are...pointless (though good things to mention nonetheless).

    Overall, the idea is stable and I agree. It's perfect for MPS and still at the Owner's loss, which makes up for it. I feel no fixing is needed and it's good as gold!

    Posted Jul 10, 2019
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  4. Ok, soon when I saw the title I felt bad because it is gonna be a good idea but, it was denied. I really like the idea because you see people in lobbies etc.. complaining how they have nothing to do with their gems, soon when Gem Bank was introduced everyone was ontop of it the first week, now they don't use it anymore. So I think MPS rewards will be a great idea for it! :D
    Posted Jul 10, 2019
  5. I think the concept of this is good, but it will need some modifications. I like how there's a minimum of players that have to play, so the top three reward thing wouldn't be exploited. Also, I really liked how you mentioned that an owner would put in gems of their own to distribute the cost. As long as the server itself doesn't give gems and the owner of the MPS does, then I'll be giving a +1. This would prevent exploitation.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  6. Thank you for this suggestion,
    You don’t even know how much I like this for a ton of reasons. I have around 135k gems which I know isn’t a lot compared to some people but giving away these fives via just the villager morph is hard. I love this idea because it allows players to win gyms without exploiting it I also like how the MPS owner uses his/her gyms to giveway so the server like Joiined said wouldn’t have too. I also think this will get more players playing in people’s MPS and overall make the MPS’s “worth” more to ranked players because it allowed for even more customization. Thanks for the idea! This is definitely a +1 from me.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  7. i mean isn't that why villager morph is a thing. and everything on this server is exploitable in some way, you'd be surprised lol.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
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  8. Not a bad idea! I was thinking this would be something that could be easily exploited, but after reading it thoroughly, I definitely could see it being added.

    Limitations would definitely need to be added to prevent abuse. I like the idea of having a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 100 gems for first place. Another idea would be to maybe have a maximum amount of gems you can deposit every hour? I think that would definitely help prevent any form of exploit.

    Nice idea, +1
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  9. I guess there would be no abuse of gems because of the ceiling that can be won per game but all this could be modifications I'm glad you liked I hope they put
    --- Post updated ---
    I agree with you on the closed list, and on the gems yes, 1 place would win 100 gems 2 place 60 and 3 place 30, but this can be discussed and I think it would not have an abuse of it because only the top winners quevao win the gems and not be closed only to friends so the minimum limit of players (10 players for the option can be enabled)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 11, 2019
  10. I appreciate the idea of what you have. The MPS rewards system will help them to gain more gems, shards, or XP. I don't see why we should add a reward feature in MPS. The only issue about the reward feature, they might abuse it. Don't get me wrong, I'd never opened my MPS for a while.

    Not sure if it's a great idea to implement. I'll go neutral towards your idea. 0
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
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  11. Yo!
    So, your idea was okay, and I think this will be a great addition to the MPS. But, I feel like people who say "it can be easily abused" isn't really an excuse. I am saying this because anything we do can be abused and I feel that saying that isn't the best way. He did say it would come out the players' gem balance and I mean if it does get abused, the MPS owner would suffer not the server. If you have the villagers morph, you can transform into a villager and throw gems to others. Lastly, I feel that this would encourage users to use the Minecraft Private Servers more and would bring activity to it. But, this is just what I think I feel this would be a good idea.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  12. Heyo,
    I feel as if the idea you have shared with us is quite intriguing and this will definitely help players get gems or shards much quicker. The owner of the MPS will be able to get rid of his / her gems if they want to, however there is a downside to your idea. There's a fairly high possibility that they might abuse the rewards system.
    I strongly disagree on what you've stated because I don't feel as if anyone would have to suffer from being abused on Mineplex. If a MPS owner is going to enable it and doesn't know the risks of having that preference enabled he / she will be highly disappointed if they got abused.

    Overall, I'm going to have to agree with @Phamtastic on this, not sure if it's a great idea to implement. 0 for the time being.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019

  13. would not be abused because only the top 3 would win gems and so could be enabled the option when you have at least 10 players can not abuse it
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 11, 2019
  14. You can giveaway gems with the morph sure, but it takes a long time and therefore is not really used for that. With a system like this where you can easily give thousands of gems to someone... It's a bit more dangerous as a power to give. So while yes you are technically right it's already possible, using the morph is far from practical or reasonable for giving a large amount of gems.
    10+ players doesn't fix the problem that you can still just get 10 friends to join and then kick everyone else that joins. Often with someone like this, if it can be abused, it will be and the feature will end up being removed because of it.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  15. [QUOTE = "n8wes, post: 190409, member: 19300"] Você pode dar gems com a morfologia certa, mas leva muito tempo e, portanto, não é realmente usado para isso. Com um sistema como este, onde você pode facilmente dar milhares de pedras preciosas para alguém ... É um pouco mais perigoso como um poder de dar. Então, enquanto sim, você está tecnicamente certo, já é possível, usando o metamorfo está longe de ser prático ou razoável para dar uma grande quantidade de pedras preciosas.

    Mais de 10 jogadores não consertam o problema de que você ainda pode conseguir 10 amigos para participar e depois chutar todos os outros que participarem. Muitas vezes, com alguém assim, se pode ser abusado, o recurso será removido e o recurso será removido por causa dele. [/ QUOTE]

    but with this enabled feature would not be possible to kick players, this is a practical way to solve this
    --- Post updated ---
    the system has everything to go right just put some tweaks, would be good for everyone in general, would still be a way to get rid of accumulated stones in a fun way
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 11, 2019
  16. Interesting idea. It could work, but I'm not sure how it would be executed. Basically what I'm getting from here is that it would be like a gem pool and the gems from the pool would go towards players? Or would it just be the MPS owner's gems that go to the rewards? Can cohosts "donate" to the poll? What makes it different from a regular villager morph going towards players?
    I'm kind of on the fence about a rewards system for MPS, though, even if it's just a gem-pool type system like this.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019
  17. I know this is a really unlikely scenario, but once I spent an hour or two giving 22,000 gems to a person who won a giveaway. In the sense, you're right it's a bit over-the-top, but I feel it wouldn't do much more harm than the morph.
    Posted Jul 11, 2019

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