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In Discussion (MPS) Free Build Gamemode

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Nat, May 10, 2019.

  1. Yes, I agree. This would be appealing to those who enjoy building and potentially rank purchasing. I also agree with the downsides you mentioned. I appreciate your response! (I had not thought of the redstone enthusiants)

    That is a great idea. I do not know how it works, but the lag meter sounds very clever. If this were to be implemented, keeping each MPS below a certain level of lag would be vital. The trolls would not be able to purposely create a lag-filled environment if this were in place.
    One thing I do not agree with or see happening is someone's rank getting automatically removed since they paid real money for it. I'm thinking the same punishments that a builder would get for an inappropriate build on Master Builders.
    Thank you for the response!

    You are correct! I will add that just to clarify. Thank you! :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 12, 2019
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  2. I would absolutely love this!!
    I love being able to build with friends, and I have always fantasized about Mineplex having a creative building server.
    With this, even if you are alone, you can build and have fun while still being on Mineplex.
    Also, this could be used as a way for players to make a "housing" system (minus the housing plugins).
    Also, maybe there could be a worldedit-like system to make filling larger areas, rotating, copying and pasting, and decorating the builds easier.
    Posted May 12, 2019

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