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In Discussion Move Squid Shooters to Nano

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by CheeseySF, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Hello There!

    Squid Shooters was an arcade game back in the day that was removed, then was brought back to Mineplex in the 5 year anniversary event, then removed but later reimplemented into Mixed Arcade, only to be removed from it, but still has its place in the mixed arcade npc's game menu, but not functional.
    (I think that's accurate!)

    The goal of the game was to kill 20 players, who were squids, with your laser. It was similar to OITQ, but squids. I think that if Squid Shooters was moved to Nano, it would be brought back to the community in a convenient way, bring joy to the players, take advantage of nostalgia, and would add more spice to Nano.

    Additionally, some changes would benefit its gameplay to work in NANO
    • Game should take 3 minutes, with most kills wins, rather than first to 20
    • up to 24 players

    Communicate your thoughts by replying to the thread
    Posted Mar 29, 2020
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  2. Hi there!

    I don't really think Squid Shooters should be brought back at all because the game was removed awhile ago for obvious reasons. Squid Shooters is a game to similar to OITQ and yeah they may not be in the same type of lobby/game area but it's still pretty much the same thing and would be pointless, I like what you're thinking though but this game was not really enjoyable and I don't really think it should be brought back. -1 Thanks for posting this creative suggestions on the forums and I hope to see more!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
  3. Hiya!
    If I'm going to be completely honest, I don't know how I feel about this idea. While I do think Squid Shooters was an interesting and unique game. Squid Shooters is also a lot like One in the Quiver which makes adding it to Nano not really make much sense. Foe example, Nano already has a game like One in the Quiver and Squid Shooters and it;'s the snowball game. While you have unlimited snowballs in it it's still like the other two in a sense of one hit kills and you work your way up the leaderboards. It also shouldn't really be added because One in the Quiver already has it's own game in Mixed Arcade so there isn't really a point in adding it to Nano too in my opinion.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  4. Hey!
    Squid Shooters was a very interesting game. I remember when I used to play it back when it was an arcade game. I always found the game super fun and unique, however I always found it hard to maneuver. This is one of the reasons I feel that Squid Shooters should not be added into Nano rotation. As much as I agree that this would be great for Nostalgia, I feel that it was too difficult to move, and to move fast, to be added to such a quick paced game. Another reason I feel that Squid Shooters shouldn't be added to Nano is, as others have mentioned, there is already a very similar game: Snowball Trouble. This is very similar to the objective of Squid Shooter. and I personally feel that it's just easier to move around than it was in Squid Shooters. As much as I would love to see Squid Shooters return for another Mineplex event, I don't feel that Squid Shooters should be added to the Nano rotation; -1 from me.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  5. Hello!

    Squid Shooter isn't a game which is really suitable to be as Nano Game as it's not that fast game. Also, this game is made for 16 players and it will work worse with 24 players because of limited place on the map.

    Actually, this game is supposed to be in Mixed Arcade rotation but for whatever reason, it's not there which is known. In the changelog when Mixed Arcade was brought back, it was said that Squid Shooter along with Tug of Wool will be in the rotation as well. Screenshot of this changelog:

    Squid Shooter is used to be part of Mixed Arcade before it was removed in 2014, so it should be re-added to MIN. After this game was re-released for Retro Games event which we had in 2018, it wasn't added to MIN when this event ended but it was said that it may come there which supposed it happen in July 2019 when MIN was brought back but it didn't happen for unknown reasons even when it was said in the changelog.

    Overall, I'll give -1 to your original idea because this game isn't suitable for Nano Games but it's fine for Mixed Arcade.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
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