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more bad game ideas (but this time it's a double bill)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Partialism, Dec 23, 2019.


so do you think these ideas are any good

  1. cake wars castle +1

    0 vote(s)
  2. cake wars castle -1

    0 vote(s)
  3. gladiators league +1

  4. gladiators league -1

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok
    so a few days ago i suggested a new nano game
    and it was a terrible idea
    so i'm back at y'all with two more not quite so terrible but still pretty bad ideas

    first idea is cake wars castle
    this is essentially the same idea as bedwars castle from the other server (you know which one i mean)
    there are two teams of 8, red and blue
    the teams have two cakes so both have to be protected
    if both cakes are eaten, the team can no longer respawn
    i was thinking it would be nice to have this added as it would be really fun
    also it would be good to have a cake wars gamemode that will attract less of the level 100 players
    so less good players (such as me) can have a little bit of fun, get good at cake wars, etc.

    second idea is gladiators league mode
    as gladiators already has a single-elim mode this would be really fun to have in the game
    there are 12 players as opposed to 16 (because with 16 it would take too long)
    players play each other once in 15-second mini fights
    the winner gets 3 points, the loser gets none
    if the 15 seconds runs out and neither player has managed to kill the other then it's a draw
    in the case of a draw, both players get 1 point
    if a player leaves the game, then any future fights they would have had will not take place and their opponent will awarded an automatic 3 points

    i'm done
    you may reply to this thread and tell me how awful my ideas are :)

    hee hee
    Posted Dec 23, 2019
  2. Hello!

    There are some obvious predicaments that could be changed in both of these ideas, but I also wouldn’t love to see either of these ideas unfortunately come into Mineplex itself. Saying this, you could definitely change my mind if you put forth more effort, and change some things up about the ideas that I will be listing below.

    Starting off with the first idea, just like you said is already from another server. Once again, this would be basically copying the exact same game onto Mineplex. For this game to be considered it would obviously have to change tremendously to ovoid resemblances from other servers. Saying this, a lot of thought and effort is a necessity to bring this idea to attention of the team themselves. I actually would not want to see this game mode be added to Cake Wars because mainly I feel like Cake Wars is just fine how it is, and because this game mode you described is very different from Cake Wars itself. This game mode would not fit in with the rest of the game modes in my opinion. However, there are some modifications I would make to this idea to make it more unique, and different from the other server that has this game mode. But first these questions would be a great tool to help you get a better start to creating this mode. How could this idea be better modified to make it extremely different to the other server that has this game mode currently? Should the overall game concept be changed to get all the players on board for this idea? How could this game bring players to Mineplex? How would all the small details be changed to overall make this idea way more different? How would the layout look besides the map being a castle? Would everything everything carry over from the current original Cake Wars? Or would more concepts be introduced like different items in the shop, different blocks to be bought, etc. If this game were ever to be implemented, however, I would like to see some specific things in this game to better attract players. I would like to see a lot more than what you described. Like I would actually want to see just stranded mobs in the towers of the castle. I think this could bring more of a challenge to the table, and make it a harder game mode overall. But that was just an example because still a lot needs to be described by yourself to add even more additions to the game mode. Unfortunately, I will be giving this idea a -1.

    Onto the second idea though. I actually would not want to see this either. There are many things wrong with the idea, but do not let that disappoint you because there is still room for a great amount of improvement here! The main problem here is that there are too many things to worry about. And example is, you said that if a player left. Then the player that was going to go against them automatically would win. That creates a problem throughout the whole game itself. There could still be a lot of improvements and modifications to this game if it was ever taken into consideration however. One of the biggest concern is the time limit. Yes, I understand it would make the game shorter, but a large majority of the players would probably never finish their fight in the time span given to them. This time limit would have to increase to give the players enough time to actually have a chance at killing their opponent. I do think it would be necessary for the time limit. I just think that it could be a bit longer. Another concern is that the game is basically a bunch of games of gladiators but in a shorter time span. Saying this, it is basically the exact same thing except it goes at a faster pace. This creates an issue where the same game is added but it is a different time game. If that makes any sense. This idea would have to become more creative to change the whole style of it to legitimately become a whole different game mode if gladiators. Like what could change from the original game to this new game mode? What type of armor would players receive when? What surroundings would the be in? Would the individual sections to fight in have to be small to fit the time span wanted? There are many things to improve throughout this idea. However, I just got you started. Stating all of this, I will also be giving this idea a -1.

    Anyways, do not let my response bum you because I do believe you could make some improvements to actually get these ideas considered. But to do this, a lot of thought and things need to be unique about the ideas you have gave us. Anyone can state a game and the main point of it. It might be hard to believe, but it is the small details that make these games more enjoyable to play. To receive this enjoyment, you must put thought into each and every detail given. I hope I could help with the births if these ideas, and helped them get a good start!
    Posted Dec 24, 2019
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  3. Profile picture WTF.
    Posted Dec 24, 2019
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  4. I feel like the first idea is too similar to cake wars. I understand it’s supposed to be a separate version of it, but separate versions of cakewars have been denied by LT in the past because they would spilt the playerbase too much. Also, if it’s very similar to a game another server has, I’d much rather have Mineplex focus on developing creative original games as opposed to copies.

    As for the second idea, I feel like a league version of gladiators could be fun. My main concern with it though is that gladiators by itself doesn’t really get that much attention. If we created a separate gamemode for another version of gladiators, there’s a high chance that games may not start.
    Posted Dec 24, 2019
  5. :)
    i know my ideas are really bad, because i never really think a lot about them, i just post them
    i don't think i'm going to pursue these any further to be honest because given what you've pointed out, i realise they will be quite out of place on mineplex
    thank you for your time, it means a lot <3
    - partial
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 25, 2019
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