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Not Planned Monthly chests

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Party, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Monthly chests for anybody, depends on how much you play.
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  2. Good day, partyDoge!

    As I do see your point, this idea is (in a round-about way) implemented. I take notice at the Ranks available in the shop (https://www.mineplex.com/ranks)... you'll see a rank-perk titled, "Monthly Bonus". Here, it states what each rank get's on their monthly bonus.

    As your idea is kind of implemented, I don't see there being one based on how much you play. And I'm sure that if your idea we're to be implemented, players will find out someway to Stat Boost their account. As this is just my idea, I don't see your idea being applied any time soon.

    Thank you,
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  3. Monthly chests are currently a reward/incentive to purchase a premium rank. This is because you're paying Mineplex some money and so then you get something in return for that. That makes sense from a business point of view. Giving chests to people who haven't paid would disincentivise paying for ranks and would make people who had bought ranks feel as though they were cheated of their money, as the rewards that they paid for would now be available to everybody.

    In addition, your idea is somewhat already implemented, just not in such a clear manner. By playing more, you earn more shards, which can be used to purchase chests.
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
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  4. Hi! As already mentioned above, monthly chests are currently a perk in ranks, and offer an incentive for players to buy ranks. Although you can already earn shards to buy chests, I think your idea does a propose a question though about whether non-ranked players should be rewarded in some way other than gems/shards for activity on the server. Maybe other monthly rewards for earning a certain amount of gems/shards like titles or Win effects could be a good idea? However, since you can already earn shards to buy chests without having a rank, I don't really think this particular idea would make much sense.
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
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  5. Personally, I don't think non-ranked members should receive monthly chests as that would take away a reason to buy ranks which keep mineplex alive through donations. I do think that it would be a good idea for ranked monthly rewards to be increased if you meet certain playtime goals, for example if you play 24 hours in a month you could get an extra mythical chest.
    Posted Apr 2, 2020
  6. I understand, but all of you have ranks, so monthly chests! I do not, I understand Mineplex is trying to make money, but it is a separation between spenders and non-spenders. Maybe not monthly chests, but something like bonuses at the end of the month, like 500 shards or 700 shards.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 3, 2020
  7. Hey there, I feel like monthly chests should stay a reward for purchasing a rank, as there's still many ways to get shards and gems without opening chests and here's a few:
    1. Vote for Mineplex at Carl the Creeper.
    2. Daily rewards at Carl the Creeper.
    3. Do your quests at Sam the Slime
    4. You also get a bunch of shards/gems after games.
    5. You can still buy chests with shards that you can save up by playing games.
    This is just my opinion though, you're free to disagree and correct me if I said anything inaccurate, have a great day :)
    Posted Apr 3, 2020
  8. This would break Mineplex's rules and partially go against the EULA considering people have paid lots of money for a perk you're asking should be for everyone. It would cause a bit of an outcry and a spam demand of refunds. As neat of an idea as it would be for nonranks to have some cosmetic advantages, you're already able to earn them through dedication to shard collection.

    Please don't take this personally. We all appreciate your idea, and hope to continue seeing more innovative and creative ideas from you in the future!

    Have a great day! :)

    Posted Apr 5, 2020
  9. I mean if everyone got a monthly bonus what would be the point in getting a rank? I understand where you're going, and think maybe no ranks should get a little reward after each month. I don't think it should be based off playing time, because if you play more you will get more shards/gems anyways. Maybe they could all get an equal amount and i'm sure there is a chance it could be added!
    Posted Apr 5, 2020
  10. It’s a nice idea, but overall I don’t think it’s completely needed on the server. Since people already earn a decent amount of shards per game, especially people with ranks, I think this would just reward people with too many rewards just for playing as they’d be getting shards, gems, and chests for playing. Chests should be more special rewards that are harder to obtain, or are earned from rank monthly bonuses to encourage people to donate.
    Posted Apr 5, 2020
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  11. Hello!

    As other people have explained, monthly chests are already a thing depending on what rank you have. To make monthly chests accessible based off experience would downgrade the ranks that give those chests, and people paid for those so that would not be fair. Also, as others have said, you already in a way are able to get chests by playing the game in the form of earning shards from games, which are used to buy chests in-game.

    So in general monthly chests are already a thing, however you are recommending that we make monthly chests an experience based thing, which is different so I wouldn't say your idea is implemented, per say. This wouldn't work out due to the reasons I've already mentioned above, so I'll be marking this idea as 'Not Planned' and will leave it open in case of further discussion.

    Thanks for suggesting and have a good one!
    Posted Apr 6, 2020
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