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Mods for the love of god just nerf assassin already

Discussion in 'Champions' started by 3S5, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. Seriously, there is literally no reason that it should do more damage than every other class and should be able to kill every class in 5-6 hits while having perma speed and the ability to become invisible and invincible with more than 2 abilities. Or the fact that evade has no cooldown in between successful uses and provides no downside when missed and a rather short cooldown for how powerful it is

    It makes literally no sense how you guys could ever let it get this bad and its sad that you seem to not care about the champions community at all.

    Its not even hard to balance it, for example have no armor, or no speed (it has enough movement already with the axe abilities), make backstab not work within 2 seconds of evading, make combo attack not be able to kill a brute in 6 hits while having a way to blind them, become invincible, make them have no abilities, or make them die even sooner.

    It makes literally no sense how you guys could ever let it get this bad and its sad that you seem to not care about the champions community at all.
    Posted Jul 22, 2019
  2. Hello!

    Mineplex Moderator over here. Unfortunately, there's nothing my colleagues and I can do to alter games or network content; in this particular instance, the Game Insights subteam's Champions division would be responsible for investigating and evaluating the proposed changes you're setting forth here.

    I'll be forwarding your thread to the team to see if they have any feedback; ultimately, this is their realm of work, not mine nor my Moderation Team colleagues.

    Hope I cleared things up for you!
    Posted Jul 22, 2019
  3. Hey there,

    We currently have a proposed list of balances for the game, we just need dev time at the moment. However I will still be going over all of your proposed changes for Assassin and giving my opinions.
    Before I get started, please note that Assassin is meant to be either a glass cannon [capable of dealing a lot of damage ; incapable of taking a lot of damage] or a scout [ traveling kit ].

    "have no armor"
    I don't believe this will ever be a thing because in Clans you need leather armor to activate the kit, and Clans and Champions do not have separate code bases for the kits at the moment. Whatever change is made to Champions will also be in Clans.
    I don't think that this is a great idea anyway, because Assassin is actually pretty weak. It just seems like a tank because of its running abilities. I believe nerfing the abilities that let it escape so easily is a better option than getting rid of the custom armor durability that Mineplex created.

    "get rid of speed"
    I don't like this idea either, because movement is an important part of Assassin. In my opinion, it should always be faster than the other kits because of how weak it's armor is. If we wanted to nerf it, the most I could agree with is Speed I.

    "make backstab not work within 2 seconds of evading"
    I don't like this either, because it requires a lot of dev time for something that doesn't really even matter much. I'd rather see a damage decrease for backstab than something like this, which is very situational and not a common complaint. Most of the time when someone evades it is kind of obvious that they did, and turning around before they can land a backstab hit is very easy. I'm an experienced evade user, as in I can tap evade very quickly at the correct time to instantly evade, and even then I can still rarely land in that many backstab hits. Unneeded, in my opinion.

    "make combo attack not kill a brute in 6 hits"
    I don't really think that this will be an issue once the skills that cause invisibility bugs are patched. If you're going to make it specific to brute, [knight is more of a tank than brute by the way,] then you should also realize that brute can kill an Assassin very easily with intimidation and takedown. Almost too easily, infact. You just have to use your skills correctly. If you get silenced, just simply use a water bottle. You're enough of a tank that you will still have a fighting chance lol.

    To me it seems like most of the problems you face on the server are caused by known bugs that just need dev time to get fixed. Assassin is patched when it isn't broken. I guess we'll just have to wait.

    Posted Jul 22, 2019
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  4. Xion's reply is probably the best you'll get since he's on hardcore GI and deals with this. Mods cannot really control what goes into an update and when it happens, we also cannot just nerf/fix something on command because that's not our job and not what we do. When a dev has time to implement GI's champion changes, they will. Just be patient while champions kits are currently under a redo.

    Message me with questions or concerns. I'll be locking this as it's been addressed.
    Posted Jul 22, 2019
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