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In Discussion Mixed Arcade Changes

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Cory, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Dear Mineplex,

    For the past several months, I have hardly been able to play the games I play since your changes because they’re literally 0 people online in queue playing them. The games I specific games I play are Snake and Sheep Quest.

    Now before I get berated for playing games that don’t have any players. I have to tell you their use to be a player base for all these games. I remember a time before “BUTCH” update, “VOTING” update when the “NPC” update was first introduced for games like Snake and Sheep Quest to have their very own NPC in the Lobby. There would have been many lobbies between all of them, all of them completely full. It’s even come to a point where I have gotten bored playing those games I play over a sitting period, and I have to take a break because I’ve played so much Snake and/or Sheep Quest because people WERE playing those games, and of course all other Mixed Arcade games were popular then too!

    I’ve tried being sarcastic, commented in chat, and even replied on the original feedback site to get my point across, however, that became a dead end as my original idea was to “Bring Back NPCs” to the lobbies in order to “Bring Back Players” while I still like this idea, your approach of your Mixed Arcade is an okay one and I wanted to extend on that with “Additional Changes to Mixed Arcade”.

    As of Saturday, December 7th, 2019 - Mixed Arcade now goes through the rotation order.

    Bacon Brawl; Bomb Lobbers; Death Tag; Dragon Escape; Dragons; Evolution; Gladiators; Micro Battle; Milk the Cow; Monster Maze; Super Paintball; One in the Quiver; Runner; Sheep Quest; Snake; Sneaky Assassins; Super Spleef; Squid Shooter; Turf Wars; Wither Assult

    Source: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/arcade-game-rotation.83122/

    Show us the current/next game
    Do you remember when you were able to vote for games, and in the Lobby, you can see the next 3 games you can vote on before entering the Mixed Arcade? Well, I don't want the voting of the game implemented, I want to see the Current and Next Game in the queue from the Lobby.

    Improvement to Server Merge (or another method aka "Arcade Party System")
    Let’s remove “Mixed Arcade”, Sort of! The idea I have is when you join a “Mixed Arcade” you’re joining games that are “ROTATIONAL”, and you as a “Mixed Arcade” queue (Kind of like a party system) you would always “Leave” with that Mixed Arcade group, however, you the players actually join a physical game. You won’t be joining “MIN-#” you would be joining the physical game that’s currently in rotation. For example, Snake was the next in the queue you would physically “Server Merged” into “SN-1” or other similar servers if those were occupied.

    This would offer some benefits to Mineplex. No longer required of “MIN-#” servers per Se depending on your implementation.

    - This would allow players who want to play Mixed Arcade still play Mixed Arcade.
    - This would fill games that usually have no players.
    - Players who are in the queue for games such as Snake can actually join a game of Snake, and not Mixed Arcade, however, will play with Mixed Arcade players.
    - Allows stats for all games in Mixed Arcade to be properly tracked.

    Lastly, if a player is in a queue for Mixed Arcade, and wanted to stay in a particular game and remove themselves from the “Arcade Party” (Poetianal New Name) they would have a command and/or something in the Hotbar that will allow them to do so.

    I would love to see both of these options added. I don't expect it anytime soon, however, I figure it's time for me to speak up because I would like to play some Snake, and for now I'll stalk Mixed Arcade for those rotational based games.

    - Kind Regards,
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
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  2. Hello,

    I'm kind of confused of the point you're trying to get across here. I think it might be that you can view what games coming up next in the rotational order, if that's it it'd be a cool idea to be added for new players who don't know the rotational order off by heart. I think you need to explain your last part of the suggestion a bit more since I simply don't really get it, if you improve that I'll be sure to read it again.

    Nice Idea, not too sure though +0.5.

    Happy suggesting,
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  3. Show us the current/next game
    As it stands you would be joining many Mixed Arcade servers by typing "/sv MIN-1" or "/sv MIN-2" and trying to determine if you want to stay and wait for the next game to queue up. If you know the order you may likely stay to play a specific game, however, if you don't want to keep typing multiple commands a similar of "What's Current" and "What's Next" should be added somehow to Mixed Arcade.

    Improvement to Server Merge (or another method aka "Arcade Party System")
    This is a little more technical and I guess the point I'm trying to get across is to use Minexplex's "Dynamic Provisioning System" aka their "Server Merge" system that basically sends players to another Mixed Arcade if there aren't enough players to start the game.

    Did you know you could do:
    - /sv SN-1
    - /sv SN-2
    - /sv SQ-1
    - /sv SQ-2

    There is at least one server that exists and is ONLINE for all Mixed Arcade games. That's how the queue system works as it is.

    The goal is to extend on to that and keep "Mixed Arcade" the way it is, however, utilize the resources that Mineplex DOES NOT utilize. The games are ONLINE, they ARE NOT being played MUCH, however, games in Mixed Arcade are essentially FORCED to be played and players do play games even if they don't care for them. The goal is to "Server Merge" people in the Mixed Arcade into "Physical Servers". The need for physical Mixed Arcade Servers "MIN-1" and "MIN-2" etc...Would no longer be required.

    - Mixed Arcade Games would be played in the rotation.
    - Games that are always 0 would be filled.
    - Players who have been in the queue for a game for 7 months would actually be able to join an actual game without playing Mixed Arcade.

    The "Arcade Party" idea is that's how it would likely become. You join a Mixed Arcade you're joining 16 other players~ to be in that rotation. Mineplex needs a way to keep your "Mixed Arcade" session alive to be able to rotate you into the next game.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 8, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 8, 2019
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  4. Hey,

    Thanks for making it more clear.

    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  5. I think this could be a really good implementation. I feel that players should be able to see what the next games are because that would give the player time to see if they want to participate or not. Plus, either way, the players should just get to know. It's just a nice thing to have.

    This is definitely a good idea as well. Games would fill more especially those more unplayed games. I also like the idea of leaving with the same people you started with. It would maintain a full lobby so you wouldn't have to worry about games not starting

    Bringing my own personal opinion in this, I really enjoyed mixed arcade before the butch push. Games were being played and you also got to vote for them. I know many people didn't like that you could vote for the next games because players would vote the same game over and over, but it was still a nice thing to have. After butch, Mixed Arcade lost its value and I really want to see it come back since it's a really fun thing to play and great to pass the time.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  6. Show us the current/next game
    I can see both sides to this. As a player, I would totally want to see what the next game coming in would be so I be get ready to play it and have some fun. However, at the same time, I can also see a lot of players just leaving since they do not like the next game coming up, which goes back to the problem of some games not starting. Yes, you can just wait to see the kit selectors, but, at least from what I have seen, if players are already in the game lobby, they'll just stay through the game, similar to NANO since the next game just keeps coming.

    Improvement to Server Merge (or another method aka "Arcade Party System")
    I like this idea! I think that a lot more games would fill up more often since more players would be merged into these servers (and create new servers if needed) instead of just taking the servers from that one game and keeping them for the next. It would also mean that players are playing with difference players and, therefore, different skillsets from each of them leading to more exciting games.

    If a player is in a queue for Mixed Arcade, and wanted to stay in a particular game and remove themselves from the “Arcade Party” (Potential New Name) they would have a command and/or something in the Hotbar that will allow them to do so.
    I also really like this idea! It would allow for players to continue to play the games that want and also allow for all of the games to have a steady player base.

    Overall, I like the ideas you've presented. I totally agree with you that there are some major changes that need to occur with Mixed Arcade for it to stay present, so I hope that these make their way into the game in the future.
    Posted Dec 9, 2019
  7. Howdy.

    I personally think that this idea could greatly benefit the server. I think that giving the individual minigame servers a purpose or use would be awesome. The one flaw I can see in this idea is that this could waste money if those servers don't boost in popularity as individual games, and are only used in the Mixed Arcade rotation by most players. As many people have suggested before, I believe that somehow, some NPCs for the popular minigames should come back, if this idea is implemented in order to combat the flaw. Overall, this idea would be a great benefit to the network in my opinion!
    Posted Mar 22, 2021
  8. As an arcade player myself it is quite annoying as most players (including me!) snipe specific games or quit once it gets to the end of the lineup, where those games seem to be less popular. As ive been trying to get achievements, I got Bacon's really quickly but I still havent been able to get super spleef and runner.

    I'm opposed to a game voting system as those tend to favor more popular games and parties.

    Some things I've been thinking about:
    1. A totally randomized game selection
    2. Reward multiplier for staying in a mixed arcade lobby. (encourages staying)

    Mixed Arcade doesnt feel like mixed arcade anymore. It seems like mineplex's goal was to replace arcade with Nano back in 2018, and I'd say while MIN is still here, its more of a shadow replacement at this point, as arcade has been ghosted and Nano has been getting updates.
    Posted Mar 23, 2021
  9. I like these ideas a ton. Having a party-like rotation you explained here is personally my favorite as I believe this is a great way to implement this idea. With nano-games now existing, I think that if you do want a rotation where you stay with the same exact people each game, we now have the best of both worlds here. I don't have any critiques here as I could not agree with this idea more. +1.
    Posted Mar 23, 2021
  10. i really like this idea. even 2 years later 0.o i +1 it and hope it gets added
    Posted Mar 24, 2021
  11. This wouldn't be an issue if Mineplex didn't kill the communities in the first place, we're only trying to play our main games because it's dead in it's individual servers because Mineplex does nothing to tell new player that there are individual game servers.

    This was tried out in 2018 and obviously didn't work out since it's not here anymore, just wanted to address this.

    As for the actual thread, I love this idea and hope this can be implemented with the new developers we could possibly be getting. I would love to be able to hop on an actual OITQ server and not have to wait the entire rotation just to play it.
    We just love Mineplex created issues, don't we?
    Posted May 18, 2021
  12. I like this idea, I also think (if not mentioned above) it could be like how it used to be on bedrock where the games would be in a random order and not selected. This could help get players count up in those games.
    Posted May 18, 2021
  13. "The one flaw I can see in this idea is that this could waste money if those servers don't boost in popularity as individual games"

    I wouldn't consider this an issue as those servers already do exist. For example, `/sv SN-1` exists for "Snake" and this is connected to only the individual game listed in Arcade that nobody is able to join due to no players' actually joining. Currently, they're already wasting money by these servers not being used.

    The proposal idea here would remove ALL ("Mixed Arcade") servers ("/sv MIN-#") as they would no longer be needed with an Arcade Party System. This would allow you to play with the same players', move to the games in rotation as Mixed Arcade is now.

    In the second part of this if I'm in the Lobby and I see "SN-1" with players' this would imply a Mixed Arcade, Snake is in rotation. I can join this game only and not Mixed Arcade. Once joined the idea would be to have a new command to simply join the arcade party if you don't want to leave.

    They did have a voting system a few years back and later replaced it with the "Butch Update". You are correct the voting system did favor more popular games and it was hard to play the games I wanted.

    I've made it joke in the Lobby-1 that ("It's been 2 years since I played Snake.") in an actual ("/sv SN-1").

    Luckily, the changes to the Mixed Arcade allowing games to be in alphabetical order. This allows players' to easily know when the next game is in rotation, however, they can reduce the need for servers by switching to a Mixed Arcade Party System. (M.A.P.S, COINED by Cory)

    I'm surprised they didn't close this thread from new replies, however, seems like everyone has pretty much +1 this idea.

    Unfortunately, the random order didn't work very well. As players' would just stand in the lobby and join a game and see if their game would be played. By using an alphabetical order eliminates waiting in lobbies (to a degree) and joins Mixed Arcade when your game is in rotation.

    Everyone thanks for the feedback. With the added comments showing support for this idea of a 2-year-old thread. Maybe we'll finally get some input and have this implemented.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 3, 2021
  14. It scares me that I had this exact idea a couple of months ago and didn't know this thread existed. I fully 100% support this, the current system is awful. As long as it isn't fully randomized to the point where everyone is in a different lobby, I see no real issue.
    Posted Jun 3, 2021

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