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Mixed Arcade, but it's actually mixed

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Gh0styGhost, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Hey guys what's good! So I have an idea here that would be nice if it were added but it's fine if it's not.

    So mixed arcade isn't really mixed if you don't know. It goes in order, the same order every time. Therefore, I have never played squid shooter because it is rare to stay in a lobby that long. After a while, everybody leaves. If mixed arcade could go in a random order, it would be more fun and more, let's say, unique. This would be a nice change to the games.

    If this doesn't get implemented that is totally fine as well.

    Thanks for reading and have a LIT day!
    Posted Jul 29, 2020
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  2. Squid Shooter isn't actually in the rotation. It was supposedly implemented with the update to Mixed Arcade nearly a year ago, but it never actually was. It doesn't appear in the rotation nor can you join a lobby for it by right-clicking the Mixed Arcade NPC.
    Posted Jul 29, 2020
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  3. Hello <o/

    I, as most Mixed Arcade players, want to play a specific game or several specific games. In its current state, you can queue for a lobby knowing exactly when the game you want will come up, and can then judge whether you want to stay in that lobby or move to a different one where you can play the game you want. Mixing up the order will throw off players who have been playing Mixed Arcade for a long time and might make them quit for other Mini games.

    In addition, Mixed arcade is called Mixed arcade is because it's a combination or a mix of the different arcade minigames Mineplex has to offer, not because the games should be mixed up. Furthermore, without an order, it is impossible for all of the games to get the same amount of time. Also, as @Xukuwu has said, Squid Shooter isn't a part of the rotation, and that is why you have never played it. Even if it was, you could play it if you queue for a game that came a couple games before it. Overall, I'm going to have to give this idea a -1.[/FONT]
    Posted Jul 29, 2020
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  4. Hola hola, I will get straight to my thoughts on this!

    Let's see Mixed Arcade.. it's classic games we love and miss that are played in Alphabetical Order. It used to be a mix of random games thrown in, and was changed to just being in a order. Personally I don't really like it as players would memorize what is next and look at games in progress to join. It's in order so not that difficult! The really well played players would join in parties win the game and end up leaving to go to a different game they are trying to find in another lobby, or the same game in another lobby. I don't mind it, but I know other players do. This was already mentioned and already a thread about the rotation.
    Sorry about Squid Shooter not being in the rotation, but you can play it with friends on an MPS which is also fun (:
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
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  5. I agree with everyone above. Mixed arcade's name might seem misleading, but it is in fact an arcade with a mixture of games. I think the way it is now is what brings its popularity, and changing it would depopulate it from its regular players. If you wish to play a certain game that is in rotation but do not feel like waiting for the game to appear, you can always queue for it directly (if it is in the rotation or arcade itself). Great suggestion, but I don't see it being implemented!
    Posted Jul 30, 2020
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  6. HiiiiiI! Our current system, to be quite honest, isn't so good. Whenever a lobby comes into existence, it always starts in alphabetical order. The very first game will be Bacon Brawl. As such, if you choose the option to spectate and look through all the lobbies, you will see that it's extremely unbalanced, and the majority of the games are closer to the start of the alphabet (A) than it is to the end of the alphabet (Z). However, we used to have a system where it actually was random.

    I understand that it’s not all that convenient when the end of the rotation doesn't see a whole lot of gameplay, but I think that there's a reason why this calculated system exists today. It's essentially a compromise for removing over half of the mixed arcade portals from spawn. With this calculated system, players still have the chance to experience their main game by hopping in at the right time to get the game that they want. Making Mixed Arcade random again would kill this compromise. Many games people main, such as Bacon Brawl or Bomb Lobbers (2 games without portals) would no longer be sufficient as a main game because you can't really binge the gamemode.

    But I do commend you on posting. While I disagree with the idea you propose, I completely agree that the problem needs a solution. Something that might be helpful, is the actual rotation being random. You mention that you don't experience many games that are at the end of the alphabet (Squid shooters isn't actually playable, but you are 100% correct on games such as Wither Assault barely get to be played). A solution to this problem could be that whenever the lobby is created, the starting game in the rotation is random. For example, a lobby can start up and the first game could be Evolution.

    To reiterate, I don't think we should make the cycle random as it would upset people trying to play specific games in Mixed Arcade, yet I hope one day we can have a fix so that people can enjoy games that are at the end of the cycle.

    Anyways, that's just my thoughts on the proposed idea. Thanks for bringing this up, have a nice day =)
    Posted Jul 31, 2020

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