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In Discussion Minor Things That Would Improve the Mineplex Community

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by michellle, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Rather than making multiple threads and causing spam, I decided to make a short list of things that I think Mineplex should consider adding or fixing to make the server and community a better place. (Not saying it's a bad place at the moment, but there's always room for improvement!)

    Server Improvements:
    Add a way to see your gem balance if you're not in a main lobby. As minor as this seems, it's one of the most commonly mentioned issues I see people asking about. Nearly every day when I'm online I see someone asking how to see how many gems they have. Something as simple as /gems or /balance would be an easy fix to this, and maybe there's even a way to incorporate shards into it somehow.
    - This one's in regards to voting for Mineplex for a carl spin ticket. I think more people would take the time to click the link and vote every day if the rewards were better. Even simply increasing the chances of rare cosmetics would do the trick, or increasing the number of common cosmetics given. As of right now, you'd probably have higher chances of getting better things from an old chest.

    Website Improvements:
    Add arcade games and nano games stats to player stats on the website. In addition to that, more detailed stats. Again, this is relatively minor, but I do think it would generate more interest in the mineplex website. As of right now, a discord bot gives better game stats than the actual website, and I think this could be changed.
    - From player stats, add a way to view a player's website profile if they've linked their account.
    My thought process for this: adding more stat info -> more people viewing player stats -> player profiles being shown -> generating more interest in the forums and more website interaction in general.

    There's a glitch in certain games (super paintball, nano games, and I'm sure there are others) causing an entire team or many players to be unable to move and have to relog or be kicked for the game to end. I know this isn't the right place to report it, but I thought I'd mention it here as well, since I'm sure many people would also like something done about this.
    - On the topic of glitches, many players in versions 1.12.x crash (not sure if it's limited to only 1.12) when trying to join or create an mps, as well as when a certain win podium (the eternal win podium) is displayed. Again, just thought I'd mention it since I don't have time to make a full bug report.

    If you have any ideas as well, make sure to share them!
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  2. Hey!

    I would like to see most of these ideas added. Though they are minor, they would be helpful to the community and I know some people who want a few of these ideas added. For the first idea, I think the command should be /balance because it would be better for it to show the amount of gems and shards you have. It would show something in chat saying "You have 60,000 gems" in a green text and "You have 5,000 shards" in either a yellow or aqua text (since that is what it is in the main lobby, but I said aqua since shards are blue). I agree with increasing rewards for the carl spin ticket. You really get nothing good from it so Mineplex should increase it/ make it better rewards and I'm sure more people would vote.

    I'm not sure why more stats aren't already on the website. Like you said, it is a small addition and it would be helpful for others and probably have more people use the forums. In my opinion, there needs to be stats for every game and stats should at least show all Mixed Arcade games. And obviously the glitches should be fixed.

    Anyways, I like these ideas and definitely wouldn't mind them getting added.
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  3. Hey there, I feel like these change ideas you've provided would seriously make an impact on the community, even if they seem minor at first sight. If they were implemented I'm sure a lot of players' experience on the server would be improved, every little bit counts, thank you so much for pointing this out.
    I also wanted to add that I've noticed the glitch you're talking about in Survival Games as well, I would get teleported into the game when the countdown ends, but I would be just flying in void unable to type in chat, move or see anything, I assume that's the glitch you were talking about, I would really love to see that patched soon so thank you for pointing it out, I was going to do that but you saved me some time :).
    Keep up the great work and amazing ideas, you could really change a lot of peoples experience for the better.
    Greetings, Luka :).
    Posted Mar 30, 2020
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  4. I'd mostly like to see the vote rewards to be increased, maybe give a very rare chance to get a chest or something out of them or a very rare cosmetic. Just some basic additions or ideas cause at the current rate, it's really not worth voting for the server unless you're a die hard fan of mineplex.

    Maybe even when a vote goal is reached a network wide booster on gems/or shards can be applied, small boost not huge though. Just an idea, or something like a personal booster for a single person that would also be very interesting and make voting more worth it.

    Anyways, just throwing some ideas out there. Have a nice day.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  5. Hey,

    Nice ideas suggest from these. I support most of these ideas, but here are some that I don't approve of.

    I understand that the voting system takes a lot of effort to get 1 carl spin token and 400 gems, but I don't favor the idea of making rare cosmetics more accessible. The point of the rare accessibility of these rare cosmetics is to encourage people to possibly buy more crates on the Mineplex shop, or try to get more shards, which are more difficult to get than gems. I wound't really adjust the reward system for voting because you can get those rewards daily. I do feel like these rewards though need a change so that it could help everyone in the community and rather not just the new players who need gems for new kits. I am not sure how the carl spin ticket works, but I think the system is fine, unless you added minor stuff that wouldn't affect the market of crates. That is just my opinion on that idea, but every other idea seems fine to me. While many of these minor changes might take resources to implement, I think this could easily make the server more convenient for the community of Mineplex.

    As for the bugs, those are unfortunate to hear about. Personally, I don't see a reason why people should be playing on more of the updated versions other than being a new player in minecraft, or coming back from a thing that required a really updated version. There were even Bugs in SSM where people couldn't load certain mobs when using such an updated version. Hopefully though the developers are working on this issue, but it shouldn't be affecting the community as much since the majority of community uses 1.8-1.8.9. I could completely wrong, but as far as I know, a lot of people I know use 1.8-1.8.9.

    Overall, nice ideas to be suggested for the improvement of Mineplex. Hope my feedback was beneficial to this discussion.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
  6. Hey there!
    I'm very glad to see how well developed your thread is, and I have to admit I'm very glad to see very consise ideas in one thread. Alright, let's get started.

    Gameplay Improvements
    For your gameplay improvements section, I've noted a lot of very well developed ideas that may introduce a lot more siplicity and QoL changes that would definitely benefit the community. I enjoyed your suggestions, particularly the first one. Making your gem balance accessible in multiple lobbies makes it much easier for players to check their gem count. Adding a command might be nicer but in my opinion I think it's a little messy. Perhaps just putting it to the side would help. For the voting idea, I wouldn't know how exactly this would work. Although I would most definitely like to see an improvement to the voting system, I'm not sure how this would work and the best current option is using it the way it is staged as it is.

    Website Improvements
    Really liked some of the website suggestions. I'm pretty sure I've come across some similar suggestions before in the past, and I have to admit, it would be splendid to see more detailed stats on the website. I would most likely recommend the linked account-stat option more though. It would make searching for friends and other people much easier.

    Otherwise, I think I see relatively a lot of good suggestions here. For bugs and glitches, I'd like to redirect you to mineplex.com/bugs where you can report them for QA to check out. Otherwise, nice ideas. [​IMG]
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
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  7. Hello,
    Thanks for the ideas I think they are all great! I think with the small improvements @ItsFree mentioned they would be very helpful.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
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  8. Hello!

    Your list of improvements is good enough but I have something to comment about things which you included there.

    I would not be against about the addition of this command but I don't think it's really needed to be added. The current way to see your gems in scoreboard when you are on the main lobby is fine as you can simply look on there rather than type command.

    The only issue here is that is you can't see your gems amount in the scoreboard when you are in the pre-game lobby which we had there before we got the new games engine in January 2019.

    I think showing your gems amount in scoreboard in the pre-game lobby should be brought back which will replace showing game name in the scoreboard how it's currently. I'll try to bring this idea up when next QoL update will be making. The command isn't really needed there as not a lot of players will use it and it's not really needed as in looking in the scoreboard is much easier than type command. I'll give -1 for adding this command.

    I wasn't using Carl's tickets for a while already as I remember rewards weren't that good there, so I will agree to change that. Maybe we should change rewards chances to be something like Ancient chests but closer to Old chest chances, something in between them? I think it will make Carl's tickets better. I'll give +1 to this idea.

    I agree with the stats page on the website should be changed to also include stats of all Arcade Games and Nano Games. The current stats which is shown on the website is already fully detailed and has all stats types from all games which are collected by Mineplex. I will give +1 about adding all games which are currently public to the stats page.

    I will definitely agree that it should be added which I think isn't that hard to add. I have a lot of times situation when I need to find forums account of person but I know only his IGN which I'm not able to do if a person has different name at forums which is not the same as his IGN. If it will be added, it will resolve this problem, so I'll give +1 to that.

    I guess you mean chunks issue which can happen some times when you will spawn in an empty world where you can't move or do anything. This issue is currently known for a lot of months already to our QA and Devs. On the last Admins Q&A this issue was mentioned and you can listen about this here where Dean is talking more about this issue. It's really understandable that it's a critical issue but hopefully one day it will be fixed and a way to do that will be found but as for right now, we should keep waiting.

    We have a lot of bugs right now which I so want to see be fixed and some of them are so critical. It is issues like which you mentioned in the previous point and which you mentioned here which both are already known to our QA team.

    This crash on version 1.11-1.13 is caused by SSM game because of Guardian Kit NPC which makes you unable to your MPS if you are on these versions because SSM is default game for normal MPS. Your solution right now for this problem will be using any versions different from 1.11-1.13 like 1.8.9 which is the most stable for Mineplex. This bug is known but it's unknown when it will be fixed but hopefully one day.

    Can you give me more information in PM about issues with displaying win effects which you mentioned here? I'm going to review that to add that to Bug Board as I'm able to do that as QAT member.

    That's all from me. I hope you will get everything which I told about there.
    Posted Mar 31, 2020
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