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Minestrike Bugs & Neglect

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by AYVOW, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Hello. I'm gonna cut straight to it and say that out of all the games on Mineplex, Minestrike is neglected the most. We've had countless bugs that have been going on for years, with zero attempts made to fix them. Although the game is extremely buggy and neglected, I can't say that the devs don't try for the game, there just could be a lot of things that are improved, and more attention brought to the game.

    First of all, the railings glitch. On maps like cache, where you can stand on iron bars, when you shoot it will give you accuracy as if you were jumping. I see no place for this.

    The name tag glitch has just reoccurred again. We used to have this glitch in 2017/2018, but it got removed, but it's back again. This could possibly be something to do with immortal, but either way, it subjects us to random pre-fires just because a player can see our name through the wall.

    Hitreg is a major issue. To be completely honest, I can't really blame Mineplex on this one. The only way hitreg can be completely removed is if we swap from using projectile bullets to using particles (hitscan) where the bullet hits immediately on shooting. While this would be a simple fix, projectile bullets are what sets Minestrike apart from other gamemodes like Cops vs Crims. Whilst we can never fix it completely without switching to particle bullets, I think some major changes could still be made.

    The maps. Whilst the builds are good and the sizing is perfect, theres one major problem - the barriers. Over half the time you throw a grenade behind a wall, it will bounce straight back to you just because of some pointless barrier blocks. Just remove the unnecessary ones.

    Updates. Minestrikes gotten little to no updates in the past 3 years, whilst other popular games are getting updates every few months. Minestrike has / used to have one of the biggest competitive leagues on the server, and that community has died until its resulted into around 10+ teams because of how little the game has been updated. Although the MSCL (Minestrike Competitive League) is splitting from Mineplex anyway, I think it will still be nice to update the game for the players who don't want to play on the competitive server.

    Posted Feb 17, 2020
  2. Hi there!

    I am sorry you feel this way about minestrike. But you need to understand that developers don't only work on bug fixes, they have many other jobs to do. All of these bugs will be fixed. You also need to understand that we don't have many developers at this time, it may seem like we have a bit but not all of them work towards java. If you have a problem or an issue with a map, our developers do not deal with this sort of issue, that is up to MI, which is a builder sub team. Here's all the information I can give you let me know if you have any other questions!
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
  3. Can you promise these bugs will be fixed? They haven't for the past 2-3 years
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
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  4. I would like to say that anything more important than bug fixes would be security fixes within the server. I'm sorry to inform you that Mineplex does not understand this simple concept. Last time I checked Alex had many weeks worth of dev applications to go through and there would be plenty of good options in weeks worth of applications. If most of the developers are working towards bedrock and such, there would still be one or two devs working on Java correct? This still doesn't explain why Mineplex has neglected Minestrike for so long. Being one of the most popular games in Mineplex, I think Minestrike deserves a little TLC. I would understand the devs not fixing hitreg because it's such a complicated problem with projectiles, but a NAMETAG glitch? Like hello? Just make it so name colors don't transfer into Minestrike games. As for map barrier glitches, I can say a single builder (like Mysticcrew) could go around every map and remove all the barrier blocks. Nade boosting isn't a thing and if people spider up walls then they could easily spider up past the barrier blocks and still kill someone. So please understand that I know you are trying to do your job as a Trainee, but please don't try to say the same bull that the Minestrike community has been dealing with for years.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
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  5. I can't help but laugh at the ignorance of mineplex staff that attempt to reply to these types of posts. I am a mineplex veteran who played minestrike from it's very release and I am known throughout the competitive scene as a relatively active player. If minestrike was going to be fixed, or rather, if mineplex cared about their players they would have addressed the games that attracted such a larger player base. However, after all this time they have done nothing. Ironically, another staff member claiming that the years of compiled bugs would be fixed makes this even more laughable. I speak for not only the MSCL, but for all of the people who have ever played minestrike by saying that its obvious the amount of neglect such a popular game received and there is absolutely no excuse this late in the game that barely anything has been resolved. The only time a bug has ever been resolved quickly, if at all was when a large sum of people from the MSCL swarmed the mineplex discord addressing a bug that had occurred due to a clans update. Once again, another miscellaneous update that somehow shattered minestrike happened and the voice of someone who wants to enjoy a bug free game came to this forum to express his concerns, yet you as a staff promise something so bold considering what mineplex has done over the years to help the game grow. Everything that was supposed to be done for this game was written out by the MSCL who participated with mineplex closely in their GI team. Over 3 years ago, this document was created to help resolve bugs that made the game nearly unplayable and general gameplay fixes to help resolve issues. In the end, the mineplex team never held up their end of the deal, leaving us with compiled bugs. Besides the map updates, which have all been submissions from the MSCL players, minestrike has been updated twice since its debut -- In 2015 there was a rifle update that changed how first bullet accuracy worked and improved rifles usability and the second update pretty much changed grenade physics by removing the knockback that they dealt upon impact with a player. The latter update was influenced by none other than the GI team and was one of many ideas we once had.

    There are many issues with minestrike and nearly all of them are easily fixable. I won't bother listing all the fixes as we have given to mineplex staff over 3 years ago since we're still at square one after doing so but I list some of the many I can think off the top of my head;
    1) Smokes block bullets (and knife swings) from hitting (from 2016)
    2) Grenades randomly bounce back due to chunk borders, bad hitboxes (since the start)
    3) You can create a permanent scope on your face without the need to scope ever and have maximum mobility (unknown when it started but has been evident in the past year)
    4) Jumping while against (most) walls grants 100% accuracy while midair (unknown when it started but has been around for at least 2 years)
    5) If you place a smoke against a wall you can shoot through the wall to people on the opposing side with non-snipers (also unknown when it started but it is likely it happened when the smoke changed in 2016.)
    6) Bomb defuse time inaccuracy (can vary from 9-14 seconds without kit whereas it is always 10 in CS:GO)
    7) Vanilla hitboxes paired with gun mechanics and a 20 tick game lead to terrible hit registration as well the near inability to shoot a player over a 1.5 block while they can freely shoot you back (since the start of the game)

    These are just some of the issues I thought of from the top of my head. It was hard to remember because after over a week of not playing the game you start to forget some of the obvious ones. Yes, I did stop playing recently. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Mineplex once again broke the game and I haven't been able to play since without getting prefired by opponents who can see my name tag, a former glitch that has been brought back to light and what I would assume sparked this thread. Unlike last time I could not go back to the mineplex discord and push for the bug to be fixed sooner as I was banned last time just for "annoying" the devs to do their job. How ironic. It's so sad seeing a server die due to the pure neglect and lack of willingness to actually change the game for the better of the community. I have stayed with the game because it has been a big part of my childhood and if I am going to be honest, something that I will miss if it were to go away. It is rather unfortunate that the big money grabbers that own mineplex now just let the server potential rot and crumble next to the competitors who listened to their community.

    I'm not asking for change anymore. I get it. You only care about the money you are pulling in from your new ranks and the few people that still enjoying logging onto your constantly broken, laggy and buggy server. If there was going to be change it would have happened years ago and I have accepted this a while back. I do not want change anymore from you, mineplex. All I ask if that the foolish staff members who try to reassure that fixes do and will happen stop replying to posts like these. You are not and will never be needed here. You reassure nothing. The fixes won't come, as mineplex has made obvious in an interview within the last year. To be put simply, mineplex doesn't care. They never cared. And they sure as heck aren't going to start now. So all you trainees, mods, and admins who come to the community and say "It's going to be ok" consider who you are talking to before spewing your useless words upon us. Mineplex has killed its own player base and it deserves to crumble in such fashion.
    Posted Feb 17, 2020
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  6. I completely agree with what Bawz and Frost have said. I've also played Minestrike from it's early release, this is probably my sixth year playing, and the bugs that you've said are being worked on, have been "worked on" for the past 3+ years.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 18, 2020
  7. OP does make some valid points as there are definitely issues towards game updates (or lack thereof). I'm not an active member of the Minestrike community but if these bugs are as well-known as you describe, then I'm quite surprised that nothing has been done about them. As @Camull ✩ said, there is a builder sub-team (Map Issues) that could deal with the excess of barriers at the map border. Apart from that, though, it's mainly in the hands of Developers. I'll quote a response to back up what I'm saying.
    There are limited Developers at the moment, but notice that the OP claims these bugs have been in existence for up to three years. I understand that the excuse is valid for recent calls for updates and bugs but three years ago? There is virtually no excuse for this, especially considering that the community were not even informed of any plans or given a valid reason as to why it wasn't deemed important enough to fix. You must be able to understand the frustration of the Minestrike community while other updates are being rolled out, and even a new rank?

    With so many interlinked sub-teams in play these days it's difficult to back up the viewpoint of "These bugs will be fixed eventually and the Developers are working their hardest". The last part may be true but how are we meant to know they're going to be fixed if we're not told? Bugs that can be easily fixed that remain sitting idle on an MSCL/GI document for years hardly suffices. Things take time, yes, but should they take this much? And in that it does, then there should be some kind of justification from the team(s) responsible for the process.

    If I have stated any information that is incorrect, then I apologise for this, however I believe the message remains the same. It's pretty easy to say that "This will be fixed eventually". This statement has long since been rendered insufficient to provide to a community of over 2,000 players who are politely requesting an insight into the behind the scenes. I understand that a staff member who says this may not know themselves, but it is still quite an empty promise. Everything has to be fixed eventually, whether it's in five days, months or years. Unfortunately, it doesn't guarantee that it will take less time than the extreme option here. As little has been done for up to three years now, players can't be blamed for assuming that it could take as long as the extreme end of the scale before these bugs are rectified.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
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  8. While I will not sit here and try to deny the claims that the OP has made, including the issues that Minestrike has. What I believe is being over seen is that developers, as @Camull ✩ mentioned, don’t just work on fixing bugs. You argue that the only thing more important than bug fixes would be security threats, which is simply incorrect. Sure bug fixes are a part of a developers jobs, but it’s far from their only role. Which brings me to my next point, when a developer “fixes bugs” it’s not only for Minestrike. Mineplex tends to focus on more popular games that need fixing, like Survival Games and Cake Wars. Besides this, developers just might not know what’s causing the issue. I’m sure that if developers knew what was causing the issue in the code, they could fix it.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  9. That’s all fine but once again you’re omitting the fact that these bugs have been known for three years. I’m not sure how you plan to justify that there was no room for this sometime in the last three years, especially when at varying times there were more Developers on the network. Bug fixing is not their only role, but it should be seen as just as important as their other duties, correct? If Developers didn’t know how to fix the issue, why didn’t they just pass the message on? It doesn’t make sense as to why they wouldn’t publicize this information as it assures the community that they did attempt to investigate the bug, rather than portraying themselves as individuals who could not find the time to look into the issue. It may be seen as a hostile point of view but does the OP have any contradictory evidence to assume any other?

    I do respect what you’re saying, however it’s pretty easy to agree with OP based on what he said, as well as one or two other relevant responders to the thread, as they are speaking relevant facts. We can combine this with our limited understanding of the “behind the scenes” to create the argument. To go against this, you’ll need competent knowledge of the game and an insight into LT, the Development team and any other sub-teams which are involved. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have this which means it would be spreading misinformation to be so certain of these assumptions about the work they do. Yes, no one really does have this knowledge, yet it still stands that you don’t have any evidence to base your comment on.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  10. Since when did Mineplex start fixing sg
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  11. Mineplex is working to fix chunk glitches in both Cake Wars and Survival Games.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
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  12. Nice! Did you come up with a solution for necromancer's kit? I don't like the fact that my skeletons keep killing me!
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  13. So you mean to tell me that they are working on a bug that doesn't even affect games all that often instead of working on a game-breaking bug. ... nice mineplex
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  14. The bug that was described by the OP isn’t “game-breaking” it’s a minor annoyance. The bug I described affected multiple players, across several games, and makes the game literally unplayable.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  15. We were originally discussing Minestrike, no? Why do you choose to reply to the least relevant comment rather that the one that pertains more directly to the topic at hand? A valid point is brought up about SG, it's just strange why you begin this whole other discussion when you can just continue on from the previous, where you were addressed.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  16. That’s funny, in MineStrike there is a glitch that when you spawn sometimes you’re in the void.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  17. seeing the names of people in minestrike is nowhere near a small annoyance.. it literally defeats the point of the game since you always know where people are.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  18. The Cake Wars part is merely incorrect there's still that Whole Cake Counter bug where if you the whole entire cake from 1 team (no matter many many attempts in bites) by yourself, it sometimes only counts the Cake Bites and not the Whole Cakes.

    This bug has been here for 2 years and even yet I had reported this bug last year and I've seen no change to that

    The chunk glitch also happens in Block Hunt as well, especially the Map Museum
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  19. I did this because another player did. Someone asked when Mineplex started to fix Survival Games, to which I responded with the chunk glitch. Then, another player said that this glitch does not affect gameplay as much as seeing names do, which is incorrect. Seeing names, while might take away from the game, does not make it literally unplayable, like a chunk glitch does.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  20. Friendly reminder that minestrike has the same exact problem as well yet only cake wars and survival games are being worked on for this.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020

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