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Mineplex's Next Big Idea

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by QuietMyChild, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. This thread is for conversation to start about what the community might want to see in upcoming updates for Mineplex.

    Apple pioneered their products to no longer have headphone jacks, Amazon connected with online purchasing for quicker and easier ways of shopping, and the current biggest server for minecraft, -snip-, popularized and somehow made Skyblock a game people actually want to play. My question for all of you is what is a step Mineplex can take that will stop looking into the past and look to the future of the game that changes the way we play entirely?

    Obviously this question is a bit unreasonable to ask a community and expect one clear and revolutionary idea to come out from it, but still, what are some cool ideas you might have that you want to share that may help streamline the server, make it easier for new players, make it continuously enjoyable for old players, and challenging enough to want to keep playing over and over again?

    Although I ask this question, the main priority right now for many community members including myself is to get rid of many bugs the server has at the moment. I know there is a Nano Games document made by GI, Skywars documents, and probably many other docs that the GI members want to see be pushed. So definitely taking priority in these docs first is what should be done before anything else.
    Posted Jan 21, 2020
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  2. Hey,

    So, this seems like a great idea! To hear about the communities ideas would be something awesome to see. I hope people see this thread and reply to it.

    As for me, Skyblock would be a very cool game to see added to Mineplex. I feel like we could do a lot with the idea. You can make it to where you can level up and earn money and buy things (kind of like a video game inside of a video game).

    Another cool idea would be a smaller form of UHC/Battle Royale due to the popularity of them. You can have 16 players fall from a hot air balloon that went across a map, and you have to land and get loot and gear up to fight. At that point, it would kind of be like Survival Games.

    I really hope some ideas made in this thread eventually get made.

    P.S, you might want to have put this in the "General Idea" Section.

    Have an awesome day,

    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  3. I love this idea of the community coming together to share a few ideas, including a few which could be groundbreaking. Something that I would love to see added is more Achievement kits. And along with more Achievement kits would probably come some more... Achievements.

    Draw My Thing is one of my favorite games, but there's no Achievement kit for it! I would love to see a new achievement kit created for DMT that maybe allows the drawer to choose from a list of 3 or 5 words to draw. I know that it can be a bit difficult to illustrate a few of the words on the DMT word list, so having a few options would be an awesome addition.

    Like @Notserp, I hope to see a lot more responses to this thread! I'll be checking up on it now & then to see what community members come up with in terms of awesome ideas.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  4. I'm not to familiar with the way DMT players feel about achievement kits, but that actually seems like something that could be very balanced even though it's an achievement kit.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 22, 2020
  5. Hey!
    I would personally want to see another long type game added, for instance games like Prison or Skyblock. I think if Mineplex were to add another longer game like Clans than it has a chance to attract a whole new player base. I think Skyblock would be the best option, however I feel like it would be hard to kind of put a Mineplex spin on Skyblock. Overall I feel like just adding another game like that could attract players or possibly bring back some of the older players who left the community.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  6. Hey there!

    I don't necessarily have any recommendations for upcoming additions to the server to add here, but I would just like to make everyone aware that if they have any ideas they really want to be added or discussed, then definitely feel free to create a thread with a detailed description of your idea in the Ideas Hub here on the forums! I definitely think it's great that you want to start a discussion for future potential ways for the server to improve, but I just wanted to make sure people were aware there is an actual place here on the forums for ideas. :)
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
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  7. I agree with this. The main bug I see when I play is that arrows bounce in midair when fired. It happens when I'm on the latest version.

    For that skyblock idea, maybe they could allow players to summon bosses on their island so that they wouldn't have to leave their island to fight them.
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  8. Hey,

    I really like the idea of this thread, and believe a lot of positive discussion and ideas can spark from it as well as possibly some new idea threads. Personally, I'd love to see a new permanent game mode added, like @Epicbuilder435 said. I understand it is no easy task to create a new, fun game-mode instantly, but it would definitely be a refreshing change of pace. If not a brand new game, then I'd love to see something like Prison added if we were able to put our own spin on it.

    Aside from a game-mode, it would be cool to see some new cosmetics added in the future. This way, people that have every cosmetic will be able to benefit since they will be able to open some of their stockpiled Illuminated chests, and people that don't own every cosmetic may spot a new one that they'd love to have.

    If anyone has any ideas that they'd like to bring forward I'd highly recommend creating an idea thread like @Tilgorn mentioned! I look forward to seeing future responses.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  9. I think a way for Mineplex to attract new players is to create an original game. If the game is unable to be played anywhere else people will be attracted to Mineplex. I do also think Mineplex could release a new rank that is only able to be earned via finding items in games (in a similar fashion that Titan was released) this would encourage people to play because they wouldn't be able to buy it. That rank could introduce new cosmetics and possibly exclusive access for Beta testing a possible new game mode.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  10. Systematically update games by the order that they need it- games like Champs, SSM, Mine-Strike, Clans, and so on. At some moment during that process, there will be games that don't really need a huge, comprehensive update (many Arcade games, for instance), at which point new content should be added to revitalize interest in MP as a whole and fill up that time. It can take the form of an old game made new, a totally new game, or something else entirely. New content is important, but the priority should be laying the foundation for old players to enjoy themselves. These are the people who made the server what it is today through buying shop items, suggesting things, engaging with the community, and making MP popular overall. Between the process of updating/adding new games should be general quality of life changes and, of course, bug fixes, the latter of which should take priority over the former. As for GWEN, the way I understand it is that right now since we don't have a GWEN developer nor an open position for one, somebody is working on it to some degree. That fact is halting progress on MP to a halt, and my sole suggestion there would be to reopen the position. If I were to place GWEN on the list of priorities, I'd say getting it to a decent spot in terms of dealing with hackers is #1.

    Really this is all common sense stuff, but we've seen that MP repeatedly doesn't follow what the community asks, instead using developer time to implement temporary events with broken rewards lol.

    In the long run, there is going to need to be a big game changer in the vein of "that" server's Skyblock if Java is going to continue to exist. I don't know what form it could take and still be successful, but it can't follow the same process that MP likes to follow with everything else. It needs consistent updates. It needs extensive quality assurance beforehand. It needs to have GWEN, or a measure like it, integrated so hacking isn't a widely recognized issue. There are also a few parameters that I believe could benefit it but may not be 100% necessary, such as the community being actively involved in the idea-making stage, solid communication about development, and short-term and long-term goals within the game (assuming it is a game). Annnd then there are the hypotheticals that may differentiate it from other creations both on MP and in the wider multiplayer market, such as having a new game style (ex: PvP vs. PvE).

    The truth is that everything I've said so far is wildly unrealistic. It's unfortunate that is the case, but it just is. Java is no longer profitable, so MP chooses- perhaps wisely- to invest in Bedrock, which is profitable. Even if the owners were interested in investing huge amounts of money to get these things done, there's no guarantee they would be successful; there's no guarantee they would see a return on that investment. The developer(s) we have isn't/aren't capable of all this. Just think about what we saw in the last year with essentially the same amount of resources: nothing noteworthy from an outside perspective. So while like everyone else I'd like to see course correction, I strongly don't believe it's possible. The negative circumstances now just reinforce more negative circumstances. No developers -> no development -> not seeing a return - > no money to hire developers - > no developers... and the cycle repeats.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  11. Like you said, fix bugs. Also, anti cheat, certain rules, and countless more things...
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  12. Hey there!

    I'd like to start off by saying I love this thread! It always makes me happy to see Mineplex community members sharing their thoughts and opinions about how we can make the server a better place!

    Personally, I think we should be able to do more with our Gems! I've had way too many for far too long. It would be cool if we could have something similar to plots like on creative servers, where you could buy your blocks using your gems. It would be fun to be able to hang out and build with my friends without having to leave the server.

    Going to be following this thread: Curious to see what people have to say! Cheers!
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  13. I would definitely say Anti-cheat upgrades, updates to balance several games (SSM and Skywars probably being the two most in need of it), and a new permanent game mode that does not limited time. I think these could be really beneficial for the server ignoring financial and staff capacity.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  14. Heyo!

    This is a really interesting thread Hilly! I have a few idea's up my sleeve that might make Mineplex more improved! For starters, like @Sven stated above, a fresh new Anti-Cheat update! G.W.E.N is super helpful don't get me wrong but she doesn't catch everything and it would put less stress on Staff even though it's our job to punish people and help out though we can't always get to them, especially in the morning and super late at night when a lot of staff aren't on!

    Another thing I really want to see is Plots! I want to have a Server just like Clans but instead of Clans you get to build anything on your plot! Though there of course will be some rules to it like no inappropriate builds etc. I believe this was suggested back by a bunch of people in the past and I don't really know what's happened to them, I believe they are all still in discussion, so shout out to them for an amazing idea! Anyway, I really want to see Plots come to Mineplex as you get to build anything you want!

    Anyway, those are my ideas I have for Mineplex! Can't wait to read other peoples responses!

    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  15. Wouldn't call this one a leap forward tbh.

    In general I agree with @ClassN

    I think Prison, correctly implemented, could be quite successful. Honestly I think the server just needs more devs. The most common theme for ideas/updates which people agree should happen is that "we'd like it but it isn't happening anytime soon because no devs."

    The server also really, really needs to drop the idea that ideas need to be bundled into large updates. If you told me that you were fixing 1 (one) glitch in Champions or Minestrike and would push other fixes and updates as you got to them, I'd be quite happy. Take care of the older games, some of them are still quite original and with the right marketing and updates, could be just as good as producing a new hit game.

    Aside from that, the lack of a presence on YouTube is killing the server. The official channel is probably dead given how inactive it is, but the point here is that it's not being used when it really should be given how much traffic YouTube content brings to servers. The server isn't being proactive about a number of its problems and I don't see anything good happening for the server until the people at the very top start taking a very different approach.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
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  16. Hey!

    To be completely honest, I’d much rather seeing a bunch of the small errors being fixed before Mineplex decides to take another large jump. The reason we have Bug Reports is to fix them, sure some may be small, but they’re still errors that need to be fixed. I think that before we can start on any particularly large project, we should make sure we have a clean slate, with no underlying issues to begin with. Besides that though, I definitely think that working to upgrade GWEN should also be a concern. GWEN is definitely helpful, but it has cracks, so I think we should fix those to start with, and than upgrade to make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen again. After all, GWEN is virtually one of the only things that stops the server from spinning wildly out of control.

    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  17. Basically to everyone saying that bug fixes should take priority,

    I 100% agree which is why I made it its own talking point in the original post I made. A couple people mentioned creative plots which seems like it could be beneficial and also fun. Also like ClassN was writing about with certain games taking priority over other games is certainly something else I completely agree with in all respects. Lastly, I feel like Mineplex should stop focusing on continuously focusing on Cosmetics as that's not the main reason for many of the players joining the server. Did access to those cosmetics encourage me to get a rank? Of course. BUT it was all the variety of games that kept me playing and not the cosmetics. Lastly, having limited devs is also a major issue that cannot really be solved with this thread.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 23, 2020
  18. Hiya!

    Like many people have said above. I think that brainstorming some ideas is well, a great idea! I agree with @Epicbuilder435 that Mineplex should add more long term games like Clans. Clans take up a big part of Mineplex's playerbase, and I think adding a game such as Skyblock would maybe draw in a whole new group of players. Maybe making Skyblock unique from other Skyblock servers like Clans is unique from other Factions server. Adding custom weapons, blocks, etc.

    I also think that Prison would maybe be a good idea too. I used to play a lot of Prison because there was something exciting about the grind. Again, if this were added it would need to be unique. Adding any of these games pretty much the same as any other server just doesn't make it stand out. That's why I keep playing Clans because it is so different from other factions servers in a really good way! I'm excited to see what ideas will end up in here!
    Posted Jan 24, 2020
  19. I see people above talking about adding Skyblock, but that would just ruin Mineplex's reputation a lot because it would look like a rip-off. I think that a new, original game should be added, there are so many suggestions on the forums, and the Mineplex team is pretty creative.
    Posted Jan 25, 2020

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