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Mineplex's New Look

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by DiamondCrafterYT, Jul 25, 2021.


What do you think about the new map?

  1. Looks amazing!

  2. I like the old one better.

  3. I like both designs.

  1. Upon logging onto Mineplex, I had realized that they had changed the server's map and to be honest. I'm actually loving the whole desert theme, everything is so well made. Makes me jealous on how skillful the build team is. Ok, not saying the old one is bad, but this map they went all out. They even made a new map for game lobbies. Was getting tired of the old parkour, was way too easy. But everything looks amazing, and it looks even better with shaders. But maybe it's just me and some people prefer the old map. But this map is like a HUGE change for mineplex, it's insane! Very well done to the build team for working on this.
    Posted Jul 25, 2021,
    Last edited Jul 26, 2021
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  2. Do you like it or not?
    You said you're far from impressed, and "mineplex does not fail to disappoint" but the rest is filled with compliments? :sweat_smile:

    And are you talking about Java or Mineplex? Because the Summer Java map is not too far from normal
    Posted Jul 25, 2021
  3. Oh, my apologies for the confusion, I was refferring to Java's new design. And I do enjoy the map. When I said far from impressed I'm reffering to more than just impressive. If it's not enough clarification, then I mean Java's new map is insanely good. <.<
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 25, 2021
  4. Summer maps are not the best in my opinion, but Mineplex Build team did do a great job making this map. But I was wondering, why was the water replaced with glass lol
    Posted Jul 25, 2021
  5. The wording you were looking for was "Mineplex does not fail to impress." With the wording as "Mineplex does not fail to disappoint," it suggests that Mineplex always does even worse than expected.

    Running around a flooded Hub isn't particularly fun.
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
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  6. I agree! I love the holiday lobby, I think the Build Team has done a really great job this year. :) The only thing I'm not a huge fan of in the hub is how small and cluttered the spawn is. It just feels like we're almost completely boxed in, lol. But, outside of the castle, everything looks gorgeous! :D I especially appreciate all of the little details around the water and the multiple build areas, I think they look really cool.
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
  7. Geez, I fixed it to avoid any confusion. Look, I'm sorry for the mix up. I have ZERO dirt on mineplex, I love it. I just worded wrong ok.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 26, 2021
  8. I like summer lobbies, well more seasonal in general. Gives me a warm feeling when they come out! c:
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
  9. As others have said above, this isn't a permanent lobby and is only the lobby for the current Summer season. We like to make seasonal lobbies, and this year I've been trying to release a few additional seasonal lobbies because I think it's nice to have a little change from time to time.

    That said, I do plan on changing the normal lobby a tad. I do want to make it more aesthetically pleasing, without changing the nostalgic feel of the lobby. That will likely first show an appearance after the Halloween lobby, this year, along with some additional changes to other lobbies c:
    Posted Jul 26, 2021
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  10. Oh wow, seasonal lobbies! That is really cool! That just goes to show how insane the build team is!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 26, 2021
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  11. I personally like the lobby, but we all have our own opinions. Can't wait to see what lobby builds we see in the future!
    Posted Aug 2, 2021
  12. I cannot see the new lobby because I don't play minecraft unfortunately due to account issues that destroyed my account. Considering that the people who build lobby's / maps at mineplex do such an amazing and awe-inspiring job, I'm confident that it looks very nice. It would be appreciated if somebody could send me a screenshot so I can see. that would be nice
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
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