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Mineplex Throughout The Years

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Valiha, Jul 14, 2021.


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  1. before the command /f existed on mineplex,
    i was there- playing super paintball for hours everyday as i usually would...

    i feel like, if i understood just how important mineplex would be to me today,
    i would've taken longer to stop and appreciate the countless moments i have created throughout all of the mini-games that have surfaced the server over the many years.

    mineplex made up much of my teenage years, and by that i mean i would come home from middle school every day and instantly pull up mineplex to play with the many friends who i would then lose over the years that i have spent on the server.
    even though i no longer have contact with most of the people i've met throughout the years, i will always have the memories that take up a special place in my heart.

    i logged in about a week ago, and saw cake wars, peaking at '30 players.'
    i even checked in the mini-games, and saw that my all-time favorite game 'super paintball' had around 9 people playing.

    i was so heartbroken.
    over the 7 years i have been here, i never thought that mineplex would reach numbers as low as those which crossed my screen.
    it really does hurt to see such an important server to me, perform so poorly compared to when i would wake up on friday mornings and see the login page listing "25,000" players all on at the same time.

    i was in denial, especially when i go onto my 'servers' page and see this server at a whopping "1,000" or less listed on the entire server.
    i couldn't process how this could happen, how a server so important to me could come down to where it is performing at right now.

    so, before something similar to another close server happens to this one as well- i just wanted to thank all of you who are reading this.

    thank you for being active in this server still, and keeping the memories of my childhood alive.

    it doesn't matter if you just joined mineplex, if you're a community member who is barely active or very active, a staff member, or apart of a team throughout the server...
    it really does make me happy seeing how dedicated and how thriving the server can be, even with the little amount of people who still choose to play every single day.

    a part of me really wishes that this server will continue on until i no longer get to breathe on this earth but,
    sometimes; things comes to an end, and that's just something that i'll have to accept, even if it's hard to.

    so, for now, as long as this will last... i just wanted to come on here and tell the mineplex community that i have loved every single moment with all of you, and even if you don't
    know me personally or at all...

    this server and this community has made an impact on my life that i will never forget and will carry with me for the rest of my life.

    i just graduated high school a month ago,
    and here i am,
    back to where i always felt like my second home was- mineplex.
    Posted Jul 14, 2021
  2. I feel you. I remember the days where I would play on some person's account which was given to me at the time for a brief period. It was my first time playing minecraft and the server server I went to was mineplex and I loved it. Years later I come back to the server only to see it diminished from what it used to be. I can't even join a game without waiting at least 5 to 10 minutes.
    Posted Jul 14, 2021
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  3. i remember when mineplex wasn't a god - awful trainwreck on it's way to the - underworld
    Posted Jul 14, 2021
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  4. How amusing is it that Mineplex is going through the cycle of life and death? In a way, experiencing it through our own eyes is fascinating. We learn that living, breathing organisms aren't the only recepients of life -- every single thing, rock, system, algorithm, atom, particle, will, one day, just not exist. They just won't... be. How amusing is that? Everything we know, everything we will ever know, is fleeting.

    And one day, no matter how far away, Mineplex's last player will log off, leaving only memories behind; beautiful memories which too, will get lost.

    It's natural.

    Those who still enjoy Mineplex: keep enjoying it. Cherish it.
    Posted Jul 15, 2021
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  5. dont worry that day will come very soon
    Posted Jul 16, 2021
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  6. I played on Mineplex since 2014 after my brother introduced me to the server. I honestly had no idea what I was doing back then, and I wish I payed better attention, then I would have better memories of the server in it's best days.

    What I do remember is playing Sheep Quest and getting upset when I wasn't on the yellow team. It was my favorite game, which I can't play anymore. Also the slime soccer in the lobby, I was an absolute unit at. Now that's gone too. And I remember when everybody would be crowded around UHC when it was about to open, and people would be throwing the TNT around.

    And then there were a bunch of games I played that I was horrible at, but I still had so much fun. At the end of 2015, I had to take a break. When I came back a year and a half later, everything was so different and Mineplex was dying, which took me a while to admit.

    Now I have sort of a love/hate relationship with this server. I used to defend it when people said it was dying, but I've also done a big share of trash talking it when I got frustrated. Sometimes I'm optimistic that it will turn out better, other times I just wanna never log in again. But I can't bring myself to do that. I spent so much time on here, and it's too hard for me to leave forever.
    Posted Jul 16, 2021
  7. Deep, totally relevant and true.
    Posted Jul 17, 2021
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  8. This was a real pleasure to read, mainly because several parts of it perfectly mirror my own Mineplex story. I was first exposed to probably the best thing you could be on here if the server's gonna make a good impression on you-Christmas Chaos. It was at a friend's house in 2014, I saw him playing it, I remember seeing snake parkour for the first time, and I loved it. But I wouldn't get a real taste of it myself for another year as I'd never played multiplayer myself and my original Minecraft account from 2013 was hacked, stolen, and deleted. I never got it back, and I still don't fully understand it. After struggling for months to replace it, even going so far as to Google free Minecraft and get an alt that was banned on here or borrow a friend's account as I didn't think my parents would buy me another one, they eventually caved and with BlazeFire3701 (now Blaze_of_Fire) in hand, I hopped on Mineplex for the first time myself in December 2015. Take a guess what I played?

    Mineplex was where I came after every school day for that last year and a half of middle school. It wasn't doing my real life any favors, but I didn't care! I found way more enjoyment on here anyways. And I stuck with it into high school. Still have. In fact-

    Over the past five years, it's the only server I ever played on and continue to play on, the only one! Wouldn't trade that experience for the world. And I'm still on it regularly. Sure, it offers me very little reason to come back but I've learned how to make do. You should see my voting streaks-180, 260, 390 (really 400+ because it glitched and lost count). My 260 one is actually my current one, but after the DDOS incident, they restored everyone's previous streaks TO THEIR LONGEST ONES, meaning I managed to revive my 390 streak and I'm building off of that now! (it gave me 150 extra days!)

    As for my friends on here, I've had quite a few come and go over the years, but guess what, I'm working to get back in touch with all of them! No matter how long it's been!

    Yep, I'm doing it!

    And with many, I've already succeeded!
    Valenia, Shadow, CreativeDolphin, ZekeyCat, Annae, Slash, SpyNinja, CCNick (ugh....), NotBritish, Umbreon, Tebili, Tinipick, Ranger Maddie and as of yesterday JKnight, I've all managed to contact on here, the server, or Discord, and I was able to pick things up right where I left off with most of them. A few remain, namely NitroNathan22 (my first friend on here not from real life, last saw him randomly in a 2018 Halloween Havoc game), MagicalPoop107 (good pal from Sheep Quest in middle school), Apfelkatz (from Castle Siege), and most of all, ImSaltyToo/RosieFire, and after a deep search I'm finally on the verge of a breakthrough, just waiting to hear back from one of her friends on Discord. If anyone here has any link to the others, that would be greatly appreciated.

    But you get the point. If we're sharing memories, I had to throw mine into the mix. I still have an album of old 2015-19 screenshots, many of which I've never shown off before if anyone's interested.

    But even in it's darkest hour, I still see hope, and in the strangest ways. For starters, I've ran into THREE massive YouTubers on Mineplex, yes, Mineplex, in 2021, you heard me right, in the past month. HannahxxRose, CustomName, and my childhood hero of sorts, Pink Sheep! And he didn't even have the rank! still can't believe he was there, much less that I spotted him (I made a whole video about it, check it out on my profile if you're interested!).

    Another thing, in the past couple years, and this is truly bizarre as it too was out of nowhere. In two different schools, in two totally random scenarios, I heard people mention Mineplex from totally out of the blue in the background (I was kinda eavesdropping but in that situation, I couldn't help it). That hasn't happened with other servers, but I did hear them utter this, and it was a pleasant surprise. One was a guy talking about being banned on it while playing Minecraft IN CLASS... The other was someone using it as a word in a hangman game, and fittingly no one guessed it...

    My loyalty to Mineplex stands strong to this day. Yes, I poke fun at it. Yes, I've been tempted over and over to put it behind me, but I won't. I know it's far beyond my power to save it, but I'm doing whatever I can for it. I even applied for Trainee AND GOT IT FIRST TRY! The only reason I'm not a mod right now is that I wimped out partway through and couldn't repeat my success on the second application due to the lingering stigma surrounding the abrupt end of the first. But I'll get there! Just wanna get my playtime and forum activity up and then the third time's the charm!

    As for graduation, I'm on the same boat. Just finished and am off for Liberty. I've seen a few people like DeluxFTW, xUmbreon, and now you reflecting on Mineplex's huge impact on their grade school life, so I didn't wanna leave that little tidbit out either. And that's how it stands! Training for Trainee, looking toward the future!

    For you Mineplex, always.

    (Why'd this have to turn into another rambling rant... I wanted to get some shuteye and then what was supposed to be a brief reply to some random post I found interesting led to this. Alright, light's out, AT SIX O' CLOCK IN THE MORNING...)

    (You could call me a night owl, but owl implies I'm keen and cunning. If I'm nocturnal, I'm more like a raccoon, pigging out on chips in the middle of the night.)

    Why did you read this far?
    Posted Jul 18, 2021
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  9. Couldn't have said it any better! I joined Mineplex in 2015-2016 when I was about 10 years old. I remember meeting countless friends that I would have a blast with. Everyday in elementary school I would always look forward to getting out of school and hopping on Mineplex, joining a party and playing some micro battles with my online friends. I remember when the titan rank had just released and the only way to get it was to find pumpkins in game! (I think so anyways..) It was no doubt the most fun I've ever experienced as a kid. Growing up our parents were always telling us to limit our screen time. But that screen time on Mineplex was my joy, my happiness.. Its sad to come back to Mineplex today and see some of those friends last active 1600 days ago.. But as Dr. Seuss once said, "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened."

    Mineplex to this day is still doing great in my opinion to get 1000+ players on a daily basis! It is still a great environment to have fun and remember all the great memories you made. Thankyou for taking time out of your day to read my little message!
    Posted Jul 21, 2021
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  10. I can totally relate to this. Every single bit here is so much like my story too.
    Posted Jul 21, 2021
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  11. Yeah it's definitely interesting to see how Mineplex has changed over the years. I was around when Helper was still a thing and you had to be donor to apply for staff. No matter what Mineplex has always been a nostalgic thing for me.
    Posted Jul 26, 2021

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