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Mineplex Rank Giveaway | Christmas 2020

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by OKAYEDOY, Dec 18, 2020.

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  1. IGN:SomeChicken5590
    My favorite part of the holidays is being able to spend time and have fun with my family, and not having to go to school
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  2. IGN: vili_gx

    I find the winter break to be a very good time to sit back and relax for a while, as well as hang out with family on Christmas. It's also a sort of new beginning, as Jesus is symbolically born again in all our hearts.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  3. IGN: yuleiah
    Favorite part about Christmas: being able to hang out with family/friends, and being able to enjoy such beautiful weather/scenery

    thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  4. ign: Hawkboy5281
    thats my friends account but i want him to have rank xD
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
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  5. IGN: koqel
    My favorite part of the holidays would have to be seeing family
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  6. I love the idea of giving away something to the community around the holidays. I’m going to enter a friend of mine.
    Ign: DJPenguinPro
    Personally my favorite thing about the holidays are when my family all gets together and we get to eat a huge dinner and decorate the Christmas tree.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  7. Do you do ranks for Bedrock as well?
    Bedrock IGN: MaeveStar8161

    If not, here is the Java IGN: VirIrae

    Thank you! My favourite part about the holidays is double pay over Christmas.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  8. Ign: Sqwashua

    I find the best part if when you open that one present from a distant relative to find either a pair of oversized trousers or a tea towel.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  9. Hello! My favorite thing about the holidays is decorating sugar cookies with my family.

    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  10. Hello!

    IGN: TotalTelemetry

    Favorite part of the Holidays?:
    Well, that would be when the family gets together and starts talking about old times and new!

    Thank you for hosting this!

    And Good Luck to all who Enter!
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  11. Favorite thing is testing holiday maps

    IGN: BasicT

    Thanks for hosting :)
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  12. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my friends and family, especially cousins I don't get to see as often!

    I'm going to be entering for my friend, whose IGN is BadToad2000.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! C:
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  13. IGN - TrappStarr
    I love watching comedy movies and chilling with my family and homies and having a great time.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  14. Yo! :D

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, it really means a lot to give to random people without knowing any further.
    My personal favorite time of year is the period between Thanksgiving and New Years. I think a lot of people can agree with me that this is the most joyful time of year as it's just filled with the Christmas spirit and there doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. Throughout 2020, despite the hard year it's been, I've known that December wouldn't fail me, and it certainly hasn't with the blessings I've received in the past few weeks.

    So my favorite part of the holidays? Everything.
    (or to be specific, the "atmosphere/mood")

    IGN - WeirdoFish
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  15. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! Even though I am titan is there any chance I could enter for immortal instead as I have no interest in being gifted eternal.

    My favourite part of the holidays is seeing family and the Mineplex advent calendar :p

    IGN: CrazyOfTim

    Thank you very much!
    Posted Dec 19, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 19, 2020
  16. Hello there! I would like to enter my friend named: fuddge

    Personally, my favorite part of the holidays is being able to watch as much anime as possible. This is the best since I usually am busy during the Fall/Spring semesters with school. Also I work during the summer period with a summer job, so I don't get any off time there. It is the only period of the year where I can just relax and do nothing like a lazy person lol.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
  17. IGN: (Will say in DM if won)
    Favorite part of the holidays is relaxing.
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
  18. Not sure if this is over yet but I'll try anyway, IGN: Necksoos, my favourite thing about the holidays is getting to see my younger cousins and play with them, it always warms my heart
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
  19. Hello everyone! After entering all of the IGN's listed into a spinwheel I have gotten 3 winners!

    The first winner is @Da_One Titan -> Eternal

    The second is @LukaGamesPvP Hero -> Legend

    And the third winner is @LordRotharoth | Legend -> Titan

    Congrats to the three winners! Any moderators viewing this thread feel free to lock it. With that being said, happy holidays everyone!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 20, 2020
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  20. Thanks for your generosity, and congratulations to the winners! I hope you all enjoy your prizes.

    I'll be locking this thread now, since the giveaway has ended and you have requested it.

    Thread locked - OP request
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
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