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Mineplex needs revamping their server

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by MysticMaster779, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Since all these years I've played Mineplex, I found more and more there was content, but some lack of consistency. There are ideas, but they seem never polished or finished, to make players interested to come back with real interest. Players come here and there because there are unic ideas, problem is each game contain there own issues that make them like "oh ok, nice, let's go to something else", rather than a real excitement to come back for more. I know there are ideas talked here in the website and the Discord, but it's more about the depth itself of each game I wanted to address something about.

    It's of course, my own personal point of view. But I was thinking : could I establish a list for each game actually in the server ? Let's try and find out (and again, it's my OWN point of view) :

    - Turf Wars : a game unic for the team and precision for aiming the bow. But ruined by the leaderboard, which doesn't show the real skills (between solo and the ones that party, I'll not say any name but in the top 50, how many partied and rushed over games...), and the fact games are not balanced well, not only from parties, but even without : you can have a game of 6vs4, or even 3 strong vs 8 new. The teaming aspect is important, yet not really put to the point.
    Idea : to balance teams with the real level of each player, that would be more about kill/death rather than blind win numbers. This would also help make the leaderboard more accurate and interesting by adding the notion of time (like monthly, but not all-time), since it would refresh and really reflect skill. Also, more maps would be cool to have, Java contains so much ideas, it would be great to have them here as well !... With the barriers/zones to prevent players to exploit maps.

    - Micro Battle : nothing to say here, I didn't really play that game much, it's... micro. It goes fast, nothing to say.

    - Dragons : idk if the issue of being able to go in the empty water zones got fixed, I hope so. Nothing to say here, it's well-made (except of one map which contained cracks, hated that one because it was too easy to fall), and it's adorable.

    - Bomb Lobbers : I tried it... nothing to say, it's Bomb Lobbers. Personal taste, goes fast, but the difference of skills is really brutal there.
    Idea : once again, balancing teams would help a lot. I know it would break the "party" idea, but what would you prefer : having a team of players strong as heck, ruining the other team pleasure they can't have time to learn anything and enjoy the game, or teach that despite the fact friends are not in the same team, it's still fun to play ?... The problem is, I see that coming, that players could not hit volontarily their friends, moreover in Turf Wars. That is the fatal bump on the road, and for that... I don't know what to say.

    - Creative Housing : my god... THIS needs a revamp for good. Check my profile page to see all the issues, there are too many to list.
    Idea : fix this !!! It's so interesting, and don't forget it's the ONLY Creative game in the whole mc server list where players can have their own place, create and share !

    - Survival : interesting concept ! But it clearly lacks interest to come back for more.
    Idea : one major improvement would be to add missions to accomplish, that would eventually lead to special survival ranks. A system of buying and selling things in a common shop or with others would be another idea. And also updating it to 1.17 would be great for interest.

    - Skywars : this game, is, so, broken ! Oh my. It's an interesting concept, but it's made in a way it goes way too fast, there are not enough zones to prepare for the final battle. And the worst part is the enderpearl strategy : if you launch an enderpearl directly to the middle, you can literally be op very quickly, and beat everyone very easily, meaning all the 95% of players that don't know it. It's so, broken !
    Idea : put enderpearls only in the final zone, or none at all. The islands will break over time, so players come to the middle for the final battle, so there is no really meaning to have enderpearls in the game. Also, something should be done in order to avoid "smart" players building towers in the middle of the map... really annoying and not fun at all. There should be a limit in the sky for building to prevent this happening.

    - Cake Wars : never played it. I saw there was Regular and Duos, by curiosity I checked Regular : it's 4 players. I wish there was one player mode, but that's really from far I think about that.

    - Speed Builders : this game has no point. I mean... if you have a solid memory, or a "smart" player take screenshots, this game can goes on forever. I don't see the point of this game at all.
    Idea : there was a game on Java, called Draw It : that was a really nice idea, this should be brought to Bedrock ! No one has done that yet.

    - Master Builders : never played it. Tried it once, all seems good.

    - Mob Arena : ... another game I dropped of my radar. I tried it multiple times, the concept is so interesting ! But the fact it can goes on forever ruins the entire thing : players just quit because of boredom. And if you happen to die, you'll not have any chance to have fun anymore : others will battle, but not the ones too weak to follow.
    Idea : there should be a way to share gold between players to help the team get better armor and weapons, and fight the mobs coming. Also, this should be a team game, rather a game for personal experience or gems : I know a game called Block vs Zombies, where players had to bow waves of zombies for 20 minutes, while upgrading barriers, equipment, cannons... and it worked brilliantly. This game, this time pvp style, could also work this way, and all players would be rewarded at the end : for team work, but also personal kills. It would make players involved more, and have more fun with this concept.

    - Block Hunt : I played this game to death, for years and years since Java. While the game is appealing and contains a cool concept, I always found it... clunky. More and more, I couldn't prevent myself to think "without radar, you would be screwed". I tried to go back to the basic kit with double jump, it was a nightmare to play, because of so many spots hiders can be ! You really need to play this game hundreds of times to learn mentally each map in order to give basic kit a go, but I remember giving up on Java because the new maps contained so many new sneaky spots, it was impossible to accomplish. Being able to hit everything is good, but the fact we hit hundreds of blocks blindly become tiresome at the end.
    Idea : it would actually be more funny to have a game where we don't hide as blocks, but more as mobs that try to hide in the map, making it more obvious to find but still having to be sneaky to not get spotted. Actually reminds me of Villagers on Java ! That was a fun minigame, and would diversify the tastes. And also, Death Run ! That was an awesome minigame, where is it today ? Oh wait, what about Smash Mobs, it is so gooooood !!!... Oh man, I have to stop.

    As you can see, I still stick around this server, because it has at its core really good concepts ! But... it really needs to be FINISHED and POLISHED. Players come back because they like the mains ideas of your server, make players happy completely, make the server we all dream to see, to its completion.
    Posted Sep 13, 2021
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  2. Most likely not going to happen. This ruins a major aspect of playing on a server, which is playing with friends. This would also negatively impact players who are not super good, as they might just want to play on the same team as their friends, but no longer can. Truthfully, the issue of balancing of skill could be said for literally every single team game, but if you rebalanced based on skill, you make the game a ton less fun.

    The easiest solution to this is to just switch lobbies if you encounter a crazy strong team. Most game modes from my experience may only have 1-2 groups of really strong players playing together, especially at any given time. This way you don't ruin their fun and they don't ruin your fun.

    I mean, the point of survival is for a mostly vanilla experience. We do plan to add a server wide missions/achievements system, but there will most likely not be specific survival rewards/ranks associated with achieving them.

    I've seen shops discussed a few times, but I am not sure what the final decision was on that. Could see how it would be fun and make the game more enjoyable.

    The game is not broken, that is how it was designed. Skywars is supposed to be a relatively fast game, hence the world rot a couple minutes into the game. The whole point is to push players to the middle, which is done by putting good gear in the center and middle islands.

    This doesn't really make any sense, as the center and middle island chests have the same gear break down. You have the same chance of getting good gear by just running along the perimeter island(s).

    Denied by leadership for the time being.

    This isn't really helpful. By the same logic, every game has "no point". The point is to build fast and remember builds. We are trying to figure out ways to make the game more challenging and to increase the difficulty as the levels go on, which would hopefully limit how long the game goes on.

    To be fair, mob arena can get very repetitive, and once you reach a certain level, it is almost impossible to die. I generally just run around and gather the mobs and kill them. I think there are ways to make the game more entertaining, but I don't really see how making it into a single player game would be more fun. I think the most fun thing to do on mob arena is to get a group of friends to play together, because then you can just talk and hangout, since you don't need to pay a lot of attention in mob arena to win.

    I haven't played blockhunt in a long time, and can't access bedrock atm, but I thought you could disguise as a mob in block hunt. If not, it would be worth adding, but it seems to contradict your point about it being hard to tell if where someone is. Adding mobs would just complicate it and make it even more difficult. Plus, the whole point of block hunt is to either remember where blocks are, or make a strategy to find players.

    It seems like a lot of your points aren't so much problems with games, instead it seems like you just don't like how the games are supposed to be played. It also doesn't help saying that because you don't like a game that it is useless. That is not constructive, nor does it make the server or game any better. With that being said, you did have valid, substantiated, comments for some of the games, which is great, and I will try to discuss those in the GI and MCC discords.
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
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  3. You can morph as mobs.
    Posted Oct 2, 2021
  4. Fortunaly I said clearly twice : it's my OWN point of view. Thanks for checking it still.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 13, 2021
  5. I mean, if that is the attitude of the post, then it isn't really ideas to better the server. The fact is, we have to make games that are generally fun for everyone. We are never going to target games towards a single individual. If you enjoy a game, you are more than entitled to give it feedback, but especially on games you don't like, there is no point in saying it is useless. Clearly it is not useless if people on the network enjoy playing it, which they do.
    Posted Oct 13, 2021
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  6. I honestly think you misunterprate the way I shared my post :/ Because this is clearly not the way I want to deliver it, and my writing was never trying to force my point of view in exagerated manners.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 14, 2021

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