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Mineplex Hinger Games - How we can bring this game back to bedrock and make it 100 times better

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by OrangeyCob, Nov 27, 2020.


How do you feel towards this being added?

  1. Yes definitely.

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  2. Nope (Plz explain why).

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  3. Maybe, here is what I would change (Plz also explain wot)

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  1. EDIT: Why tf is this called "Hinger" games I can't spell leave me alone.


    This is mainly a bedrock post, and I main bedrock. Most of these changes listed here could also be added to the java server as well.

    Also I may or may not have already made a post trying to bring this back, I’m too lazy to find the link. Here I go more into my vision of survival games.

    Survival Games

    Recently (few months ago), this game “Survival Games” aka “The Hunger Games” was removed from the server. It was removed for the following:

    • Very laggy
    • Lack of players
    • Also very, VERY buggy
    • Weird and unbalanced kits
    • Weird death match

    However, this game was removed before our new and pog dev arrived. Gyro has produced extremely good updates recently (cough cough, I loved the Skywars revamp thanks for that) and I believe this game could make a comeback, what we could add, and what we could do better. Since SG is basically Skywars on da ground with unbreakable blocks, this game wouldn’t be to hard to come back. I also believe this is a important game to Mineplex. In fact, it was the game that made Mineplex popular on java years ago. I would definitely want to add this back to the bedrock edition server.


    Probably one of the biggest (Both on java and bedrock) problem with this game are the kits. A whole bunch of them were useless, others are just super overpowered. My solution? Simular to Skywars, remove kits completely. Skywars (on java) made some of the Kit items items in chests, such as a single ice bridge, or a iron magnet, etc. We should do something similar to this in survival games.

    However, I do believe this game could still have kits. Kits that maybe give you an effect when you kill. Maybe a Warrior kit where you gain speed 1 for 5-10 seconds on a kill, or a Healer kit where you gain regeneration 1 for a few seconds after a kill, and so on. Although these aren’t as exciting, they make the game (in my opinion) more fair and balanced.

    EDIT: or literally just fix the kits by nerfing and buffing


    My idea for the loot tables would be stuff similar to Skywars. Skywars consists of chain, iron, and diamond. My thinking, however, would be to make the loot tables a bit weaker to Skywars. Maybe leather, gold, chain, and rare iron armor. In addition, diamonds to craft diamond swords and armor around the map. Food and crafting materials (Sticks, flint, string, gold, iron, diamonds, etc.) would be common among the SG map. We would also add pearls and snowballs/eggs into the mix. In addition to my kit idea, we should add kit items (a throwable axe here and there) in chests instead of a single chests.


    Similar to the Hive, we could have chests (Some better than others) with loot, such as tier 1, 2, and 3 chests. Tier 1 holds common crafting materials, wooden or gold tools, leather and gold armor, some food. Tier 2 would hold stuff like chain, stone, better food, snowballs, throwable tnt. Tier 3 would hold iron armor/weapons, diamonds, etc.


    For maps, I believe our current ones are fine. They are fun, aren’t too confusing, and look nice.

    There is a feature (I’m not completely sure if this was here at first or not) that would I would like to add. This would be the ability to brake *certain* blocks. These blocks would be blocks like leaves, flowers, tall grass, etc.


    Death match was a little, I would say strange and confusing. You couldn’t really see the border on SG on bedrock. I would also like to see a border more like CubeCraft, where the border closes in on you instead of you having spawning into a arena. However, if this is to hard to program, I’m gonna list both my ideas (Moving border and death match arena).

    • Moving border:
    We would start with 3 minutes to go and loot chests. After the first border, the border would continue to close in maybe every 2 minutes, closing off chests and forcing players towards middle. I also think the border, instead of bouncing you, should poison you (or wither) and will kill you if you don’t get out of it.

    • Death Match Arena:
    Once 4 or so players are remaining, players would have 1 more minute in the map. Once that timer is up, all players are teleported to an arena and must fight till the death. The map should be a platform over lava (Maybe blocks could be breakable and you could spleen as well idk) and would shrink over time, until 1 player remains.


    I would love to see this game back. It was fun and I didn’t really get to play it much. In fact, this game was removed the day right after I bought my first kit in this game (F for my 6000 gems wasted).
    Posted Nov 27, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 2, 2020
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  2. I also really want Survival Games back on Bedrock and I really like the ideas you presented here but I do have a few suggestions.

    In terms of Maps, I think that some of the magic of Survival Games maps is secrets. I like how you said that we should be able to interact with certain blocks and items. Maybe there could be a house near middle with 3 levers on the inside, and if you turned them in a specific way, it would open up an entrance to a secret room with a tier 3 chest. If we can interact with blocks, there could be a secret room that you access through a painting. Something like this would make the maps more mysterious and interesting. Also, I would like to have an actual map of the SG map so it is easier to navigate for new players. There should also be many crafting tables and enchanting tables throughout the map so the player doesn't have to go all the way back to middle.

    In terms of chests, I think that each tier of chests looks different. In the first tier it would look like a normal chest. Tier 2 would look like an iron chest, and tier 3 would be a golden chest. I also think a supply drop would be a good addition. Maybe there could be an X on the spot where the drop is on the map idea I suggested earlier.

    In terms of deathmatch, the border already closed in on players like CubeCraft, so yeah.

    Anyway, good ideas and I hope Survival Games comes back. (you can do it, Gyroninja)
    Posted Nov 27, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 28, 2020
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  3. I honestly feel like kits is what makes Mineplex SG special. I have not seen much gameplay, but I have seen the kit descriptions and they all look super fun to try out and experiment with. Many players on Hive end up getting bored of survival games just because it's so repetitive. I feel kits would greatly help that out! Or if not, something that changes up the game to make it more interesting.
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
  4. I really miss mineplex bedrock SG.
    I started to really like it and play it before it was removed.
    I agree that it would turn out amazing especially with Gyroninja around.
    I give your idea a +1!
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
  5. I would like to see it’s return as well, I kinda stopped playing after the last update it had, mad the game broken, the border no longer moved in so players would be way out so less fights, game went from 20 minutes down to 5 minute game, which that and the border not moving in created a Mosh Pit at death match.
    Some of the kits including horseman had issues, so I think the devs can get that stuff worked out, I would even like to see the kits stay, they are unique and give you many different ways and strategies to play the game.
    Posted Nov 27, 2020
  6. Yeah I made the bedrock survival games leaderboards a couple months before it was removed. If Gyro, and the rest of the team can somehow find a way to bring a survival game revamp update I would be excited. Java survival games is what made me fall in love with this server, and I just think it would be a great thing to bring back if done right. I do disagree with Orangey wanting to remove kits like they did to Skywars because I believe the true unique attribute mineplex has is the kit system. They need to keep kits and just fix the bugs it has instead of removing them all.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  7. The kits were a bit broken. I guess if they could nerf and buff some of the kits, this could still work out.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  8. True, but the kits were what made it unique, like for example the hypixel game mega walls, what made it fun was the uniqueness of every kit. You had to control your kit and make it work and it wasn’t also the weapons, it was also the kits that you had to make strategy’s against.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  9. We NEED a bigger crew working on skyblock!!!!!
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
  10. Um, this is a post bout SG?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  11. I really loved mineplex bedrock hunger games.
    I really like it and play it before it was removed.
    Your idea has my support!
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  12. Yes. Some of the kits were broken, but doesn’t mean couldn’t get fixed. SG on java mineplex is what got me started as well. So when I started on bedrock it was one of my main games, that and turf wars, then bomb lobbers.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020
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  13. Me personally, I don’t really mind if kits are removed or not. Before skywars had an overhaul, there were 4 kits. 3 of them for the most part were working. However when they were removed, it didn’t really feel that the style of the game changed that much. I’d say the same thing should be expected for Survival Games, when and if the game comes back.

    Overall though, I would prefer SG to return with the same kind of concepts it had before the game was removed. Of course with the bugs fixed. Maybe also decrease the player count needed per game because most of the times the games would not start because players would keep leaving. For the loot pools, they should bring it back to the same kind of loot found in chests like in skywars.
    Posted Nov 28, 2020

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