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Implemented Mineplex Democracy

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by chickenboi, Feb 13, 2021.


Do you think Mineplex should have more of a democracy?

This poll will close on Feb 13, 2022 at 4:52 PM.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I'm fine with Mineplex's current democracy

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  1. Hey there fellow citizens of the mineplex, this is quite a weird topic to discuss, some people might not agree with what I am considering. however, this I an idea that can be taken seriously.

    As the title of the thread explains. I want somewhat of democracy in mineplex for people to vote on update ideas, punishments, rules, etc... this would provide more community involvement and allow everyone to have a fair share/say. this also can be in favor of the community since they will be getting the material they want. you can also make operations that prevent spam and block many problems that come with democracy. there will be many possibilities with this feature and I feel it might expand the community.

    Now I know what your thinking, "MiNePLeX aLrEadY HaS DemOCraCY". it sort of does but not completely, mineplex has very minimal rights for players under the rank of staff. For example, if players want to post ideas in the "ideas" forum it will have to be examined by a moderator and they will either dismiss the idea, mark the idea as already processed or accept the idea. however, how many times have you seen an ORIGINAL idea from a player been accepted? I assume not many. with a democracy, players will have way more free speech and then ideas can be voted on by players not moderators.

    There are many ways democracy can benefit mineplex and its community. remember my idea was an Opinion and you may not feel the same and I would totally agree with that.
    anyways, thank you for listening to my short opinion about Mineplex.

    stay safe :D
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
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  2. To start out with, Mineplex does have two poll systems, one in Carl the Creeper (which is used way less, but should probably be used more often) and a polls channel in the discord server. There, polls can be sent by staff members and higher ups to get community input.

    This is actually, in a way, not true. There is a sub-team, called the Ideas Team (the people on it can be found at https://www.mineplex.com/subteams/) where it is a group of community and staff members that discuss ideas, and accept or deny them. There is also a Discord server, called MCC (Mineplex Community Center), where you can discuss topics with other people. (You can join by messaging a Community Management member, found under https://www.mineplex.com/staff, and asking them to join). So moderators aren't the only people that decide on ideas. Also, you can always like a thread to show you support it, and comment on a thread to express your opinion. So in a way, this is not true. Maybe, can you express more detail about 'Mineplex has very minimal rights for players under the rank of staff'?

    So while I'm not against the idea of, say having more polls, I don't really get what you are trying to say. Can you elaborate more on what your point is?
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
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  3. Mineplex is a business, not a government. What you're suggesting here is just a heavier weight on community feedback. I do agree that this is important, but on the other hand it can also be misleading. Those in charge of the company that is Mineplex have much more information about relevant details such as which commodities are selling best and at which times. They have access to the budgetary information which informs how much development time can be spent on which projects. They have inside information as to which types of endeavors would be more likely to succeed. The community just has wishes without any of the information as to how their wants could actually be possible, and whether they would be worthwhile from a business standpoint. So no I don't think we need more of a "democracy" because like mentioned above, we do have community feedback and input, we even have a Senior Mod team named Community Management that deals with gathering feedback and ideas in order to keep the community engaged and satisfied.

    This is true for sure, but even if a staff member accepts an idea, it may not be implemented soon or ever, because the leadership team and mostly owners are the one making the best decisions for the company. Staff members don't have any more "rights" than you do, and anyone below Admin rank really doesn't have any more influence than the players do.
    Posted Feb 13, 2021
  4. i want to talk about the updates part and that players do have a say on updates. quite a few of my friends are in the GI subteam and they're part of the community. if i really wanted something to change about a certain game, i would maybe just message one of my friends and see what they think. i just don't agree with the updates not having any community involvement. the GI subteam are the most experienced players on both network's who know what's best for mineplex and have most definitely proved that already for sure. i am quite happy with the updates part and allowing GI to do their thing. not gonna say my opinion on other stuff though.
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  5. Mineplex does have Democracy They always do polls in the discord or even on the forums Im not responding to ur poll since you are painting opinions as bad witch is false mineplex works with their community alot more than other servers i dont mean to be rude but please actually look into things before making a post
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
  6. u know this not such a bad idea, while this idea messes with the fact that mineplex is actually a company and that they try to make money and stuff this could be great for the comunity, given that we as players do not have that much of a say in many decitions and neither not many rights or stuff, I would love to see how this works out for the stuff u just said this prob will be dissmised by the admins tho ;)
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  7. No I like it when two or three out of touch millennials make the decisions for the rest of the server. It means we get bad updates that we whine about for six months and once we're finally promised an update by our lovely, overworked, almost dead developers, it comes out by the time we've started a family, had kids, paid for their college, have died, and then been reborn.

    The economic system, on a large scale, isn't the same as the system of government. You can not have democracy and still run a capitalist economy. Tyrants can run a capitalist nation; just as a democracy would.
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
  8. ok sorry i didn’t mean 2 34456789101212
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  9. It's ok (but only sometimes) don't worry (happy valentine's <3)
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  10. I didnt know i would get this much backlash
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  11. it isn’t backlash it is an opportunity to troll the mineplex community
    Posted Feb 14, 2021
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  12. It's an interesting idea but a flawed one nonetheless. To have a democracy for Mineplex players to vote on new ideas has potential, but I still lean toward the current system in effect. Intaking votes for new updates, punishments and so forth from the community will take into account players who submit "troll" votes which undermines the entire system. It will disfigure the results and make them unreliable for the purpose of preferred community changes. You mentioned moderation to prevent this problem, but I'm unsure how this would distinguish and be monitored.

    Votes could still be collected but solely to reach a census on the community's preferences, not so much to be enforced without thorough consideration. Otherwise, QAT does involve community members to test new updates. What exactly goes on behind those closed doors, I couldn't tell you but it's generally for players and staff to collaborate on and tweak update ideas that are waiting to be rolled-out. A team like this would ensure it involves the relevant authorities for updates. Although it doesn't directly include the community, these members can appropriately represent us.

    After all, Mineplex is still a company that requires profit to function so relying solely on the community for updates will neglect the business side of things.
    Posted Feb 15, 2021
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  13. I was thinking of a council that would decide on ideas voted on by the public. the council would be the one who will be voting on the master idea. if they disapprove or think this idea is a troll they would assess the community to confirm that this is really what they really want, there could be way more systems however the this is my one idea right now.

    it would be kinda like the US senate but with a twist.
    Remember this just my opinion you may not feel the same.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 15, 2021
  14. I live in the US, and with all that's going on in it, I'll pass on more democracy, thanks.
    Posted Feb 15, 2021
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  15. Mineplex isn't really a democracy in any form whatsoever and while I have problems with how it is currently being run, I don't see any reason for it to become one.
    Posted Feb 15, 2021
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  16. While Mineplex is not a democracy, and really shouldn't be one in my opinion, we do try to give the community as much as a voice as possible. I wanted to break down your thread a bit and give my insight, as someone who is on ideas team.

    So members of ideas team are the ones who process ideas threads, and the team is open to community members along with staff members. While applications are not currently open, you can apply the next time we open apps, which would be announced on the forums and MCC.

    Secondly, members of ideas team can not just process or deny ideas. Our first step is posting the idea in the appropriate MCC discord channel, so members of ideas team and the community can discuss the idea. From the discussion there, and on the original post, we will make our decision from there. Generally if there is more positive feedback then less, it will be moved to the board for further discussion, but if the feedback was overall negative, then it is denied. The only instance when an ideas member would process an idea as not planned or processed immediately is if we were told that that specific idea was not going to be implemented or if an idea is already accepted. We really try our best to make sure we listen to the community, and have multiple checks and systems in place to gather feedback, simply put, if an idea has negative feedback from ideas team and the community, it is denied. We also have no power once it is moved forward, as ideas team can only forward ideas to the development team.

    Similar to what I said above, this already does take place. Although, the fact is, moderators are players too. We rightfully should have a say in things that will affect us too. We all have equal right to voice our opinions, which is why we have the system set up the way we do.

    One last thing I wanted to include was this thread. This is the Java Social Update Proposal ideas team and community management created. This idea is filled with ideas from the community and ideas team. We share documents like this to get further feedback on ideas we have gathered, so we can make the server a better place for everyone. If you look in the MCC, you will see thousands of messages regarding this update alone, because we do try to discuss ideas as much as possible before we come to a decision. At the end of the day, there is no pleasing everyone, which is why we do use a system based on majority for deciding ideas, as that way we can please the most amount of people.

    I know how frustrating it can be to have ideas denied or not see the server move in the way you want, but ideas team and community management is trying our best to take feedback from the community and be as open as possible.

    Edit: Just a little clarification, the MCC stands for Mineplex Community Center. It is a public discord open to any Mineplex community members to discuss ideas with Community Management and Ideas Team. You can find the link for it in the Mineplex Discord in the announcements channel.
    Posted Feb 16, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 16, 2021
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  17. malism/Josh pretty much summed it up in the post above. Although Ideas Team is now CCO (Community Council) - which is a merge of our 2 teams FC (Feedback Collectors) and IT (Ideas Team). You can read about what CCO is and what they do/handle here. Game Insights is also another team that handles suggestions/alterations specifically for games. These 2 teams typically get a majority vote on ideas and have discussions before processing (denying/accepting) threads. Discussions on all these things happen here on the forums or in 2 Discords. Regardless, all feedback is taken into consideration and even community is allowed to participate, not just staff. GI and CCO are also teams that community and staff can join.

    Since this is basically already a thing, I'll have a CoM mark this as implemented and this will be locked. Message me with questions or concerns.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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