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Mineplex Contents' Nicknames [What I do at 3 am when I cannot fall back asleep]

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Danese, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Heyo!

    It's actually 4:30 am MST (at the time I began writing this thread) and I cannot sleep! Also, I am very bored. So, here are the random nicknames I have come up with for some of Mineplex's content (Mini-Games, Gadgets, etc.)!

    [Note: These are FUNNY and NOT serious!]


    "Meenplox" or "Memeplox" or "Memeplex!!" or "My Favorite Server!"

    Air Spout - "Flight Booster 9000!"

    Baker Delight - "Do you wanna eat a cupcake?!"

    Chocolate Gun - "Thou hast been chocolate'd"

    Christmas Gifts - "What do I do with 773 of these...?"

    Clacker Boomerang - "Clacker Rang" or "Okay, Boomer!"

    Clone Bone - "Thou hast been cloned!"

    Coal - "I am 6,237% naughty!"

    Connect 4 - "Lobby Griefer!"

    Festive Relics - "Take THAT, Lobby Gladiators!"

    Fireworks - "Pew Pew's"

    Flesh Hook - "Yeeters!"

    Freeze Cannon - "Wham! You're an Ice Cube!"

    From The Depths... - "I brought this from home!"

    Gate of Babylon - "Attack, my majestic flying swords!!"

    Grappling Hook - "WEEEEEEEE!"

    Human Firework - "No no, you ARE big boom!"

    Jetpack - "I am IRONMAN!"

    Love Letters - "Do not cringe!"

    Mob Bomb - "Explosive Kitties, ATTACK!!!"

    Paintball Gun - "That thing I have 67,172 of..."

    Play Catch - "Don't Let it FALL!"

    Portal Gun - "I can complete this lobby's parkour in 1 jump!"

    Spook-In-A-Box - "Come On, Zombies!!"

    Stormbreaker - "Thou hast been smitten!"

    Summoning Ritual - "Hi, Mom..."

    Trampoline - "Boing!"

    Valentines Gift - "YAY FREE STUFF!"

    Area 51 Raid Event - "Take THAT, Government!" or "Carl's an ALIEN?!" or "ET Phone Military Evac!"

    Christmas Chaos 2 - "Carl's Repeated Murder" or "Die Carl!" or "Boo, Carl! Booo! You suck, Carl!" or "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!" or "Santa just killed me!" or "Santa falls off a bridge and rises up from the depths!"

    Halloween Havoc - "Halloweenie Havoc"

    Rose Rush - "Rose Obduction Simulator"

    Snowball Fight - "Death by Snowballs!"

    Block Hunt - "Object Murder Simulator" or "Stand: The Movie!" or "Chicken Murder!" or "Chicken Revolution!"
    Pirate Island - "Pee-raté islandé (pee-rat-ay is-land-ay)"
    Museum - "...Why?"

    Bomb Lobbers - "Lob Bombers"

    Bridges - "Horizontal Walls"

    Cake Wars - "War Cakes!"

    Death Tag - "Thor's Target Practice"

    Micro battles - "Mini warz"

    Mine Strike - "Terrorist Simulator"

    Runner - "Just keep swimming"

    Sheep Quest - "Sheep Obduction Simulator"

    Snake - "Death By Passive Sheep Trains!" or "SCL [Snake Competitive League]" <-- I started calling Snake this after @MCCharity invited me to @Cory 's Official Snake Competitive League community [ /com OfficialSCL ]

    Super Smash Mobs - "Sluper Slash Slobs"

    Turf Wars - "Turfy Wars" or "Target Practice"

    Events [/server EVENT-1] - "Partaaay!"

    Trainees - "Mods: Coming Soon(TM)"

    Builders - "Those people who build literally everything"

    NANO GAMES - "Nani Games" <--- I started calling NANO this after hearing @Dutty say it

    Color Swap - "Color Luck"

    Glads - "Murder Mayhem!"

    Grapple Knife - "Welcome back to Danese falls for 2 minutes. I'm Danese, and I am falling for the 2 minutes."

    Hardcore Parkour - "Welcome Back to: 'Do Not Rage!'"

    Hot Potato - "Death by Potato!" or "Leave a potato if I helped! Oh... Oh, dear... Oh... no... "

    Jump Rope - "Mineplex: Jump Rope's not broken. Jump Rope: "

    Minekart - "Do not rage!" or "May the best ping win!"

    Quick - "Faster!" or "Hurry Up, Boi!"

    Redlight Greenlight - "Watch out for the Ice!" or "I'm winning!! Frick you, NANO GAMES! I didn't even move!!!"

    Reverse Tag - "Welcome back to 'Let's hide from everybody because if you get smacked just once, you lose!'"

    Slime Cycles - "Welcome back to try not to die instantly!"

    Snowball Trouble - "That game where you throw lead spheres covered in frost at another person's skull to instantly kill them."

    REMOVED GAMES - "Mineplex's Darkest Hour"

    Castle Siege - "Cwastle Swiege" [RIP]

    Gem Hunters - "Capitalism Simulator" [RIP]

    Heros Of Gwen - "Gwen Mania!" [RIP]

    Wizards - "My Computer Just Exploded." [RIP]

    These are meant to be funny. Please do not make this thread "unfunny."

    Have a great day!

    Posted Feb 20, 2020
  2. Late night hours, gotta love them.
    Anyway, some of these nicknames are pretty unique and very funny!

    I especially like the slime cycles one, as I can relate to that one way too much.

    The one for Nano games is also pretty creative. Nano games... uh nani games?

    This gave me a few good laughs so I hope to see more of similar threads like this one from you in the future, and you should definitely go get sleep now haha.
    Posted Feb 20, 2020
    Danese likes this.

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