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Mineplex Color Codes

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by UCYT_uwu_5040, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. These are for you guys to use. Color isn't displayed on the normal forums but you can use these for your signature.

    Purchasable Ranks:
    Ultra and Knight: #46f2f6
    Duke and Hero: #d528ef
    Eternal: #01a4ae
    Lord: #07bf07
    Immortal: #ffff59

    Free Ranks:
    Trainee Mod Sr. Mod: #d88d48
    Quality Assurance: #ff7898
    Event Squad: #7bc756
    Dev Admin Leader: #aa0000

    Main Orange Color: #ff9800
    Mineplex Black: #1e252f
    More color codes coming soon!

    Thank you!
    Posted Jun 3, 2020,
    Last edited Jun 4, 2020
  2. Thread Moved to Mineplex Guides
    This is a very helpful guide! I'd say it could be useful to many players, and definitely help them out if they'd like to add a little color to their signature. It's very nice of you to make this guide for others to look at! Overall, I'd say you did a great job with it!​
    Posted Jun 3, 2020
    Jaborrie likes this.
  3. Awesome list you made! I think many people will find this useful. Looking forward to the future color codes you add like you said you're in the future!

    Keep up the good work!
    Posted Jun 3, 2020
  4. Hey!
    Thank you for posting thread. This will help lots of players in mineplex.
    Posted Jun 9, 2020

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