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Mineplex clans - updates and changes that I believe would interest the community!

Discussion in 'Clans' started by ImMuscleMan, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Like the rest of the community I am looking forward to the new season, with leaks from the staff team, it has sounded very promising content wise. Also there have been some signs of older clans players returning, clans has more or less been dropping off in terms of players and content for a while now, I believe this started around season 5 or 6 due to not many significant updates (events + map changes + major legends / class reworks) being a player of clans since beta (when it was playable for free) I really miss those days, I believe a lot of the hype was a whole new content-full game to play and with that lots of players, clans is still a good base game for content but now you are either playing against noobs (people who have played the game for 1 month max) or people who have played the game since near release (2+ years) and I feel I cannot find a server worth playing because I either am on a server with 5 max people but fights I can win or servers with 20 max players but with people who have lots of experience with the game and I lose to everytime. I think all of that can be changed by implementing new features, which I have heard rumored may be coming with season 7 (new events + map changes) I believe with that the old players who have much more experience with the game may be level with the newer players as everyone learns how they work together from then on. Also as a Euoropean player I have missed the EU clans servers, I know these were removed due to the player base but I think a small amount of servers (2 or 4 - half casual, half hardcore) may be interesting to test, this is mainly due to high ping. That is not the end of lag though, I don't know how much of a grasp the clans staff team have of the massive global lag spikes, but I think that should be one of the main priorities, I can hardly have a proper pvp fight without being tped back 10 blocks or swinging aimlessly to not deal any damage as I and my opponent are lagging. I am now moving onto hackers, I know they are all over mineplex but in a game like clans where people work for up to months to get certain items (legendaries and rares) and then just being hacked on where there is nothing you can do, that is not fun and another large reason not as many people play clans. Gwen hardly works and I have experienced this first hand where I have been banned by gwen (falsely) because I was lagged in a block (due to mining it during lag) and flashing, from this false ban I lost a hyper-axe and lots of other items which I had been working for a few weeks, and had no idea mineplex forums existed then, I also know lots more people have been banned falsely and lost much more. To sum it up, clans season 7 has potential, there are lots of things than need fixing and I really hope the mineplex clans staff team can get season 7 delivered with haste. -Thanks ImMuscleMan
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
  2. Sorry if this seems negative to anyone I just want staff to be alert of the problems, the staff have achieved many great things recently and I hope they continue too.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 23, 2021
  3. If you do not know AlextheCoder leaked some thing about clans season 7, . as for the falsely banned people, most of them are false banned due to server lag which is hopfully going to be fixed in season 7. there is going to be a smaller map, no new leggies, and less clans servers, as alex talks about
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
  4. Thanks, I was not aware of the fact that this video existed.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 23, 2021
  5. No problem!
    Posted Feb 23, 2021
  6. Hey there!
    As stated above, Alex did recently leak a lot of new content that will be coming within the new season, and that is totally something everyone should be excited about. Two of your points, being too many clans servers (5 people max on a server) or too many members in a clan, was actually brought up by Alex, and confirmed to both be lowered in the new season. As for the server lag, regular staff members cannot control, not fix it. Fixing the lag is solely up to the developers who work on the game. As for the anti-cheat, a new one is being worked, as Alex announced in the official Mineplex discord a few weeks back. As a staff member, trying to ban closeters is a lot more time consuming than one may think, and we really do try our best to ensure the servers are free, but some things are just out of our control.

    A reason that clans may have also died a little that you haven't covered, was the changing community. Back in season 3, most players were still early teenagers. It's been years since then, and a lot of the community has either moved on from Minecraft or has turned a bit toxic, due to many of us growing up around the community. The game itself is very competitive, and I feel that the typical audience is now aimed at 15 to 20-year-olds, who sometimes take the game too seriously.

    Legends also kill servers mostly. I feel it's too easy to gain legends now due to people being able to spam event tokens at 2am, then grinding out raids the next day. Especially if the legend set falls into a closet cheater's hands, it's difficult to kill them, and the legends don't get spread around the server, often leaving smaller clans to get camped, only to be kicked off the server because of them losing all their loot.
    Posted Feb 26, 2021
    ImMuscleMan, Kugzer and Nixoi like this.
    Posted Mar 1, 2021

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