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Mineplex clans - How enconomy could be balanced.

Discussion in 'Clans' started by ImMuscleMan, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. As of now, season 6 map 3, the best way to gain gear and loot is to pvp (which is becoming harder and harder as more people cheat and find broken builds) and to mine with a runed pickaxe for cobblestone. After doing this for a while it can feel very repetitive and slightly boring.


    1. Make farming more viable! It may sound stupid but I would much rather break melons or punch carrots to get money rather than mining cobblestone with a runed pickaxe or pvping then raging, I think if prices for organic produce get changed (for example melon sell price from 5 gold to something more like 15 - 20, as it is you get a few melons (3-5 or something around that) per melon if you get 5 gold that is 25 gold max per melon, that is pretty terrible considering an iron sword is 5 gold, I know you can have an 8 chunk melon farm from max height to bedrock, but it is still manual and time consuming break all the melons, unlike the current mushroom farms that break the economy cus they are so nearly automatic. This could be solved by:
    Adding new tiers of farming, this would make more valuable crops / plants actually able to make money for the player but the more money making crops / plants hard to obtain at the same time and the cheaper crops easier to obtain, here are the tiers I suggest:

    Teir 1 - potato, carrot, mushrooms This is because they are easily to make quite automatic Least money for selling

    Teir 2 - sugar cane, melon, pumpkin This is because they cannot be automatic Mid tier money for selling

    Teir 3 - netherwart I think this could be an awesome addition to growing, it would be obtained via boss kill (for example 5 soul sand, so you have something to plant the netherwart on, and 5 netherwart. The fact netherwart has to be planted on soul sand would make it impossible for players to have 100s of netherwart growing as soul sand would only be obtainable via events, netherwart should sell for 300 - 500 gold as you can get multiple netherwart (2-3 or something around that) per harvest, I think this would enable farmers to have more of a level playing field when it comes to getting money, as currently it is very hard to get money (unless its an near automatic mushroom farm). Max tier money for selling.

    2. My next suggestion is fishing, currently fishing is disabled, obviously some drops need to be removed (enchantment books, misc items like saddles e.t.c) but fish like salmon and cod plus armor and weapons (all armor pieces and types, all weapons, obviously power and booster weapons rarer % to get, and maybe even are 2.5% chance or something around that to fish up a rune, this could add spice to grinding (NOTE: I know auto fishers can be made, but there should be somewhere on the map (the mystical lake or something like that) which is like fields or shops or spawn, where no blocks can be broken but fishing can be done there, fishing can be done no where else, so auto fishers will not work)

    3. Change mining, right now ores are mainly used for making weapons or armor, this could be changed by making them worth more in the shop! For example changed iron value for selling from 100 to 250 gold, this would make the nether (which can be entered after defeating the Skeleton king or Iron wizard) more useful for getting money aswell, as the player can easily get up to 32 iron which currently is worth 3200 which is not alot for the effort and time put in, with the new change it would be worth 8,000 gold, a lot more rewarding.
    Iron can also be found in fields and underground like usual and finding a stack will reward you for 16,000 (A set and weapons) which is so muc better than 6,400 gold. I think this would change runed pickaxe mining and make it (especially for start of the world) a lot more usefull to mine for ores.

    -I know that this can't be implemented anytime soon but it would be cool if some of it made it into an update in a futue season.
    Posted Mar 4, 2021
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  2. As of now, I'm pretty sure the main focus around the game is to pvp and dominate other clans (if there are warpoints involved) so I'm not too sure I personally like this idea. For 'broken' builds, I'm not sure if you mean glitched, or just really good ones, but for the glitched builds, we've been trying our hardest to catch those people and punish them accordingly.

    Farms shouldn't be a really powerful thing because gold shouldn't be your main source of obtaining gear. The point is to go out and fight, not spend hours breaking melons. People mainly break cobblestone for materials for their base at the start of the world. It's easy to obtain the cobble because most of the time it's being mined out from your base. I just think farming for gold takes away from the main point of the game, pvp.

    I appreciate you bringing up the idea, and I think it was really well thought out and detailed, however, I personally disagree with the idea as I don’t believe a game centered around gold is fundamentally beneficial
    Posted Mar 4, 2021,
    Last edited Mar 4, 2021
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  3. Hey! I like this idea to some extent, I would like farming to be more viable than it currently is but not for gear. In my opinion there should be a trade system so it is easier to farm at the start to get base materials for ex you sell X amount of melon and get Z amount of stone brick. I feel like farming could be changed but like Eroca has said Clans the main point of it is to obtain gear from fighting. As of now I know that can be hard for new players due to the wealth divide in servers but going forward we can hope that the resets don't take as long as this one.
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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  4. This is going to be a strong -1 from me. Much like Oublisam and Eroca stated, Clans is a competitive combat gamemode by nature with a couple of RPG touches like bosses and raids, which means we should focus on improving the rewards for fighting others and beating world events rather than rewarding those who could sit in their base all day. While I do agree that not everyone has a fighting playstyle, you shouldn't be rewarded for something that takes drastically less skill than killing other players, because farming melons is something anyone can do.

    Apart from all of that, raising sell prices for both farming and mining shops would result in a great abuse of this system. That is because players would most likely start making massive farms or even alternate clans to focus a whole 8-chunk claim solely on farming, just like it was done with mushroom soup farms. This would be unacceptable and would basically kill the economy system. As for fishing rods go, I do think it would be a nice addition, but the drops would need a rework because we cannot be giving players enchanted books, string, or even enchanted armor from it, much as you said in your original post.

    All in all, I strongly disagree with most of the economy part of your idea, but I do like the concept of fishing in clans, since it could bring a new form of playstyle for those who do not like fighting,
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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