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Mineplex Clans FAQ

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Fallen, Jan 1, 2020.

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    Getting Started in Clans

    What is Clans? How do I get started playing it?

    If you're a new player looking to start out, or an old player looking for a refresher, check out the Clans Resources & Guides thread, pinned in the Clans subsection of the forums! It contains a lot of helpful resources for you and your Clan to get started.

    For brand new players who would like a welcome tutorial, check out this document which will take you through the absolute basics of playing the game for the first time.

    Why can't I join Hardcore servers? What's the difference between those and Casual?

    Clans servers are separated into two types, Casual and hardcore. Casual servers are for players below 20 hours of Clans Time. In this mode, you cannot raid other Clans. All other aspects of the game are available in Casual, letting you learn about the game without the fear of losing your base ands tuff! Once you complete 20 hours in Casual, you can join Hardcore servers (which have raiding), and challenge others to be the top dog in a more competitive but still enjoyable setting.

    Excuse me, people keep talking about a reset but I do not know what that is.

    Clans seasons run for a limited amount of time, and reset based on a set schedule determined by the Clans Management team (as opposed to the past, where it was reset whenever there was an update to be put out.) At the end of the season or map, there is a reset of all servers. All bases, claims, maps, clans, gold etc. will be gone. The exception to this is, if you have unused banners or other purchasable items on the Mineplex Store, you will be able to use them in the next season (or map) (not including in-game already redeemed items like Dyes from Dye Boxes...)

    What's the Mineplex Clans Discord, and how do I join it?

    The MCD is Clans' official Discord. On it, you can be the first to get notified about new Events hosted by the Clans Team, updates to the game, and discussions! Have a chance to suggest ideas for the Clans game-mode, and vote on polls that help to decide the future of the game! Join us today, through this invite link: https://discord.gg/7aGScYJ

    Rules, Reports, Blacklists & Appeals

    I want to see the rules for Clans, where can I find them?

    You can find the most updated version of the rulebook here.

    Someone broke a rule on Clans! Where do I report them?

    You can go report them here following these guidelines. Please note that all reports for players on Clans should go through the Clans Report link previously mentioned, as many offences include a separate blacklist.

    There's a creepy crawly on my floor. Where can I tell the sky technicians about it?

    You can report Clans bugs here. Please be sure to be as specific as possible and try to provide evidence, so that the bug can be re-created, and we can squash it!

    I just got unbanned but it says I'm still banned from Clans! Why? I thought I served my time?

    Every ban that takes place in a Clans server has an accompanying blacklist (a Clans ban), which are generally longer than the original ban (depending on your punishment history). This is not a mistake, you will have to wait it out or appeal it (see blacklist appeals).

    Ah! I think I have been falsely blacklisted/think I deserve a second chance, where should I submit my appeal?

    For general Mineplex bans, appeal at https://www.mineplex.com/appeals. To appeal Clans blacklists (bans from Clans specifically), you should appeal at https://www.mineplex.com/clans-appeals.

    Miscellaneous Questions

    I just lost my prized legendary to a cheater... Can I get it back?

    Yes, if you have evidence of directly losing them to a cheater (there must be evidence of the cheater cheating) and evidence of the legend’s UUID, you are eligible for a legendary return. For more information on how to have a legendary returned to you, view the Legendary Returns Guide.

    I have suspicions that someone on the Clans team is not being very "upstanding," what can I do to keep Clans clean and report them?

    If you have evidence that a Clans team member is not following rules, policy, etc. you should message @Flaym with the evidence. If you feel for whatever reason that he cannot be trusted, you can submit a support ticket at https://mineplex.com/support (as with any other staff member).

    I'm worried that I might be punished for sharing my account. Will I? What can I do to protect myself?

    Anyone considering account sharing should check out this guide on account sharing, which teaches you all the risks of account sharing, what can happen if you choose to share your account, and much more.

    Posted Jan 1, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 22, 2020
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    Any information about Season 7 will be announced in the Mineplex Clans Discord as soon as it becomes available. Feel free to join & see everything it's got to offer through the hyperlink above.
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    OP OP Posted Oct 23, 2020
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