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In Discussion Mineplex bedrock edition, gem rewards should be changed for mixed arcade, or maybe even all games.

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by EthanSMG4, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Hello! I have known Mineplex Windows 10 for about 6 months now and I think gem and shard rewards need to be changed for all mixed arcade games, or maybe even all games.

    While playing mixed arcade, I usually get 50 - 90 gems depending on the game. However, I get 1st place and only get 30 - 50 gems on a game like OITQ, but when I play bomb lobbers the highest amount of gems I gotten was around 250. I feel like the games should not only count if you came in first, how well you completed the objective, or how many kills you get. I think there should be a base amount of gems for each game based if the game is hard or easy, PvP or not PvP, or even just if people play it the most often. With cake wars, I only win up to 60 gems a game with tons of kills, and amount of cakes eaten in 10 minutes, but with mixed arcade I win the same amount in under 3 minutes.

    I think gem rewards need to be changed, and some games should be boosted and nerfed. I feel like this will increase the amount of players playing on certain games they like, instead of only playing the games that win the most gems.
    Posted Nov 10, 2018
  2. Hello!
    I understand you, we actually did get some gems in Cake Wars if we recount our effort, but instead we gained 1000 experience points. Bomb Lobbers is my favorite game and its rewards are very good (unfortunately it was placed in Mixed Arcade, and now I can not play all the time). But I think it's been a long time, and probably will not change.
    Let's wait until a member of the team manifests himself explaining a little more about it.

    Posted Nov 10, 2018
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