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Not Planned Mineplex App

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by dive, Feb 27, 2020.


big brain idea ?

  1. yes its cool

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  2. No point

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  1. Well, I first thought of this when I opened mineplex on google chrome(phone), it was ok to use but sometimes it was hard to click. So I was thinking that Mineplex could create like a Mineplex App in the appstore, so it’s easier to navigate and use.
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  2. Yo!
    I'm assuming you are taking about the website, and if that's the case then I don't see the need for it. With the new website host xen, it's pretty mobile friendly already so since Xen doesn't have an app for legal reasons I'm not sure Mineplex could create their own app based on their services (but I'm not 100% sure). I myself never have any issues with my phone and the site but everyone is different. However, if you are talking about something else feel free to correct me :)

    I will say though, I wouldn't mind a Mineplex app that kind of served as a "hub" so if you opened it there would be a button to take you to the site, open your Minecraft app on your phone, and maybe a stats page for the platforms? Something like that I wouldn't mind.

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    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  3. Hey!

    I agree with TeaSpiller; the website is already very mobile-friendly. As well, if you are using an iPhone, you can go to the forums on Safari, tap the little box with an arrow pointing up. From there, if you press "Add to Home Screen" and then you have a sort of app which brings you to the site directly.

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    Edit: I also agree with the idea to possibly have an app (including things such as leaderboards). It could be useful!
    Posted Feb 27, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 27, 2020
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  4. While the website already fits the forums really well on mobile, I think a Mineplex app could be a great addition — in the form of leaderboards (so basically stats pages, as @TeaSpiller mentioned earlier)!

    This isn’t exactly what you suggested, but it’s a different way we could incorporate a Mineplex app. I know many players really enjoyed it while it was a thing and it would create more space for displaying the leaderboards in a clean and unified fashion. Currently, a few leaderboards are not displayed. They could also re-add the kill leaderboards from the old Mineplex app instead of only having them for game wins.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t join this server in time to experience that app, but it seemed like a nice feature and I’d heard about it a lot from other players who did enjoy it. Therefore, any other features it may have had (or other ideas in general) might also be good for an app, without taking anything away from the current forums.
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  5. Hey! This has unfortunately been denied before. Since it's unnecessary dev time when the time could be put to better use, not a lot of people would download the app. Also, currently, the website is quite "mobile-friendly" so it's just not needed at this moment in time. It's just not worth it compared to other updates that could be done to the site. This idea has also has been denied many times before as you can see here as one example (https://www.mineplex.com/threads/mineplex-app.62854/).

    Thread Locked >> Not Planned
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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