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[Clans] Minemen Recruitment [S6]

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by FEMINIZE, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. .Welcome to Minemen's recruitment page in which I, Feminize, will be conducting tests to see which of you will be the newest members. To begin, this is not your average clan for this is a Clan that will soon take the lead. We've also gone by Feminists. . Why Minemen: Why, you ask? Well, why not I say. Minemen is a clan who aspires to be a fundamentally exciting and over exhilarating. Minemen has a long past in which starts at Alpha and progresses over time through season 3 maintaining its status as a clan to be reckoned with. Our clan strives to be a calm, toxic free place to play. With the leader Zhiffy, we have built a mature and organized clan from the ground up. Our bases have also stood out from all the rest each season with innovative designs, and aesthetically pleasing architecture.
    Leader - Zhiffy Admin - Inquisitor Admin - legendmasterking Admin - Blazey Admin - Feminize Admin - rmai Admin - GHOT Admin - Pigies Admin - DayOnes Admin - TheObeseWalrus Admin - Whalle Admin - Narahal Admin - Rosalia
    Posted Feb 18, 2019
  2. [FONT="Open Sans",Arial,sans-serif]you act like season six is ever gonna come out l000000l[/FONT]
    Posted Feb 18, 2019
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  3. I have made a clan called Tornado and I want to ally you in season 6 even though we're bad.

    Discord - ム AbDabTheFab#4010 (liv wid da triangles)
    Posted Feb 18, 2019
  4. just curious, is hiasco playing with you guys for season 6?
    Posted Feb 21, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 13, 2019
  5. I would like to apply!

    Discord: joerock777#7045
    PvP skills: 8/10
    Archery skills: 7/10
    Building skills: 7/10

    Why do I want to join this clan?: I have seen your clan in the past and you do work well as a team, I like Clans who work well together, organised and mainly play clans for fun!
    Trust me, i’m no insider or thrower, even ask anyone you know if I have ever insided anyone.

    What will I do for the clan?: I will do a lot of things for the clan, I am really good at soloing events such as the IW and SK within 5-10 minutes, rarely cleaned at events and I am really good at cleaning others in events. I am very good at Charles witherton raids, i am so experienced that I have once did a 3 man raid (with no rares or legends).
    I also live in the UK, so while you guys are sleeping, I could be online using supply drops, boss tokens or even rune amplifiers.

    Anything else I would like to add?: I would like to say if I do get accepted to the clan, I would be very happy to get to know you guys better and to be better friends with anyone, since we are a clan, we should all be friendly with eachother

    Hope you like my application @FEMINIZE
    Posted Mar 19, 2019
  6. ign vigilance_36
    pvp 10/10 sin ill mps u bro
    why i want to join well i heard the name and u sound like a good clan to be a part of, I do not want to inside, dont think this because of short app
    discrd somethingkenny#5200

    I want to be in your clan, I will pvp test whenever works for you, I have a mic and can join calls and talk almost anytime. Cheers
    Posted Mar 22, 2019
  7. okay so I’m kinda well known in the clans community due to my big pp status so it doesn’t matter I only have 69 clans wins it’s GG another good reason I should join is because I’m black and you need someone to give you the N-word pass GG
    Posted Mar 31, 2019
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  8. xd add me Blurzyy#5124 I dont like doing applications on here @FEMINIZE
    Posted Apr 4, 2019
  9. hi unstopableluck
    Posted Apr 6, 2019
  10. @FEMINIZE my app:

    Age: if u wanna know dm me
    Discord: if u wanna know dm me
    PVP: 8/10 pvp on mps if u want
    Why I wanna join: Many players on clans are skilled however they are not supported by an equally skilled team to actually achieve things. I believe I am one of those players which has been consistently neglected by many. Give me a chance and we'll see!

    Main kit: sin mostly good with knight

    I live in PST dm me for discord and we can coordinate a time for pvp testing or whatever

    good luck to other applicants

    ps: pls dont kill me
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
  11. IGN: Gcdly
    Discord: DuxGoQuack#4883
    PvP skills: 9/10
    Archery skills: 9/10
    Building skills: 11/10

    Why do I want to join this clan?: Recently I have been wanting to join a power clan, many have gone through my mind, although Minemen, as we all know, is one of the best if not the best clan around. Not only are they strong individual pvpers, but seem light hearted, funny and friendly. I have been in power clans before, like Kombat and Heartless back in season 2, but never recently.

    What will I do for the clan?: I personally, think I can bring a lot the clan, including building, pvping, and all around assisting in making the clan as great as it can be. I am willing to play what ever kit, I specialise in (Assassin, Knight and Mage) I can be an amazing team player when it comes to mage, and that I know most people don't enjoy doing (assisting), they enjoy up front pvp, which I can do also. I think I will bring some new base ideas and building related things. I can also play (Ranger) after competing in the CCL for Reflex and Heartless back in the day, I have some top quality ranger knowledge. I can't say much, but I am trust worthy and loyal and have a great personality, Thank you :)

    Other info (Timezone, Etc): I am english and will be very active, I am also 14 years old and 15 in May, I am mature and easy to talk to. Some would class me as a no life, which I can partially agree with. Again thank you for reading and I would help you consider my application.

    Thanks A lot - Gcdly @FEMINIZE
    Posted Apr 13, 2019
  12. IGN: JJ808
    PvP skills: 8/10
    Archery skills: 8/10
    Building skills: 6/10

    Why do I want to join this clan?: I want to join this clan because i want to have a good power clan were the members are good and have a strong bond with eachother. I played with you guys before and been in some clans with ur clanmates such as legendmasterking. You guys are active and I am to which is the main reason why i want to join because I love a clan with players that have good skill and is active.

    What will I do for the clan?: I can do a lot for this clan like help out in pvp, raid, and events. I'm a really good pvper and I have been in some really good power clans such as EzMuch, Huggle, wolfgang, and a s1 Dauntless. I have a lot of experience with raid so I know what to do and also I can stay up late at night usually and i can grind some events for you guys. I'm also the type of guy that people usually like so you don't ave to worry about me being some annoying trash player that is wasting you time.

    Anything else I would like to add?: I would like to add that im in one of the top ccl which ig proves that im not that bad a pvp lmao. I've also been playing clans since Alpha so.. yeah. I can be in calls almost all the time I play but I can usually only talk on non school days.
    Posted Apr 18, 2019
  13. Hi I’m bllu,
    And this is my application!

    PvP skill:7-8

    Why I would like to join your clan:
    first of all I want to join a clan like yours because you seem like competent players who have a chance against others and I feel like I would fit in well. I am also good friends with your allies (Legacies) and feel like I could really give the 2 clans a good bond between each other.

    What will I do for the clan: first of all I have been playing since season 1, and for a while wasn’t the best. Now I wouldn’t say I’m amazing but I’m able to take 1v1s and I am a good teammate who can make calls. I am also on very often to play which means I can help with base work etc.

    Anything else I would like to add: I would really love to be in your clan because currently I am not enjoying the new season because I am solo and would really rather be in a clan then in a solo having to clean and missing out on all the fun. I would really appreciate if I got in and I hope you take my application into consideration. If you would like to msg me just add me on discord ( shown above)!
    Posted Apr 21, 2019

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