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In Discussion Minecraft Manhunt

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by IambicDiameter, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    (Image taken from the thumbnail of Dream's "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin")


    There's a couple of videos by the Minecraft youtuber, Dream, around a game where one player tries to beat Minecraft as fast as possible while another player tries to kill them once (He names them "Minecraft Speedrunner vs. Minecraft Hunter"). I've always wanted to play some minigames for myself, but many servers do the same spiel. I think this one is relatively easier to implement than other minigames.

    The Game
    This game is played in complete Survival Vanilla Minecraft. A new Minecraft world is generated into the world. There is one Speedrunner and one Hunter. The two players are spawned at random locations in the world, around 300 blocks away from each other at the start of the game.

    The Speedrunner's goal is to complete the game without dying. They only has one life; the game ends if they die. They must create a nether portal in order to gather blaze rods at a Nether Fortress. Then, they must gather Ender Pearls to form Eyes of Ender to track the stronghold. They must complete the portal, go into the End, and defeat the Ender Dragon. Simple, right?

    The Hunter's goal is to try get the speedrunner die in any way, shape, or form (including a death not caused by the hunter). He has a compass that works only in the overworld dimension, and points to the speedrunner's location, or last location if the speedrunner is in the Nether.

    The game ends when the speedrunner beats the game, or they die either by the hands of the hunter or the environment. There is also a 2 hour time limit, that if no one fulfills, their goal, then no one wins.

    Hunter - The Cat
    Goal: Eliminate the speedrunner.
    * Unlimited lives
    * Has player tracker compass (works in all dimensions)

    Speedrunner - The Mouse
    Goal: Complete the game without dying.
    * One life
    * Better kits

    Hunter Kits
    Hunter - Free:
    *Gets a compass that points to the speedrunner at all times. This doesn't regard for Y-level. It only works in the overworld.

    Slayer - 5000 Gems:
    *Gets a Tracker Rod (Blaze Rod). When held, it will give the number of blocks the user is away from the speedrunner every 5 seconds. It can work in all dimensions.

    Assassin - 10000 Gems:
    *Gets a Tracker Gadget (Iron Door) When pressed, it gives the exact coordinates of the speedrunner, and what dimension they are in. However, the cooldown is 2 minutes.

    Speedrunner Kits
    Beserker - Free:
    (Idea from Bridges)
    * +1 Axe Damage
    * Right click on Axe to Beserker Leap
    * Starts with Stone Axe

    Coward - 2000 Gems:
    * Speed I for 3 seconds after taking damage
    * Weakness I and Resistance I when below 3 hearts

    Trailblazer - 2000 Gems:
    * Fire Protection IV Gold Boots
    * Feather- Right click to gain Speed II for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds

    Bucketeer - 2000 Gems:
    * Starts with 2 Buckets

    Miner - 5000 Gems:
    * Permanent Haste I
    * Starts with stone pick

    Rabbit - 5000 Gems:
    * Feather Falling III Chain Boots
    * Rabbit's Foot- Right click to gain Jump Boost IV for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds

    Horseman - 10000 Gems:
    * Starts with 3 apples
    * Gets a saddle every 3 minutes (Max of 1)

    Enderman - Achievement Kit:
    * Gets an Ender Pearl every 2 minutes. (Max of 1)

    Here are some variants for the game:
    * Cut Clean (Highly recommended to speed up the game): All ores drop smelted versions of themselves. All animals drop cooked meat.
    * 100% Drop Rates (Recommended): Mobs (Especially blazes and enderman) have a 100% chance to drop their item.
    * Higher Enderman Rates
    * VS Assassin: The Assassin can kill players in one hit, but is frozen in direct sight of the Speedrunner.
    * 2v2, 3v3 ... NvN: There are n speedrunners and n hunters.
    * Dragon Race: Both players are speedrunners, and both can kill each other. Both players have unlimited lives.
    * Team Swap: Speedrunners who die are put on the other team.


    - Only a few players to start game
    - Unique idea?
    - Youtube bandwagon
    - Fun to play runner (and anxious)

    - Long games, time commitment
    - Random world generation may be expensive
    - More servers for few people
    - Runner is at disadvantage

    Final Thoughts
    All in all, I think this game can be a really cool concept. It has a really unique idea that I haven't played before. Although, I don't imagine it to get big with such small match sizes.
    I think the perfect size would be 2v6 matches with Team Swap.

    Of course, there may be balancing issues with the roles and kits of the game. The game may take too long, and pose too great a time commitment. However, I think this can be solved by speeding up some aspects of Minecraft by using Cut Clean, 100% drop rates, and higher rare mob rates.

    I spent a lot of time working on this post because I really want to see this implemented in a server. If anyone has suggestions, please comment! I'd like to hear feedback.
    Posted Feb 3, 2020
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  2. I really dislike this. First, creating code that could imitate Minecraft's world generation convincingly would take an obscenely long time. Second, this doesn't allow any customisability / uniqueness to be added to the "minigame" (there is nothing "mini" about this idea, more information later on). Third, Minecraft Vanilla worlds are massive, and can take weeks to find buildings like Nether Fortresses which are necessary to complete the game.

    So the maps need some level of moderation and control before they are used. Consequently, making the maps Vanilla is out of the question for a minigame server.

    I'm confused as to why you are under the impression that the average player (this is a minigame server, remember) can constantly fight another player with similar gear over and over whilst completing an incredibly long game in 2 hours flat, all under the constraint of never dying once.

    Essentially it's trying to complete a hardcore Minecraft game whilst being hounded by another player in only 2 hours. I believe that only a tiny fraction of Mineplex's playerbase can complete this. Not exactly a minigame with wide appeal.

    What's the difference between location and last location? I'm struggling to imagine an intuitive way to make a difference between the two, so explaining what you mean would be great :D

    As I've said before, 2 hours is simply impossible. It would have to be extended to at least 5 hours to give the SpeedRunner a fighting chance. But there's a problem - Mineplex is a minigame server, and 5 hours is by no means the length of a mini game. So, the only solution I see that both gives the SpeedRunner a chance and turns this into a minigame is by radically shortening the length to ~30 minutes, and changing the maps where the obsidian needed for the portal is very close to surface, for instance. Things like this would turn this incredibly long game into a lengthy minigame.

    In my opinion, the Hunter kit is waaaay stronger than the Slayer kit. The Slayer kit tells you how far away the SpeedRunner is, but that's literally it. The Hunter kit, on the other hand, constantly gives you directions to the SpeedRunner. This doesn't seem balanced.

    And the Assassin kit is really under-powered. Only once every two minutes, you get the coordinates of the SpeedRunner. The coordinates. Not a trail of particles to the SpeedRunner or anything, but the coordinates. What if the Hunter didn't know how to use coordinates? Or, they tried to press FN + F4, but they only pressed F4 and closed Minecraft? It's too dependant on the Hunter's level of basic Minecraft functions.

    Most of these kits just let the SpeedRunner move faster, essentially. Either that, or the SpeedRunner starts off with some rather useless items - a stone axe is almost useless, 2 buckets have literally no purpose at the start of the game. Here's what will happen every round - the Hunter will use the compass with no cooldown whatsoever to find the SpeedRunner in minutes, before the SpeedRunner can get iron gear. And since they're only 300 blocks away, the game will just turn into a 1v1, but one side has an infinite number of lives.

    So, in conclusion, as of now there are balancing issues within every single kit. The time limit is both two short to let the SpeedRunner win, and too long for a minigame server. We have no control whatsoever in the map generation, and you are under the impression that:
    The opposite is true. The development time for this game would be jaw-dropping in comparison to the incredibly pressing balancing issues.

    But all is not lost. All that is really needed is a way to speed up the game, and some balancing and imiginative ideas added to the kits, and you're set!
    Posted Feb 5, 2020
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  3. Thanks for the suggestions. This post was mainly to get my raw ideas out about the gamemode, so I wasn't able to form the most balanced kits. I'll be making a version 2 of this post soon. But, here are some of my responses:

    Although Mineplex has a lot of mini-games, I don't think that is the main reason for what Mineplex is known for. I believe Mineplex is known for uniqueness, rather than just short games. Though being radically different than other games, I believe this game can create its own niche in the multiplayer community. Sure, it may not be for the Mineplex community, but it can be a chance for new players who are interested in a Survival game mode like this. Additionally, it can attract players who have seen challenges based around this concept.

    I do acknowledge that a 2+ hour length is a problem for the game. Ideally, game lengths should be averaging 1 hour each. In the new version, it would be 3 hunters vs 5 speedrunners, where team swap would be used (when a speedrunner dies, they swap to the hunter team) Additionally, it would be beneficial to have Cut Clean, 100% drop rates, haste effect, and increased enderman spawn rates on the surface. For the nether, the fortress would be shifted to (0, 0). Or, blazes could be made to spawn anywhere in the nether.

    Mineplex has done it before back when it had UHC. It only took a couple of minutes to generate a world. There are already plugins that generate a new minecraft world using Minecraft's own world generator.

    I'll try to rework this idea in the future. Thanks for the suggestions.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 5, 2020
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  4. I already made a ManHunt minigame plugin. I've been coding since 2014 and thought this is the perfect opportunity to recreate an iconic minigame. If you're interested in joining, pm me on Discord: Chuan#3096
    Posted Aug 31, 2020
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