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In Discussion Minecraft but...

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Alexthom, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. I don’t know if any of you guys watch Skeepy on YouTube, but he has been making lots of videos recently where he plays survival mode with his friends, but there’s always a catch such as lava rises every minute, or anvils fall every minute, exc. what if there was a mini game where people teamed up (or went solo), and there was a catch? We could make it something where people can choose what mode they want, like anvils, water, lava. If anyone wants to build on this, I’d appreciate it!

    Skeppy’s vids so far like this:

    Minecraft but...
    Lava rises every minute-

    Water rises every minute:

    TNT falls every minute

    Every Drop is random

    You only have one heart

    100 players Trapped in a box, and lava rises each minute

    Anvils fall every minute

    Maybe there would also be kits with benefits such as a kit that lets you have more than one life.
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    While this game does sound interesting on paper, I don't think it should be added. The main reason is because of the development time. It would take quite a while to program in all those kits and how to make it if one person wants anvils and others want water etc to be used in 1 game, if you mean via like a map selection for everyone then that would make things less complicated on that end. Another thing is, how many players will this game hold? From what I have also read and seen via the videos this is just Minecraft Survival, not an actual mini-game. We had a game named UHC in the past, which is ultra hardcore survival in the beginning then you go and find people to kill to be the last one alive. Mineplex as of the moment is a mini-game server. While it is again unique on paper for Mineplex to have I don't think it would be popular cause of the reasons I stated above. As of the moment, -1
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  3. Hmmm... well, when people vote for maps, if it’s a tie, it just randomly picks. We could also just make it randomize what mode you wanted, but I feel like that wouldn’t be as fun.
    And for people, it would hold a team of people. We could make it shorter by making stuff like a barrier that closes in, pvp teams or solo, or both. We could also add extra challenges, such as in the anvil video, after you go past -60 in y, tnt spawns near you.
    --- Post updated ---
    We could also turn it into a mini game somehow.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2019
  4. I think this game is very cool idea and I would like to see it or something similar implemented into the server.
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  5. Oh, btw, the game would end after like 10 min. It wouldn’t just go on until someone killed the ender dragon or anything. :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2019
  6. Hey
    Interesting idea here, though I'll have to disagree.

    This game isn't quite the experience one would anticipate on a Minecraft server. It isn't really a game in the sense that there's no plot - however it is appears to be fun with a popular YouTuber messing around in it. YouTube content dramatizes everything; the core of the game is not as entertaining as it may appear to be. Your suggestion is essentially a Survival world with a twist to it, which isn't suitable for a Minecraft server, not to mention a mini-game server.

    Survival worlds (associating your suggestion with Survival worlds, if you're confused) are meant to be an infinite mode that grow from your first dirt house, even after the defeat of the ender dragon. Ending the game after 10 minutes would not allow any progress in the world.

    I worry Mineplex will be accused of copying other gamemodes if they implement this game. Realistically, the gaming industry is all about building off of other games, however this would be an exact replica. While I'm aware you suggested kits, kits would not work well in the game as it is based off of a Survival world. The game on Mineplex would end up being identical to the one in Skeppy's channel (and obviously other locations, just as a given location).

    I left this reason for last, as I believe it is generic and does not completely support my argument: Mineplex is a mini-game server. 10 minutes would classify it as arcade, but I disagree with that limit. If the time were to be increased, it would not fit under the category of mini-game. Alas, it is probable that other players disagree with me on the front of altering the 10 minute mark, but this is just my opinion on the matter.

    It is best you attempt these games on your own, whether it be another server or downloading a world. They don't fit into Mineplex's aesthetic and would split the playerbase into two.

    - Lial
    Posted Oct 19, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 19, 2019
  7. I see all the problems that everyone is pointing out, and I feel like I’m almost there with the idea. I created the thread because I had an idea, but I wanted people to give more ideas to make it better. Maybe instead of ending it, we can find a way to end it once some specific thing happens. Cake wars can be from around 10-30 minutes, because it ends at the last team standing. If we can find a way that the players can be in control of when the game ends, that could really help. Does anyone have any ideas? There’s some other problems, but I want to start with this
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2019
  8. ma'am your name is Lila not lial
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
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  9. The 1 and only problem and reason this game absolutely cannot be added is because you wanted it to be a survival world type of thing. If you were to change it so that yoy start out with specific tools in kits and have a world border making the world relatively small then there is a small possibility of this game being added. Mineplex has never dkne very well with games like this because most of there player base has come to mineplex because of there unique mini games and the short amount of time it takes to play them, also because each game is simple and dosnt take much effort or "grinding" for reosurses or materials.

    As for a way to build on your idea you could have this be a different mode of the bridges where different events happen while you are gathering materials. This is the only way I see your idea working, although its not a bad idea the way you have this now just isnt a good fit for mineplex. I hope you understand and I do want to specify that this IS a good idea, but most of mineplex's player base wouldn't find this idea appealing.
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  10. I like your idea about the bridges style thing. So I think I need to see this actually happening. If I created a demo of this, would you guys like that? If everyone would want to see that, then I’ll put up a server, but if only some do, I’ll put together a video in premiere pro showing what It would look like.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2019
  11. I think that you should re propose this idea as a new mode of the bridges, a video would defenantly make it look more appealing, so you could definantly take a shot at it! It would be a time consuming endeavor but it could pay off, although but there still is a chance that it won't be implemented. As for making a demo this could be a good idea and you could have good examples of it to cite when you are making your case for why you think the mode should be implemented. In the end its all up to you! You defenantly could take a swing at it but if you do I think you should try to take alot of time on it, detailing any changes to bridges gameplay and any new kits or modifications across the board that would need to be implemented before this could be introduced to mineplex. I hoped this helped you!

    Have a great evening!
    Posted Oct 19, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 19, 2019
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  12. Hellooo
    I don’t think the game really fits into Mineplex’s current list of games. An open survival world type of game would be hard to implement. That being said, I think I have a possible alternative.

    Maybe there could be a minigame in nano games or mixed arcade similar to what you described. Players would spawn in a smaller arena, and at random, one of these types of events that you described would occur. Last person standing wins. I think this would make it easier to implement and would fit better in Mineplex’s current games.

    Nice idea overall. I just think it needs some adjustments c:
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  13. I dont know if you realise but this has already been suggested by others fairly recently and it is nearly the same idea XD just a fun fact
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  14. Hey,

    While this idea may sound fun on paper, I don't think it should be added. This isn't too much of a minigame, just a fun event that occurs for a little bit.

    There is no end goal for this, nor is there even any sort of way to determine how players would score. This idea is too general and was more so made for content creators as a creative template to have fun and act on. In short, it isn't fit to be a minigame nor is it fit to be on the Mineplex server.

    Another issue that has been mentioned includes the abundance of it being like a survival game. In this sense, having it be that it would be the last person to occur like @510bike suggested would just be like a UHC game mode except with extra added events. Especially since UHC could be added back at the continuous support of the players, having it so that this sort of game existed wouldn't exactly be beneficial to the server, and I don't think it would get nearly enough support to stay.

    The final issue I have with this game is development. When I stated above that the game wouldn't work as an idea, having the idea as a game would be even harder to develop. Sure, there are mods that exist specifically for this type of game, but to implement it, especially with all of the disasters stated, it just wouldn't work well.

    Thanks for the idea!

    P.S Skeppy stole the most of these ideas from WilburSoot
    Posted Oct 19, 2019
  15. I agree, I know it needs to be improved a little. The problems I would need to fix is
    1) I feel like just simply “one thing happens in a quick survival game” is too plain and not much happening. This might be one of the reasons that this would work better as a nano game.

    2)The game needs to end at some point to make it short, so maybe at a certain time or if someone gets something like putting on a full set of armor. Or maybe we could make it so there’s like items or a specific block hidden around the map and people have to go get all of them plus go through the extra challenge.

    There are more problems, but after writing that last part...I kinda like that idea. So like, there’s around 4 teams, and you could start off with a selectable kit, and then you have to go out and find 10 blocks of wool(if you’re on blue team it’ll be blue, exc).(also I want something that can be different colors that is also smaller then wool)There can be team bases, and maybe teams can steal wool from other bases, by standing there for a certain amount of time(like standing for 5 sec=one block of wool), and PvP is enabled for the teams. Meanwhile, through all this, a pit of lava is rising or anvils are falling from the sky.

    Hey, I like that idea.
    --- Post updated ---
    @Gzen , Skeppy posted the first video in this series(“Minecraft, but lava rises every minute”) Two weeks ago as of now, and Wilbur Soot posted his first one month ago(Minecraft Hardcore but all mobs attack you). I doubt skeppy saw that and then stole it, because the two videos are also very different. Wilbur then continued the series very suddenly and made a lot more videos about it one week ago, so a week after skeppy’s first video was posted. I don’t think either copied each other, and ideas might have just happened at the same time. If skeppy did steal, in the anvils video he briefly mentioned “I made this up myself so I’m original “, so if he did that’s basically acknowledging he did steal.
    --- Post updated ---
    So, my new idea is this:
    People pick between 4 teams: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.They spawn in a medium-sized map, and they go out and play survival. There's Different Kits, and each person starts off with the most basic kit unless they pick otherwise. Throughout the map, there's like, beads or eggs that match each team's color, and they have to go find ten of them. If other teams find another team's egg, they have the option to steal it and then move it somewhere else, but it drops out of their hand after 20 seconds. After that, they can no longer move it, but another teammate could. If someone punches somebody on another team, they steal the egg and can bring it back to their base. If someone on the red team goes to another base, then for every 10 seconds they stand on the base, they get one of that team's eggs.

    (in this case, there would also be anvils falling from the sky, but i like this idea on it's own, so i will make a separate forum about this.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 20, 2019

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