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In Discussion Milk the Cow as an Arcade Game

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by FredAnarchy, May 14, 2019.

  1. Why not add Milk the Cow into Arcade?

    Note: This is a reposted thread after I found the right category to put it in.

    Really, the only proper reason MTC could of been rejected is due to the game BEING SO DANG SHORT! But let’s think about a few things here...

    Why Milk The Cow could become a mini game:

    1) MTC basically is already a mini game. It has maps, full-fledged coding, and a great vibe of classic MP games.
    2) Mineplex has taken notice of MTC, as it was “retrofied” in the anniversary.
    3) Many players, both new, original, and in between (me, directly 2016), want to see Milk the Cow return.

    Pros of Milk The Cow returning:

    The game already is at somewhat decent length of arcade, so with some tweaking, it’s got a good shot at being an arcade game.
    Many players will be pleased the classic has returned and might spark popularity.
    Other than Kill Aura for cows and speed for humans (a few others possibly), the game isn’t exposed to many hacks as other games (such as SG and BH for instance), giving it another good thing going for it.
    Since the game doesn’t have a lot going for it( short and sweet) it won’t take much “code” to bring it back, since they already did with the 5 year celebration.
    Alternatively, since the game is already short, it can become a Nano Game without any tweaking at all!

    Cons of Milk the Cow returning:

    The game’s unofficial successor (King Slime) is considered a “average-above average game” and might be difficult to implement MTC when a “similar” game is already in play.
    In contrary, the game may lack popularity, and be forced out of MP.

    General Ideas:

    For the game not to last 30 seconds or so, make it 20-30 buckets of milk to drink instead of 15.

    I believe the player count should be similar tona normal Arcade game, the player count should be the regular 16 for MA.

    Kit suggestions:

    Farmer Team:

    There should be the normal farmer kit, of course, but I believe there should be 2 other kits.
    Rancher: 4-5,000 gems: Has the addition of speed.

    Harvester: Achievement Kit: has a potion of slowness to affect both other farmers/ ranchers/animals.

    Animal Team:
    There should be the Cow kit (duhh) but I feel there should be one other spawning kit

    Chicken Shooter: Spawning kit: Has a bow (infinite, P1) and arrow to shoot farmers with along with a stone sword.

    The achievements should be:

    8-9,000 gems: The Unmilkable: Don’t let anyone milk you for 20 games/ times.

    3,000 gems: Rancher’s Rodeo: Be the first to Milk a Cow 200 times.

    4,000 gems: Fatal Farmer: Milk every Cow in the game in less than 20 seconds

    5,000 gems: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Win the game before anyone else can drink 10 buckets of milk

    2,000 gems: Bawk Bawk’s Shot: Shoot 100 farmers (not kill)
    Posted May 14, 2019,
    Last edited May 14, 2019
  2. I like the idea of bringing it back. It was definitely a fun game to play, and yeah it was kind of short. Who knows, maybe mineplex could include a fast version of it in NANO games, which quite honestly I would prefer. Mixed arcade right now isn't as popular as it used to be because of how it works now, and it kind of not being an actually MIXED arcade. But putting it in NANO games would ensure its played and the popularity can be ensured.

    +1 to the idea
    Posted May 15, 2019
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  3. I don't really think this should be added back. It was rejected in the first place, as seen in MPSs (in the past) so I don't think it would receive much support if brought back. With a revamp and a possible addition to Nano Games like @Unfavorited said, then I think it could work, but it would need a lot of changes. This game isn't really fun how it is unless you're the Angry Cow, which is only a small number of players. I could see this as a possible Nano Game in the future, but I just don't think it'll work out well. -1
    Posted May 15, 2019
  4. Milk the Cow is a rejected Mineplex game that players can still able to play in the MPS. I remember when I first played Milk the Cow four years ago. I do not think it is necessary to add Milk the Cow as an actual Arcade game. I agree with Unfavorited idea that Milk the Cow should be added to the Nano games instead of the Arcade game. The only issue is that the majority of the players may think it is not enjoyable for an Arcade/Nano games overall.

    I will have to give this idea a 0 because I am not sure how it will work like that.
    Posted May 16, 2019
  5. So you're really saying that there might not be enough players?
    Posted May 16, 2019
  6. did you even read the darn post...?
    Also, it’s not just fun with Angry Cow, it’s overall fun to collect buckets, run around, and play 2013 MP.

    If it is in Nano, then it doesn’t matter the players.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 16, 2019
  7. It might matter since it would take longer to load with less players.
    Posted May 16, 2019
  8. I mean, it depends on their perspective whether they liked it or not. I am afraid that there will not have enough players to play Milk the Cow as a standalone game. Personally, I like Milk the Cow, but I don’t play it a lot.

    I just hope that Milk the Cow is enjoyable for Nano games.

    It may fit to the Nano games if they approve this idea. It is my favorite game to play during my free time.
    Posted May 16, 2019
  9. Milk the Cow was one of my favourite games when I first started playing Mineplex way back in 2013. I'd love to see it brought back as a full mini game, but I don't think it'd fit the dynamic of nano that well. There are 2 teams in Milk The Cow with different goals which I haven't seen in any other Nano Game. I think in order for it to fit Nano better, the game should be reworked. Perhaps have 2 teams with a cow to protect, and the other team has to collect 50 buckets of milk. I guess I'm thinking of something similar to Capture The Flag? I'm not sure, it's just an idea. Anyhow, if it were to be brought back as a stand alone arcade game, I'd really enjoy that. I like your suggestions, too, however I think the 2nd cow kit should be reworked. The original cow kit gets speed (if I'm remembering correctly) and I think the addition of a bow should remove this perk to balance it a bit more.
    Posted May 16, 2019
  10. I agree with what you said, however what I meant was a NEW kit as a Chicken that has a P1 bow and axe.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 16, 2019
  11. I see, regardless I don't think it should also have speed. Additionally, chickens are notoriously difficult to hit, so I would suggest changing it to a sheep or pig instead, just to give farmers more of a chance.
    Posted May 17, 2019 at 1:02 PM

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