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Micro Battles has Lost its Unique Gameplay: Please Bring it Back

Discussion in 'Micro Battle' started by Yomo42, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. What made Micro Battles so special was its unique mix of strategy and fast-pace combat, but changes have been made to the game that have diminished that and reduced it to a mindless brawl.

    It's only two changes, really, but they're big ones.

    #1: Water is not a suitable substitute for lava in a Micro Battles map, and using water instead of lava puts those who play as strategic archers at a severe disadvantage.
    Knock someone into lava and they're slowed and set on fire. Knock someone into Mineplex's brand of damaging water, and they take a bit of damage, swim out, and proceed to tear apart whoever it was they were after if they're a competent melee fighter.

    A map with water instead of lava deprives the game of the unique strategy that Micro Battles allowed by knocking players into lava.

    #2: Replacing the void with netherrack decay was a mistake. Just like with substituting water for lava, the nethherrack replacing the void greatly diminishes the importance of positioning and map control in the game. Getting hit into some netherrack isn't anywhere near as sever as getting knocked into the void.

    Micro Battles was a game that centered around the unique world decay and avoiding the edges. That's been lost with the netherrack decay feature.

    Side note: The nettherrack decay doesn't even work properly. I've had instances where I'm in the middle of the map, and the netherrack reaches and kills me before it kills some guy camping in a tower. Doesn't really matter though. Even if it did work properly, the feature change still detracts from the game.

    I beg that the team restore Micro Battles to the strategy based game it was. It its current state, it's nothing more than a run-of-the-mill brawler. As the game is now, it's more akin to tossing 4 teams of 4 in a pit than it is a strategic setup.

    I loved Micro Battles for the unique blend of strategy and action that it used to offer. It was one of my most played, maybe even my MOST PLAYED game over a course of 4 years. I earned most of my gems with it. And as it is now, I can't even stand to play it. I hate to see it fall to this state. I beg the game I knew and loved to be brought back. If the people want a brawler, make a new brawler game. Micro battles is supposed to be about strategy. Please bring it back to that.

    --- Post updated ---
    Note that when I say most played, I mean out of any video game, not just Minecraft mini games.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019
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  2. Hey!

    Micro Battle has been my favorite game on Mineplex since 2014 when it came out. It was the game that got me into playing Mineplex as a whole. I have just over 3k games played, and still would consider myself an active member of the gamemode. I've seen the game go through the changes you stated, and definitely have my opinions on them as well. So I thought I'd add my perspective on the points you brought up.

    I have mixed feelings here. On one hand, I 100% agree. The maps with lava dividing the teams are largely my preferred maps to play for the same reasons. A huge gameplay strategy in MB is knocking players in the lava/water with a bow, sword, or by jump blocking. However when the map divider is water, this hardly ever guarantees a kill. When it's lava, the chance of this killing someone is extremely high. This is great because it adds to the fights of the game. It keeps things interesting, adding to simple melee or bow combat. Also it helps with almost guarantee kills when you're put in a tough spot like 1v2s,3s,4s - not having to challenge them head on. I agree on all these points. But MB has among the most, if not the most, maps on the server. The variety in maps is quite great. And I actually really like the gameplay water adds at times, simply because it adds variety to the normal formula. While lava gives more consistent, easy kills, the water adds more of a challenge. So, in that, I happen to really like that there's a variety of both lava and water maps. Some of my favorite maps, such as tectonic, completely stray from the usual maps you see. While I love the traditional formula of MB, I really do like to see the additional elements newer maps add - including the water.

    I'd actually disagree with this. Bowing and hitting players off the edge was always so satisfying I agree. But, the new decay does damage and kill you quite quickly. It decays at the same pace as the old one. If you're in a spot where you're running over the decay, you're in trouble. So in that, you could control the situation by shooting them, or hitting them back into it. The way the map used to decay, I can't tell you how many times you'd lose a game to f2 spammers and fly hackers. It was always so annoying, and that's a large reason why it was changed in the first place. The netherrack decay keeps players on the map surface, while still enclosing the playing area. The damage done by stepping on the netherrack keeps players off of it, therefore closing in the playing field, just as it's supposed to do. It helps regulate underground campers vastly, as well. Almost every single player I've seen camp underground since the decay change, they'd be trapped and killed by it. Similarly, it keeps players from camping in base, or on top of base, for long. It also adds a certain level of running/escaping strategy. In some situations, you're pushed into a corner where you have to run over it to get away from attackers. And pretty consistently, this is a way for good players to get away from immediate opposition. People aren't going to follow you across it, but along side it, giving you space. And it's punishing enough, due to the damage it does to you, to be a real risk, keeping things fair. But it's worth it sometimes. And I really like that gameplay element.

    I like seeing people in the MB community pushing their creative ideas to make the game better. But I do believe at this point the game is still consistently going strong - I like it where it is. I’d argue that it’s still largely a strategy game, but with strong foundation in traditional pvp gameplay. I'd be curious to see what other MB community members would say regarding this though.

    As of now, I'd just vote for all lava maps in pre-game lobbies haha.
    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 13, 2019
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