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MB Achievement Kit Ideas

Discussion in 'Micro Battle' started by HeyItsAdam, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Over the past few years of my time at Mineplex, I have seen several achievement kit ideas for Micro Battles, both on Enjin and Xenforo. There have been better ones, and there have been some very questionable ones. Despite all these ideas, however, I still believe that none of these should be added in to the game whatsoever, and that's because of one reason that I very strongly believe in.

    Micro Battles is a game that does not need an achievement kit.

    This is a game that is known for its simplicity and easy-to-play game mode. You have four teams of four, which are able to use three, extremely simple, free, and relatively balanced kits, fighting on a nice and small map for a simple goal which is quick to achieve, kill everyone else. No abilities, no high learning curve, just a simple team game.

    I often regard Micro Battles as being the most new player friendly game mode for these reasons. It's just such a simple and easy to pickup game mode, and it is one of the games is really a 'mascot' of the server.

    Adding an achievement kit is just an unneeded addition, taking away from the Micro Battles feel of simplicity. A simplicity that I do not want changed at all.
    Posted Nov 15, 2018
  2. Hey!

    I totally agree with this. Micro battle is just supposed to be a fun, fast-paced game. Creating an achievement kit for this game would in a way "throw the balance of it away." For a game that is already quick, we wouldn't need an achievement kit to make the game quicker.

    Some people may disagree with this, but I don't. Nice thread.
    Posted Nov 15, 2018
    HeyItsAdam likes this.
  3. This. I agree witchu. Micro Battle is iconic for its simple gameplay and style. So it shouldn't get something removed or added. End of story.
    Posted Nov 15, 2018
  4. Hello,
    I agree 100% that Micro Battles should not have any type of achievement kit. As previously stated by others, the simplicity of Micro Battles is what makes it unique and fun. Adding an achievement kit would take away that crucial aspect of the game. In addition, having 3 free kits is one of the fundamentals of the game and adding a 4th kit, especially if it was not free, would not be productive.
    Have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 15, 2018

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