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In Discussion Maze speeder

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by LightParrot62, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. The maze speeder is a game where players are stuck in this gigantic maze and have to find tools like ender pearls or compasses (compasses will indicate where the end is. The timer for the game will be 5 mins and if they come first, second or third they will get a reward of 350 points
    Posted Dec 20, 2019
  2. this seems like a great idea! what are points for though?
    Posted Dec 20, 2019
  3. Cool idea but we wouldn't want it to be like monster maze so what makes it different than monster maze? Are there any kits you think would be cool to have in a game like this? If the game is just getting the end and winning, then it could become an issue where it's very repetitive.
    Posted Dec 20, 2019
  4. Hello!

    I think that your idea needs a little more detail than you currently have for me to give a final answer. Whether I like the idea, and think it should be implemented, or not. You are missing a lot of key essentials in this idea for it to be considered. However, once greatly improved and modified. I think this idea could make a great game!

    I see the overall concept of the game of what you did describe. The idea basically seems like a Maze Runner type of game. Some questions to help better have more detail, and desire are. What is the overall goal? After finished the maze, is the game over, or will the players have to overcome more obstacles? If there would be more obstacles. Then what other thing would be added to make the game more difficult? How big would the maze be? You described some of the items that could be in the game. However, what other items could be found to conqueror the maze? Would their be a specific challenge to do once found a chest? Will their be mobs in the maze, or would this maze be hard enough to complete itself? Will their be traps in the maze? What kind of kits would this game offer? Would this be a team or independent game? While this idea is a great start, there are many more details to add about this idea. The simple things you do however should somewhat be modified. For example, if a player receives and ender pearl from a chest, like how you described. I think there should be an extent to how far you could go with it. Because as long as you know where the end is then you could teleport all the way to the end just like that. Unless, the walls where so high this could not be possible. Then I think the ender pearls would be fine. I think the compass would be fine showing where the end is. I also do not understand the point system. Maybe instead of points these could be shards, and gems for finishing in a certain place. Finally, tools is another big topic in this idea as well. Maybe, instead of having an infinite use with them. They tools found could have a certain amount of block it can break. For example, if you received axes, you would only be able to break however many blocks the item could. Obviously, the number would be low. Considering, it would be too overpowered if it was a high number of uses. Also, every tool could maybe only break a certain type of block in the maze. Instead of their only being one tool. Their could be many. Another thing to stay away from is it being similar to a game already created. This game being Monster Maze. As long as this new game idea is very unique, and different from monster maze. It would be a better fit since it would not be similar to a game already made. This means no repetition in that Monster Maze already has in it.

    Overall, this game idea is a great start. However, it is extremely necessary that more details be added. Their are many type of ways this idea could potentially go. The first step would be to choose which path you would have to take to start off the idea. Considering what game mode, and if it is a team game or not. I hope I could help, and helped you get a good start to this idea!
    Posted Dec 20, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 20, 2019
  5. Nice concept you have there. Though in order for this thread to develop, there has to be more ideas and details provided. I can kind of see what you're getting at, though there really needs to be more objectives. Maybe players have the ability to kill each other and can eliminate them from reaching the end. We already have Monster Maze, so this game mode would have to be quite different in order for it to be successful. An issue that I can see happening is that people will be able to memorise the maps, making it too easy to win. A counter to that would be to have many different and randomised places for players to spawn in, as it would restrict that. A very important detail is the amount of players in the map. Having too much may make this game way too clustered, and having less would kind of make it boring or even a little pointless. I can think of so many potential ideas to add to this, though I can't really enhance it without the vital details needed. Thanks for your idea.
    Posted Dec 24, 2019
  6. Hi there!

    I like how this game looks so far but as the others said you really only gave us a small bit of what the game might be. I like the idea of a time limit and time to get out of the maze, I'm a bit confused on maybe how the achievements would work but I can't really give my opinion on that since I don't have much detail to go off of. Also, just there being a couple of people in each game sounds a bit boring and repetitive, maybe If it was like a team game mode perhaps? A game where there could be Red/Blue and The same amount of chests items etc and the same maze so it's fair, whatever team reaches the end of the first maze wins that round and gets (# of points) for the round then they moved onto the next maze, maybe 3-5 mazes? Personally this idea sounds really cool but if I could have a bit for detail that could be great and I could give you a bit more of an answer. For now since I don't have much detail I'll leave it at a +0 Thanks for hearing me out!

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Dec 24, 2019

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