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Maybe a change up? Oh and some glitches and opinions

Discussion in 'Champions' started by BearDoesYT, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. I've been playing champions for awhile now, achievments unlocked, 900+ wins, and if we could maybe get multiple achievment kits for each kit? I dont know if the devs still work on champions, not alot of people play it anymore anyway but...

    I been getting this glitch when i play using whirlwind. I use it sometimes and nothing happens... No particles, they dont get flinged, i cant tell if its the wifi or the server ping(i have good wifi). It happens with assassin but differently, lets say your gonna illusion, and some reason 3 seconds after you block with your sword it starts the move. Its weird. Static and explosive arrow is fine... Roped axe? Nobody really uses it and it would be cool if we could replace it but its still fine. Here are my opinions:

    Whirlwind: Laggy but really useful in certain cases.

    Illusion: Really good if you can pull it off

    Roped axe: :potato: not really that good, does atleast 1-2 hearts and gives slowness for 3 seeconds

    Explosive arrow::squint: an arrow that blows up, really annoying but for god archers, this is for you

    Static Lazer: Perfect for trolling and getting some satisfying 40 block lazer hits :)
    Posted Sep 10, 2019

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