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Processed Master Builders New Achievements

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Kristo, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Master Builders currently only has one achievement
    That achievement is called Master Builder where you need to win 30 games to unlock.

    Most games have many achievements but Master Builders only has one. I took some time to think of new achievement ideas and I talked to a few other players about these achievements and I came to a conclusion on three new achievement ideas for Master Builders.

    My first suggestion was to add these three achievements:
    Experienced (1) Place 10000 Blocks
    Destroy it (2) Destroy 5000 Blocks
    Master Piece (3) Win a game with over 200 points
    After more thought into these achievements, I decided that the first two achievements could be tiered achievements like NANO Games has.

    Three New Achievement Ideas:
    Experienced (1):
    Tier 1: 500 Blocks Placed
    Tier 2: 1000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 3: 2500 Blocks Placed
    Tier 4: 5000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 5: 7500 Blocks Placed
    Tier 6: 10000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 7: 25000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 8: 50000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 9: 75000 Blocks Placed
    Tier 10: 100000 Blocks Placed
    Destroy It (2):
    Tier 1: 250 Blocks Broken
    Tier 2: 500 Blocks Broken
    Tier 3: 1250 Blocks Broken
    Tier 4: 2500 Blocks Broken
    Tier 5: 3750 Blocks Broken
    Tier 6: 5000 Blocks Broken
    Tier 7: 12500 Blocks Broken
    Tier 8: 25000 Blocks Broken
    Tier 9: 37500 Blocks Broken
    Tier 10: 50000 Blocks Broken
    Master Piece (3):
    Win a game with over 200 points

    Master Builders Bedrock Edition:
    Since I have not seen any tiered achievements on Mineplex Bedrock. I think my original two achievements of Experienced and Destroy It could go on Bedrock. If tiered achievements don't get implemented on Bedrock. Of course the Master Piece achievements couldn't be added to Bedrock since points aren't shown in Bedrock Master Builders.
    Master Builders Java Edition:
    As for Java Master Builders, I would love to see the tiered achievements implemented for Experienced and Destroy It achievements. As well as the Master Piece achievement being added.

    Thank you for reading and please leave any feedback on these new achievement ideas for Master Builders.
    Posted Jun 21, 2020
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  2. +1 to those three achieves being added to Java, especially the tiered ones. Tiered achievements are so much more fun to work towards and the server on the whole is really lacking in them. BLD is a great game to receive some, especially given its current lack of achievements.
    Posted Jun 21, 2020
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  3. Hi there!

    I actually like this idea.

    For the placing blocks one this could help players maybe make their builds so much more detailed as they want to place as many blocks as they possibly can so they can work up there way onto maxing out the achievement. This would make the game I bit more challenging as everyone is going to have a really detailed build which is a good thing!

    For the 2nd one breaking blocks I like it to as it has just the same outcome as the first idea but instead people would be removing unneeded blocks. My only concern is, if someone places a block and then destroys it does that person lose 1 block for placing down blocks and gets a +1 on breaking the block. I can see people abusing this and just placing and breaking a block for 5 straight minutes to boost the achievement up.

    I would also like to say we could also do what they do in NANO games which is where they'll give rewards for each and every tier. Like XP or Gems or something. I'm not entirely sure how much XP / Gems we'd give for each tier up but I think this would be a good idea and make players actually go for all of the achievements.

    And lastly for the 200 points+ I don't really think this is that hard of achievement but I think kit should be lowered just a bit to maybe 170 - 180? Moving onto what I actually think of the Idea I think it's a really good idea and this would make voting a lot better in my opinion. People would also start working really hard on their builds to get as many points as they can making the game much better!

    Personally I am here for implementing all of these achievements in the near future as this would make such a great addition to the game! Once again all of the 3 achievements great ideas! +1

    Good luck on the rest of your suggestions!
    Posted Jun 22, 2020
  4. Hey!

    Thanks for the awesome suggestion! I love master builders it's very fun to play, especially if I am playing for fun or doing my missions. I do agree and do sadly disagree with the ideas.

    Suggestion one:
    Tiered for experience on this one is great! Players will put more effort into their builds. 10,000 is a lot of blocks so you won't see many boosters that often. It's a fair amount and tiered is perfect for it. As for exp/gem wise, it would most likely be experience just like how NANO is set up. Overall for this one +1

    Suggestion two:

    This one is my least favorite unfortunately. I agree with the above stated, this would highly be boosted. Players will repeated place and break blocks to up their status on the achievement. I can see your mind set on this, but not thought out for how the achievement would end up getting abused. The game wouldn't be fun afterall. In a span of 5 minutes you are trying to get the most efficient build with removing as little blocks as possible!
    This is where I give the -1 ):

    Suggestion three:
    This one is definitely a good idea! I have gotten 200 before, but then again it isn't common. It gives players to work extra harder on their build to make it worthy of over 200 points! It can be lowered that would be a possibility to make the achievement more realistically possible to achieve! A way if I was to alter it would be to Obtain over 150 points that number seems more fair, but 200 is also a great suggested amount of points (:
    Awesome and I believe it is +1 worthy!

    Good luck <3
    Posted Jun 23, 2020
  5. I actually like this idea.

    I have no disagreements with your achievements you have stated above. They seem very reasonable. I hope someone suggests some sort of achievement kit for this game, because these achievements were very thought out.

    I give your idea a +1 Stay safe!
    Posted Jun 23, 2020
  6. Hey dude. Thought I'd just throw in my two cents, so here goes.

    Suggestion 1: Placing Blocks
    Now, I really like this idea. It would definetly bring more attention to Master Builders, and it would make people work really hard trying to detail their builds more. I do agree that this should be a tiered achievement, and your numbers seem fairly reasonable. Maybe you could get a Mythical Chest for the first four tiers, an Illuminated Chest for the next three, and finally, an Omega Chest for the last three. Overall, this would be a nice addition to Master Builders.
    Suggestion 2: Breaking Blocks
    I do agree with what the people above me said, this could easily be abused. However, the first idea could also be abused because it is easier to place blocks than to place them then break them. However, I don't think you should be breaking blocks if the whole point of the game is to build.
    Suggestion 3: Get 200 points
    I really like this idea. It would be a fun goal to work towards especially for me because I am horrible at building and can barely get top five. I also think 200 points is fair, and even though there will be some salty people who vote unfairly, you may still be able to get it. Overall, I give this idea a +1 as I see no huge problems with it.

    These are some pretty clever and unique ideas which would make great additions to Master Builders! Have a good day!

    Posted Jun 25, 2020
  7. Having discussed these achievements within the Game Insights discord we have come to the agreement to approve the 3rd achievement but deny the other 2 for the following reasons:
    • Placing and breaking blocks aren't stimulating or exciting achievements - they're just playing the game. They'd be uninteresting to work towards and you can easily spam place and break blocks and then leave before the voting begins to somewhat "boost" the achievements
    • Winning with over 200 points is a good challenge and to complete that you need to have good building skills and so we think that's a fair achievement
    Processed >> Partially Approved by GI
    Posted Aug 22, 2020
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