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Master Builders Change-up

Discussion in 'Master Builders' started by Frag Cross, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Hey there, for the past couple of days I've noticed that Master Builders game mode has been a bit buggy. The game mode also needs a bit of a change-up.

    1) On occasions, when placing a block down, it disappears along with 2-3 other blocks that have been placed near the current block. It's really annoying as you have to destroy the whole structure and start again, in some cases, you have to start another game too.

    2) Time limit should increase from 5 minutes to 7 minutes as it can really showcase proper builds rather than rushed builds.

    3) Voting algorithm should change as the voting system is a bit rubbish. Other players tend to troll and abuse the voting system when another players build is shown. Should make it so you can't see who's holding what coloured block when the voting stage has commenced.

    This concludes my post. Just some recommendations on what I think could improve the game mode drastically.
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
  2. 1) I'm assuming that's a bug, and if it is you can report it at https://www.mineplex.com/bugs/

    2) I've played a game of bedrock master builders before and it's definitely harder to build proper detailed builds especially in the time it gives you. However, adding 2 more minutes may slow the game down more than it should, including voting time. Some of the themes are more basic, so it may be too much time in some circumstances. My compromise would be adding an extra minute, where it gives you more time to detail/plan your build but doesn't drag the game out too long.

    3) Interesting idea, but you could never really eliminate troll voting. It's a good idea, however, I don't see it making that much of a difference to justify implementing it.
    Posted Jan 11, 2019
  3. Hey!

    I am a java player and I would just like to comment on some things that you have said. If there is a bug you should report it at -unapproved link-

    The second thing i'd like to say, is that I do agree that the time limit should increase to 7 minutes. As I know it's much harder to build on Bedrock and I think increasing the time would help everyone on Bedrock and make sure that every build is finished. I'm not going to comment on the voting algorithm on Bedrock, as I have never played Master Builders on bedrock.

    Thanks for the post!
    Posted Jan 11, 2019

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