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Map Update - 5/9/21

Discussion in 'Update Changelogs' started by dutty, May 9, 2021.

  1. i wonder
    Posted May 12, 2021
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  2. Glad to see some new maps, I will try some of them out for the games I play!
    Posted May 12, 2021
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  3. I'm very happy to see more maps being added more frequently. Can't wait to try them out!
    Posted May 12, 2021
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  4. Posted May 22, 2021
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  5. I tend to play these game modes time to time, so it's great to see more maps being released for them. I particularly have enjoyed seeing the nano games and gladiator maps, and I appreciate the hard work that goes into making them happen, so thank you to those who continue to work hard to make them :)
    Posted May 22, 2021
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  6. Loving the new maps! I wish the builders would focus on pushing themselves to create some more in-depth maps for other game modes that are more challenging to get maps accepted for. NANO seems to have A LOT of maps cycled in and out rather quickly, so I'd love to see some work being put into new maps for other games like SG, SSM, CW and other fan favorites!

    Either way, these maps look amazing and congrats to all the newly accepted map's creators! Keep up the great work, these look awesome!
    Posted May 23, 2021
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  7. I have actually played on the "Barracks" Copy Cat map and the "Haunted" Gladiators map and they are honestly great. I look forward to trying out the rest of the maps added in this update as well!
    I can't wait to see the next update and find out which games will be getting new maps next, I will definitely keep an eye open for the new thread in order to check it out as soon as it's posted.
    Thank you and the rest of the Builder team for taking the time to provide the community with new, interesting maps.
    I am sure I speak for the majority if not the whole community when I say that your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    Great work!
    Posted May 23, 2021
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  8. :D
    Posted May 27, 2021
  9. -unapproved link-
    Posted May 27, 2021
  10. These maps all look fantastic! As always, I love all of the amazing detail the unique styles that were used to create these builds, and really admire all of the effort put into each one of these. I definitely look forward to playing on all of these different maps in the near future. :)

    Great job everyone!
    Posted May 27, 2021
  11. Ayyy love the maps and happy to see a lot more nano maps being added :')
    Posted May 29, 2021

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