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Map Submissions Guide

Discussion in 'Build Team Docs' started by Build Team, Sep 23, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    The current amazing Map Submissions team is consisted of :​

    @Intoxicating [Lead]
    @Ocelotguyy | @xLeopard
    Feel free to message any of them with any questions concerning the map submissions.​


    First of all, when submitting a map there is a few things you need to take into consideration. Here is a few things you must or must not include in your map. Keep in mind that being able to achieve every “Must” will improve the chances of your map being accepted and including any “Must Not” will lead in a possible instant rejection of your map.


    • Your map MUST be at the coordinates X:0 Z:0 otherwise we will not be able to review it.
    • Your map MUST be in a flatworld or void world. If you use a flatland make sure to clear the land around the map, if the surrounding is visible from the playable area.
    • You MUST provide good clear pictures of the map WITHOUT SHADERS as they hide the flaws.
    • Your links leading towards the pictures of your map MUST be working. We will be declining the map otherwise. Imgur albums are preferred.
    • Your map MUST be detailed without anything overwhelming. Look at our previous work to evaluate how much details you should put in.
    • Your map MUST have the best gameplay possible as it is the most important thing to us. (Look here for gameplay requirements).
    • You MUST stick to one theme at once. Do not include multiple themes in one map as it makes the map look completely disorganised.
    Must Not
    • You MUST NOT make the theme of your map Nether or End. Modern is also widely disliked. It will be instantly rejected as the themes are overused and generic.
    • You MUST NOT include easter eggs as we will not take time to remove them and will simply reject your map.
    • You MUST NOT include any signs in the map, they will get removed if the map gets accepted. We do this to remove any possible easter eggs.
    • You MUST NOT make maps that showoff a clear brand. It is uncertain whether or not we can gain the rights to use these.
    • You MUST NOT make revamps or current maps. If the Game Insights or higher ups want a reskin of a current map they will let the Build Team know and we will be the ones making the revamp.
    • You MUST NOT include player heads in the maps. The only heads allowed are those labelled as “MHF” found here : http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mob_head The reason for why only “MHF” is allowed is these heads have no risk of the skin being changed compared to other heads.
    • You MUST NOT make maps for any Beta Games, or rejected games. Since they're not fully released gamemodes, they do not take priority. You may make maps for removed games (such as Castle Siege, Wizards etc).
    We won’t be taking maps with strong language, blood and guts (including redstone representations), or violence beyond what the ESRB terms “fantasy violence” (Violent actions of a fantasy nature, involving human or non-human characters in situations easily distinguishable from real life).


    Here at Mineplex, we have 4 different map labels. We classify maps by their difficulty to understand, or the competitive nature of the games; Casual, Intermediate and Hardcore. By opening the links under each category you will find the requirements for each game type.

    Arcade Games
    Draw My Thing
    Master Builders

    Nano Games

    Survival Games
    Speed Builders
    Block Hunt
    Cake Wars

    The Bridges
    Super Smash Mobs
    Capture The Flag

    MPS Specific;
    Castle Siege
    Castle Assault
    Team Death Match
    Snow Fight


    When reviewing your map there are THREE stages that your map can possibly go trough. Here are the 3 stages and what they mean.

    Stage 1
    Look over
    In this stage we take care of looking over your map deciding whether it will be taken to the next stage or rejected. This is the first step a map will go through when in the hands of the Map Submission Team.

    Stage 2
    In this stage we notify you saying if your map has successfully been taken to the next stage. We then set up the map and get it ready for our Map Testing team to test for issues, gameplay purposes, and to make sure there is no problems with the map in itself.

    Stage 3
    In this stage we give you results on whether your map was accepted/rejected from the Testing stage. You will be notified as soon as the team gives feedback on the map.

    You might get some feedback from the team saying that you need to make some edits. You have 1 month to make these edits. If you do not make them in that time, we will “remove” (deny) the map submission so the map submissions are more cleaned up without many old map subs that we’re waiting on till we get an updated version of it.

    This is how every map submission is taken care of and there is no skipping stages, so do not ask us to test a map that has not been looked over. We will be extremely picky and strict on our decisions.


    I hope you enjoyed this long guide on what and what not to do when submitting a map for Mineplex. We hope to hear from you really soon.

    **Submissions are currently open, feel free to submit a map now @ http://mineplex.com/mapsubmissions
    Credits :
    Writing/Editing : TheDarkWarLord, Sebown & Dutty
    Posted Sep 23, 2018
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