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Making this Website Better

Discussion in 'Website Feedback' started by Hilly, Feb 22, 2021.



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  1. Make this website have a tab where it just shows posts from your "following" list so that its more community based like it once was previously. Add a best friends option where you can have several people on added as a your best friend where it shows somewhere on your profile publicly. Just a bunch of stuff like that should be implemented so that this website will be used more.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
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  2. Interesting premise, but I'm not sure I completely follow. Are you saying you want a page where all the activity from just people you follow shows up, forums posts and status posts and all? I suppose that could be pretty cool, but I don't really see the need for it nor do I really think it would help Mineplex's forums be more 'community based.'

    Having a best-friends designation is definitely, 110% something that I want to see come back. I have a lot of people that I sorta know but not really from just around Mineplex in general that I would love to follow, but since you either don't follow someone or totally follow them 100% (if that makes any sense) I tend to keep my followers list to just my close friends. A best-friends designation would let me retain my 'following' interaction priveleges while allowing me to return the favor of friendly people following me. Perhaps I'm the only person with this problem, but it's definitely something I'd love to see added.

    You mention 'just a bunch of stuff like that;' can you elaborate on what exactly you want beyond what you already have? I feel like if I understood the grander scope of your vision I could better assess its efficacy and give better feedback.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  3. We do plan on trying to making the news feed/wall posts tab via this more accessible. (This is what you meant right?)

    I remember this idea from somewhere, unsure if it's on a thread already or not. I also think this one might be a thing later on too- but I'll double-check that since I'm not entirely sure.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
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