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Make Your Own Minigame!

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by JetStarglaze, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. So i just logged into mineplex an hour ago and as a change i went to creative housing

    and there were some games aswell as houses and these were fun

    If there was a new game called "make your own game!" with redstone and command blocks enabled, this would lead to amazing creative ideas

    the construct would be similar to creative housing that you could select the game you want to play and create your own game.

    This is very unique and would bring people to mineplex for this originality

    Just imagine, Parkour but with speed , and jump boost or slowness!! this would be Ground breaking and would shine a new light on mineplex as a whole new players would come and make amazing builds and this would bring even more players!

    this would spread word of mineplex letting you express creativity with no bounds.

    Players would no longer be limited to the existing games, but experience the games of other players.

    If a game is so good that it gets consistantly upwars of 100-200 players, mineplex could consider adding the game on the podium with all the other games.

    If this mode get added and gains a lot of attraction, maybe you would need to apply for a minigame builder status (im not sure but the status would only be implemented if it is very popular)

    This would acctually increase developer time because this would litteraly be creative with command blocks and redstone!

    This would really be endless possibilities...
    Posted Aug 7, 2020
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  2. Then it would get the same treatment as other games, maps, gems shards, and more!

    If there is a tag that says who made the game that would also be cool
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 7, 2020
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  3. There are two main things we would need to consider if this were to happen.
    1. Command blocks, scoreboards, and such would need to be virtualized, so that people's plots don't effect others'. @a in your plot should only effect the people in your plot and not the whole server.
    2 Lag. We would need to find some sort of metric to measure a plots performance to allow us to give an upper bound for how much performance a plot can take.
    Posted Aug 7, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 7, 2020
  4. Hello,

    thank you for replying

    every plot would be pre-programmed to say"only execute to players within x, y, z coordinates" /execute if @a[distance=100] (i think)

    Also we could put a /ticking area command there to keep the chunks loaded.

    we could measure the lag in ticks per second (tps) this could show under the minigames name in the list.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2020
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  5. This would not be possible since the TPS value is shared by all of the plots. It may be difficult to determine which of the plots is causing the TPS value to dip.
    Posted Aug 8, 2020
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  6. I dont know if this is possible but can you use a command block to mark out a plot to measure tps/ping only in that area? because there is a /tps command for worlds and if this is implemented into mineplex maybe we could use this in combination to measure lag in a spot
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2020
  7. The best way would be to measure some metrics for plots such as block updates per second and commands used per second. Using these metrics you could set a cutoff point. This raises another question. What would happen once someone reaches the cutoff point? It would be tricky to find a solution that would not break people's builds.
    Posted Aug 8, 2020
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  8. It really depends what the cut-off point would be, it should be less than the current games but enough so it is justifiable. when you move away from a source of lag, your ping deacreases. if the lag is too much, just move it further away from the lobbies/games/everything else.

    What do you think the cut-off point should be? if this is reached we can move it further away like i said above.

    Cakewars is a huge game but i only get a huge lag spike when too many people are in one place similar to the lobby lag. Mineplex/the creator of the minigame could set a limit to how many people can play a game at once and this would greatly help.

    If this number is maxing out every day this means more people want to play which in turn means that new players are coming. this is when mineplex can add this to the podium with the other games and help with optimization.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2020
  9. It would be really cool to be able to make your own minigame.
    Posted Aug 8, 2020

  10. what is the definitive metric we are using? using this we can set an appropriate cut-off point.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2020
  11. Another possible solution to reduce lag would be to have like a Creative Housing based setup where each custom game is in a different world. You would also be able to use @a and have it affect everyone in your world. This would reduce the amount of players in a single level and reduce the amount of chunks needed to be loaded per level. Also, there can be a limit for how many players can join a game like let’s say 25 just as an example. I agree with @JetStarglaze that the creator of the game should be able to choose how many players can join the game but as long as it does not exceed the limit of 25. Also, to address @gyroninja if the custom games are in different worlds a /tps command or a ticks per second counter should be able to get an accurate reading since there is only one game in that level. When a game reaches the cutoff point or when it starts to generate to much lag maybe the game should start to slow down. What I mean by this is that command blocks should have to start executing their commands every 60 ticks instead of 20 ticks. This would delay the time between each command so their wouldn’t be 50 commands running every second. The more lag the game generated the longer the commands would be delayed. Another idea would be to somehow get redstone to carry a signal with a longer delay. This is similar to how repeaters can slow down a signal but the redstone itself slows down the signal. This would reduce lag because you would not have Redstone activating pistons every second. I think this idea would be really cool to see added to Mineplex Bedrock and could bring a lot of players to the server. Hope my suggestions can make this idea possible!
    Posted Aug 8, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 8, 2020
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  12. hello,

    thanks for replying

    I didnt know how that thats how it works, i thought that it was just really really really far way but this seems a lot better. this would definitely help with the issue of lag.

    this is a very intuitive solution to the @a issue. thank you for suggesting!!

    thats reasonable, 25 people should'nt cause too much lag and the max player in a world is 30 and thats with alot more pressure so this is a great idea.

    i dont think slowing it down a few ticks can hurt anything but we will just have to test it and see if it works.

    These are some great solutions and again thanks for suggesting!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 8, 2020
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  13. hi,

    @gyroninja do you see any more issues we need to work out for this idea to work?

    As @Degagelemming95 said we can put each creation in a differant world and this would solve the issue of lag.

    And since it is in a world the /tps reading would give the ticks per second for only that world.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 9, 2020
  14. Very nice idea room for improvement, but I see what your going for, I dig it!
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
  15. Hello,

    There hasent been any updates for a few days and i really dont want to see this idea die, i really think it has got potential.

    Do you think there are any more problems we would need to work out?

    this will bring more players, so everyone would have fun and meet new people, and collaborate on new ideas.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 10, 2020
  16. I feel like if we were to implement this it would require lots of work and many issues to get around. Ultimately one of the biggest downers I see with this idea is the player base. As many know, bedrock’s player base is primarily children, I believe that a game like this would be too complex for a majority of the player base to figure out most of its features, since you are literally making an entire game. Sorry but I have to say -1
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
  17. I feel like you may be underestimating the younger player bases abilities. I would say primarily the age on Mineplex Bedrock can be from 10 to 15. I think even at 10 players can understand basic Redstone and command blocks. I mean I know some people that are 10/11 that play Minecraft and are really talented with Redstone and probably are better than the average player at it. I think if it is challenging for them they would still enjoy trying to create their own game and learn Redstone. Now maybe we can have like a tutorial game where players can just see what can be done with Redstone and command blocks. This may help inspire some of their creations as well.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  18. Hi

    That is true, with all the tutorials on the internet, its not hard to assume that a 10 year old can make parkour but with effects. or a simple minecraft boss fight where they spawn creatures at intervals with a shop to buy kits.

    this is also a tale of life, you dont just give up because it is hard

    this would inspire people to learn code which is very prevalent in todays world, and since this is a mineplex original people might decide to apply for positions at mineplex, thus growing mineplex's support and would get things done quicker and more effectively.

    This would be great as this would be some people's first exposure to command blocks and redstone i remember when i first discovered /effect @s speed 10000000 255 true my mind was blown. this would give the same experience to many others. they would also bring their friends along. this would be great for mineplex.

    also, there are many secret blocks in minecraft bedrock that can only be accessed with commands,

    have you heard of a lava cauldron?
    how about a structure void?
    a light block?

    the creations with these blocks,and many more by the way,would be awesome

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  19. I have had experience using commands to create lava cauldrons, light blocks, and void structure blocks. Although lava cauldrons can be very glitchy and unstable. I completely agree, I feel like it can help players learn how to use redstone.
    Posted Aug 11, 2020
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  20. Hi,

    It's been a while since there have been any updates.

    @gyroninja do you think this could be added if more bugs are worked out?

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 16, 2020

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