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Not Planned Make Omega Chests Purchasable

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Snowing_, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hello fellow Mineplexians!

    Today I present to you this wonderful idea because I think this is really needed considering how useless the chests are after you have all of the normal cosmetics. Basically, after playing so long and collecting enough shards, you'll eventually see this message when trying to open an illuminated chest: "Treasure> You have unlocked all of the rewards in this chest!" Now the thing is, there are still cosmetics that you can obtain, but these are cosmetics that are only obtainable from Omega chests, because they are either special holiday/event treasures, or PPC cosmetics. So, if you have already unlocked every other possible treasure, you only get duplicates and gadgets from mythical chests and below, so it's practically useless. And although Eternal gets 1 Omega chest every month, I feel like it would only be fair to be able to purchase more with all the shards you would have at this point. What I'm proposing is that we make the price of an Omega chest 50k-100k Shards, because then it would not be too OP since the price is very high, and it would finally allow you to spend those useless remaining shards. Maybe make it so you can't purchase them until you have already unlocked everything in Illuminated chests? I think this would be beneficial and something players would enjoy! Thanks to @Nexdron for the idea!
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  2. No because that ruins the point of how unique they are
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  3. I have a similar perspective as to what @DC_20 stated above me: it would ruin how unique and rare they are. Currently, as you said, Eternals get one of them per month. PPC members also receive them monthly, but because of the fact that they are not purchasable with shards, I feel like that is what makes it so exclusive to have and open up. Even making them purchasable for 100k shards does not seem like something that would be that smart to do, since most people, by the time they have every other unlock able cosmetic, already have millions and millions of shards from all of the duplicates that they have opened and games played that they cannot spend. While I do agree with you that there should be something for these people, I don't think that this would be the most effective and fair way to put that in place.
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
  4. Nothing else to say.. -1
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  5. Hi!

    I sort of agree with what you are saying. Personally, I don't have all the cosmetics (and probably won't for the next million years XD) so it is kind of useless getting all those shards and nothing to do with them. You could just buy Omega Chests for how many shards you decide. Like it gets frustrating for especially Titan and below, because they only get Mythical Chests. If they have all the cosmetics, where do their shards go?

    The other part of me, like @jxcb and @DC_20 said, it ruins how unique they are. Now you can just spend all your shards from duplicates on the Omega Chests and get a lot of stuff from there. I can see where you are coming from, but I don't know if this would really benefit Mineplex.

    I am kind of half and half at the moment. Half of me says yes, while the other part of me says no and that this is a bad idea.

    Have a good rest of your day/night!
    Posted Nov 8, 2019
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  6. I don't like the idea. There are a number of other chests that usually become available throughout the year and I usually go about spending a lot of my extra shards on these. Omega chests are very rare chests that provide rare cosmetics that aren't easy to get. Players will soon have literally every cosmetic if this were to be implemented. So many more things would lose value and take away from the overall structure of cosmetics. -1.
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
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  7. Hey!

    I can see where you are coming from with this, but I'll have to disagree. Omega Chests are very unique and making it possible to purchase this treasure would decrease the value of it a lot, as many others have said. It's not that hard to get a decent amount of shards, and it would be too easy to get the Omega Chest. It's meant to be a very special treasure which it's not like any other chests, and I don't see why we should be able to purchase it with shards.

    Overall, I'll give this a -1
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  8. As a lot of people have said if you could buy omega chests they wouldn’t be that unique anymore. The omega chest is supposed to be a very unique chest but if you could buy it with shards then not that many people would think it’s not worth it anymore so I’ll be giving this idea a -1
    Posted Nov 9, 2019
  9. Well I don't think they be purchasable cause the chest are really op sense getting s dupe is rare and if it's purchasable than people could get all the cosmetics in one day so -1
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
  10. I disagree with the idea that you should be able to buy the chests, but I would like to suggest that for people who have all of the cosmetics unlocked, they get their chests replaced. Here’s how it would go:

    Eternal: 1 omega chest + 2 Illuminated + 2 Mythical chests —> 3 omega chests total
    Titan: 5 Mythical chests —> 2 omega chests total
    Legend: 3 Mythical chests —> 1 omega chest total
    Hero: 2 Mythical chests —> 4 Carl spin tickets (i believe you can win holiday exclusive items from the spinner although rare)
    Ultra: 1 Mythical chest —> 2 Carl spin tickets
    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  11. As some have stated above, I'm gonna have to disagree with the idea has it will take away the uniqueness of the chest away making it just a normal chest. The contents of the Omega Chest is a bit too OP for it to be a purchasable chest. So I'm gonna have to go with -1.

    Posted Nov 11, 2019
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  12. I disagree. The fact that you can't buy omega chest with shards is what makes them special, along with the fact they can give you special or time limited cosmetics that are otherwise unobtainable. While yes, I understand you might not be able to open illuminated chests anymore and your shards become practically useless but there's still Mine-strike chests which you can spend your shards on or you can also use them to buy party shard bombs. Simply put, if this were to be added then omega chests wouldn't be unique anymore and holiday cosmetics would be more common, making them less valuable and special.
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
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  13. Eh, I wouldn't say they should be purchasable. I think it should remain as a special chest item versus being able to buy them whenever you want. It sets them apart from the other chests in that they aren't purchasable, and makes them unique. Since you can get any cosmetic from the omega chests, it would make them a little OP to be able to be bought and ruin the experience imo. -1
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
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  14. instead of that make it so you can auto open mythical chests so I dont have to spend hours and hours opening them. One click to get all 4 rewards instead of waiting for the laggy display etc.
    --- Post updated ---
    Also all mine streak and the Gwen game thing should be separated from normal cosmetics because literally no player likes them and every time I get one I purposefully punch my window and get glass stuck inside my hand because even that doesn't compare to the pain I feel
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
  15. Hey!

    I respectfully disagree with this, unfortunately. Stated many times above me; It would defiantly defeat the purpose of how unique they are! I think they should not be purchasable. Rather stay where they are at to really make these chests... different! These chests are obviously different from others!
    Posted Nov 12, 2019
  16. Hey there!

    Even though this idea could benefit players that have lots of shards on them and want to get unique, unavailable items that are rare, it wouldn't be as beneficial to the network as having the chest dedicated to a ranked group of players that can get it controllably; the players that have a Power Play Club subscription or have the Eternal rank both get 1 Omega chest a month. The maximum you can get as a player is 2 omega chests if you have both the PPC subscription and the Eternal rank. Even with such an expensive tag to it, like 100,000 shards for a chest, it would still be possible for players to get lots of these chests under a small amount of time if they had the sufficient amount of shards required for it.

    Yes, it might be near impossible as it would take weeks of dedication for some players to gather 100,000 shards but I think it would ruin the purpose of making these chests unique and new players might be drawn back and not want to buy the Eternal rank and subscribe to PPC because this benefit that used to be unique to both PPC and the rank isn't any more. Overall, I'd have to give this idea a -1 as it would ruin the sole purpose of adding Omega chests in the first place; it would make it common across players, even those without a rank or a subscription to PPC.
    Posted Nov 13, 2019
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  17. From a marketing standpoint, it would ruin most of the appeal of an omega chest and we introduced it with the intention of it being different than the other chests. Omega chests are supposed to be more of an exclusive and Eternals get one every month to increase the appeal of purchasing the rank or upgrading to it. If we take away that exclusivity, the value of the rank goes down.

    I'll be marking this as not planned since we won't be changing the omega chest's intended purpose.
    Posted Nov 14, 2019
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