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Major Update!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Strutt20, Feb 27, 2018.

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    LONG POST INCOMING! If you have been on the server today, you have noticed some major changes. As you have also noticed, we have been on a tear updating, bug fixing and map releasing for a lot of different game modes. This will not change and if anything we are getting more focused. We are very dedicated in working to improve every aspect of Mineplex. Everyone from Staff, Devs, Builders, and many others have been working tirelessly for this release and many more big ones to come. However, we absolutely could not have done this without your feedback and our Community Game Insight members. For that, we want to thank you all and we hope that you enjoy the new updates, plus all that we have coming soon. Now, enough with all that, time to get to what is new!
    We have done a MAJOR overhaul of the Hub and redesigned it from top to bottom. We wanted to make the Hub less cluttered and easier to find the game that suits you. We have categorized the games into different areas and made it to where you can select and personalize all of your kits, directly from the Lobby. No more racing to select your kit before the game starts; now you can do all of this and get everything sorted before entering the game. Also, included in this Hub revamp is some brand new parkours for you to conquer, NPC game Player Counts, and some new Lobby games to try your hand at. Check out the Lobby Compass while you are touring the changes. We’ve added a quick way to get to your profile, Auto Connect to your last game mode played, and other cool additions to the compass. To celebrate this gigantic Hub Makeover, the build team has provided a new challenging treasure hunt to complete as you explore and get acquainted with all the new sights!
    As I mentioned earlier, we have categorized the games into different areas. This will allow you to find your game easier and guide you to other similar games. The 3 categories that we have sorted games are, Casual, Intermediate, and Hardcore. We also are going to have a Classics NPC that has a rotation of different featured games that are normally only available in MPS or Mixed Arcade. This doesn’t mean that any games are more superior than others, only that we sorted the games based on style, complexity and competitiveness. With this move, we are limiting the number of NPCs to further declutter the lobby. Any games that no longer have a NPC will still be available in a MPS and/or Mixed Arcade. The core games that have direct NPCs will be on regular update and map release rotation. These are the most popular games that receive the most feedback and feature requests. We want to be more focused on delivering meaningful updates, staying on top of bugs and delivering the best maps around. However, to do this, we need to focus on a core set of games, rather than attempting to juggle 40+. Does this mean that games that are getting moved to Mixed Arcade will never get updates and maps again? Of course not. But, we want to be clear that we can provide much better and more consistent updates if we have a core set of games. What are the core games you say? Here is a list of those games.

    - Mixed Arcade
    - Micro Battles
    - Turf Wars
    - Draw My Thing
    - Master Builders

    - Survival Games
    - Speed Builders
    - Block Hunt
    - Cake Wars
    - Sky Wars

    - Bridges
    - Minestrike
    - Super Smash Mobs
    - Champions (Dominate and CTF)
    - Clans

    With this new focus on these core games you can expect some really cool updates coming soon! We want to be able to provide updates to some of these games that have not seen love in a while. Perhaps a Champions update may be lurking around the corner? Plus expect to see full Game Pages and Leaderboards for this core group. Along with the leaderboards, as we have mentioned in the past, we’ll be able to host tournaments and contests for different game modes. We do have some very cool stuff planned ahead and it would not be possible if we didn’t have the best community in Minecraft. We appreciate each and every one of you. Please let us know if you are excited about the brand new hub, new features, new parkour, new kit selection, plans for regular updates and maps, and the upcoming additions in the near future.
    Posted Feb 27, 2018
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