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In Discussion Magic Melee

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by wixco, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Hello! So essentially my idea if sort of a Bridges/Wizards mashup called Magic Melee. Honestly, it incorporates a lot of ideas from other games. So my inspiration for this is those two games of course, but also a Harry Potter sort of team fighting game with spells.

    Before I start I just want to say that I don’t really know much about developing games, so if this is far fetched, my apologies! Also, if you have any sort of constructive criticism as well as any additional ideas, I’d love to hear them!

    Basics of the game:

    8 players per team

    4 teams total

    One island per team

    Coven in the middle protected by 8 witches, but you can find already crafted spell books there

    Ores to spawn in caves on islands: Coal, Gold, Iron, Diamond, Emeralds, Redstone, Lapis

    Animals to spawn on islands: Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens

    Other plants: mushrooms, trees

    Each Island must also have some sort of infinite water source.

    Mini Representation:


    So this is the gist of how the game could work:

    Each player spawns with a Spell Crafting book full of recipes for each spell. Some spell books are more powerful, requiring rare materials, while others are more basic.

    You apply the spell books to your wand using an anvil-like structure that can be found in a hut on each island.

    Each player looks for resources for 10 minutes (basically like bridges) and tries to craft as many helpful spells as possible before the islands are connected by clouds (similar to how the mushroom bridge Island used to be connected, but instead of mushrooms, they’re clouds) which could obviously change if need be, but I feel like that would look cool.

    Wizards can also craft armor to better protect them from other spells.

    Player shifts and scrolls on wand to change spells.

    Possible Kits: (Similar to skywars kits)

    - Also, type of wizard kit does not hinder the kind of spells that you can craft in the game.

    Water Wizard

    Spawn with basic wave spell

    +1 damage with water related attack spells

    Fire Wizard

    Spawn with basic inferno spell

    +1 damage with fire related attack spells

    Earth Wizard

    Spawn with basic barrier spell

    +1 damage with earth related attack spells

    Air Wizard

    Spawn with basic whirl spell

    +1 damage with air related attack spells

    Achievement kit: Healer

    Spawn with basic healing spell

    Spells: (These will probably have to be changed and tested, but they are just some suggestions to give you an idea)

    Kit Spells: (not craftable)

    Wave spell: Shoots a small wave out of wand, hitting players in its path, only travels a max of about 6 blocks. Does minimal damage.

    Inferno spell: Shoots a line of fire out of the wand, and if aimed right, could hit a player, causing them to catch on fire for a 4 seconds.

    Barrier spell: Forms a small dirt wall (3 blocks high, 4 blocks wide) in front of the player where directed.

    Whirl spell: Shoots player that it’s fired at (if it hits them after travel time) backwards slightly and 3 blocks into the air.

    Healing spell: Heals player of 2 hearts instantly (long cooldown).

    Basic Spells:

    Iced Arrow spell (water): Shoots out frozen arrow that has 2 heart damage. 5 seconds cooldown.



    Ring of fire spell (fire): Creates a ring of fire (with a radius of 3 blocks) on the ground around the player.



    Leap spell (air): Similar to berserker kit in bridges, player can leap.



    Thorn spell (earth): Gives players within 4 block radius poison for 6 seconds.



    Intermediate Spells:

    Frozen spell (water): Freezes players within 3 block radius for 4 seconds.



    Fireball spell (fire): Shoots out fireball. Where it hits the ground, it blows up a 3 2 block radius sized hole, and if a person is within that area, they get caught on fire.



    Wind Gust spell (air): Shoots out a wind gust that, if it hits a player, deals 2 hearts of damage and knocks them back a block.



    Root Attack spell (earth): Shoots out “root” (just brown particles) that deals 2 hearts of damage and gives 4 seconds of slowness.



    Blinding Blizzard spell (water): Gives opponent blindness for 5 seconds



    Firebolt spell (fire): Strikes down a lightning bolt that sets the area of a circle with a 2 block radius on fire.



    Flying Arrow spell (air): Arrow shoots out of wand and does same damage as a bow and arrow would.



    Stone Skin spell (earth): Turns targeted player “to stone” (freezes them) for 4 seconds.



    Advanced Spells:

    Snow Golem spell (water): Summons snow golem for 10 seconds to help fight opponent



    Detonate spell (fire): One click throws a bomb, one subsequent click of this spell sets it off.



    Levitation spell (air): Allows player to levitate themselves for 10 seconds and move around through the air. (particles will show below them or something to help distinguish from hacking).



    Spider Swarm spell (earth): Spawns three spiders to help player fight for 5 seconds.



    Master Spells:

    Hail Storm spell (water): Causes a storm of ice shards to fall upon where targeted in a 5 block radius, causing damage (I imagine similarly to the squid ability in SSM) to any players within it.



    Fire Storm spell (fire): Causes intense stream of flames in direction and catches players and blocks on fire, causing blast damage and lasting damage as the fire extinguishes.



    Tornado Wave spell (air): Causes intense outburst of knockback and damage centered around the player and going outwards.



    Earth’s Curse spell (earth): Causes all players within a 5 block radius to have blast impact as well as weakness and poison.



    Achievement Suggestions:

    Master Wizard - Craft a master spell

    Advanced Wizard - Craft an advanced spell

    Coven Conqueror - Kill 4 center witches in one game

    Experienced Water Wizard - Win 3 games with the water wizard kit

    Experienced Fire Wizard - Win 3 games with the fire wizard kit

    Experienced Earth Wizard - Win 3 games with the earth wizard kit

    Experienced Air Wizard - Win 3 games with the air wizard kit

    Year 7 Wizard - Win 35 games

    Attack Wizard - Kill 5 other wizards in one game

    Thanks for reading if you made it through! I’d love to know your opinions!!
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
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  2. Hola!
    The concept of your game idea seems really cool, personally I really enjoyed Wizards so having a game that better represents it then the current NANO version does would be really nice. Something else that I like about it is that it's a team game, there was never a team Wizards or anything like that which makes me interested to see how that would turn out.
    Firstly, I could see this being a game that I would actually enjoy playing. Although I'm not a big fan of Bridges the Wizards aspect makes it more appealing to me. It would probably take a few games to get used to everything and to properly realize what you have to do. It doesn't seem like changing spells would be very obvious so we'd probably have to use hints on how to do that. Also, it may take slightly longer to get used to compared to other games due to that. I love the map idea, it seems like it would be fun to play on and perhaps we could reuse some ideas from old wizard map and incorporate them into this game mode.
    There are a lot of kits which is good, did you decide on which one the default would be? And how many gems would they all cost? As the Healer is the Achievement kit it could be a little stronger. Perhaps it could spawn with basic armor, or a basic attack spell instead as I'm not sure if people would pick it over the other kits due to strength.

    The spells are super creative and I like that you included how you actually craft them in your thread.
    It's great to see that you've come up with your own achievement ideas, the only improvement that would be cool is if we varied them up a little as the names seem to get a bit repetitive. Experienced Water Wizard, Experienced Fire Wizard, Experienced Earth Wizard, and Experienced Air Wizard are all good ideas but I personally prefer more unique names such as Coven Conqueror. However, that's just personal opinion and really analyzing detail.

    As Wizards wasn't extremely popular, I'm not sure if the game would be able to keep an active player base which would be an issue. Overall I can tell that you took time to develop and clearly think about your idea, it very creative so I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks. Thanks for the suggestion!
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
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  3. Thank you sososososo much for your feedback! Means a lot that you took the time to write all of this out ((: I'd think the air one would be default because I feel like those spells are the most simple in terms of concept. As far as kits go, I was thinking they'd all cost 4000 because having one kit does not hinder which spells you can craft, it just changes the original spell and gives a damage boost for that type (if that reasoning kind of makes sense). My thought process for the healer kit was that it's the only spell that can give you health back quickly, and you can still craft all of the other spells, though maybe basic armor would be a nice addition to make it more appealing!

    As for the achievement names, I think that myself too. I was mostly just getting concepts down c: Maybe they could be more specific to the types like Wave Bearer or Flame Thrower instead of just having "experienced". Overall, I think this game would be fun as well, and I'm glad to hear you'd play it yourself! I do think that it may be an issue that Wizards wasn't that popular, but I think having more strategy involved would make it more appealing than just getting the spells out of chests. Thank you so much again for your suggestions and feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 14, 2019
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  4. It's a really interesting idea so far! Although I'd really like representation with mobs representing the wizards protecting the cloven etc. I'll try to bring in some wizard mains to comment on this idea.
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
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  5. Hii! Thanks so much! Could you elaborate more on what you mean about the mobs and the coven, I'm sorry, I just don't think I get what you're saying c:
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 14, 2019
  6. Well, an in-game representation of how'd you like the cloven to look like, with mobs representing the wizards and something to represent the cloven, how far close the wizards would be to the cloven, etc.
    Posted Jan 14, 2019
  7. hey. i played a lot of wizards. so i feel qualified to write this response.

    Game basics? no issues here.

    here, however, there are some things that i think could be worked on.

    the first major thing are crafting spells. it's a great concept, unique too. but it's unreasonable.
    you have 20 craftable spells. that's 20 different completely new recipes to memorize before you can really enjoy the game.
    keep in mind wizards was partially removed for its complexity and not being beginner-friendly.

    as a solution, rather than crafting them, you could make every island have a shop to buy spells from? it could require the same items or be slightly different, but buying them would be much easier than crafting each one.
    (Or is that what the recipe book does?)

    next up is only being able to apply spellbooks to your wand with an anvil.
    just curious as to your reasoning for this. why not let players apply spells anywhere?

    third and last for this block, shifting and scrolling to change spells.
    i think this is not a good system. the more spells you have, the harder it will be to find the exact spell you want in a pinch.
    to solve this, why not take the route of the original wizards? right-click to open a spell menu that displays all your current spells, organized neatly.
    you also didnt mention spell cooldowns, mana, or more than one wand. so i'm assuming those were just overlooked. but you definitely want to have those.

    cooldowns so you cant rapidly use one spell.
    mana and spell mana costs so you cant use a bunch of different powerful spells at the same time.
    and more wands so you can easily use a few different spells.

    for more wands, my solution is easy. just add a crafting recipe or let it be bought in the shop.gold bars and sticks. done.

    next block are the kits. imo, they're a little boring. there's no variety beyond the base spells, which aren't justifiably useful after you get the better spells.
    i'd suggest either making the base spells more impactful or just ripping off of the wizards kits (with adjustments cause they needed some balancing)

    the spells i'll not be looking over right now. there's a lot.

    achievements, just a personal preference, but i like fun ones. try thinking of some you can make using different spell combinations.

    here are some quick ideas:
    gym leader: get x[50?] kills using only spells from one element
    the avatar: kill a player using a spell from every element
    the back-up: kill a player the coven has damaged OR have the coven kill a player you damaged
    the eternal apprentice: kill x[30?] players using only base or basic spells

    that's all i've got for now. it's a pretty cool concept. just try and keep it easy to understand so it doesnt follow the same path as wizards.
    Posted Jan 14, 2019

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